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Main Applications

Post your application to join to become a Full-Time Firefighter/EMT

Follow this template when posting your application for King's County Fire Department (KCFD). Failure to do so will result in an automatic denial of your application and may lead to an extensive waiting period to re-apply.


Kings County Fire Department
Candidate Application

NOTE: you must be 15 or older to apply, but this can be voided based on maturity and behavior.



Personal Information:



Country of Residence & Timezone: 

Discord ID: 


Character Questions:

What will your FD name be: (Make sure they are separate due to double life & no stupid names allowed)

Does your character have any criminal convictions (if yes, please state): 

Describe your character:

How many hours per week will you be dedicating to the KCFD:


Personal Questions:

Do you understand and speak fluent English:

Do you have any previous experience in ArmA III roleplay:

Is this your first time applying to the KCFD?:

Any extra information you would like to give to us?:

Why do you want to join the KCFD (100 words minimum):

What qualities should a good KCFD member have (50 words minimum):

Why do you think you fit the role of a full-time KCFD member (50 words minimum):

Do you understand your application may be denied for lack of effort? (yes/no):

Do you understand, that after you get your application accepted, you will go through an interview and training? (yes/no):


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