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  2. Trevis Karma

    Russian Roulette?

    Tbh about the influence to the young ppl Every time you go farm lsd or Uranium is a gamble if you will or not get robbed and killed , so i think bringing this wont effect the younger ppl.
  3. Cole Snow

    Nostra Spec Ops

    @Adam Corvo your Application has been accepted please DM me on discord and when i am ingame i will send you an invite Note: you will be on a 3 day recruit/probation period Colebuii#3094
  4. Ram boyd

    Lewis James / Points Appeal

    it was delt in support the proof was deleted buy the guy as well so the points need to be removed
  5. Paul Phantom

    Lewis James / Points Appeal

    @Ram boyd Was this dealt with in Support or a player case? As the person above claims that he doesn't know what he was receiving points for.
  6. Bo Fraggerarm

    Bo fraggerarm - Point appeal

    Name: Bo Fraggerarm Points you where given: 15 What staff member gave them to you: @Charl Jargost Why should your points be revoked: (50 Words Minimum): So when I told him to get out the car he was going 40 km/t and when I killed him he was going 100 km/t so thats mean he was trying to get away and thats a reason for me to kill him and I got points for rdm because i didnt give him 8 sec but he was trying to get away so thats why I killed him and im allowed to do that because after I told him to get out he was pressing w and slideing to right to dodge my bullets so thats clear change in behaior 4.6 – You musts give the victim 8 seconds to comply with your demands, unless they have a clear change in behavior such as start running away or reach for their firearm. And he was trying to get away from me so thats why he got killed so I would like to get my points removed Evidence to support your appeal: Anything you would like to add:
  7. Adam Corvo

    Nostra Spec Ops

  8. Today
  9. Georgiee Randy

    I fucked up royally

    Your in-game name: Georgiee Randy Your SteamID64: STEAM_0:0:77069225 Appeal Type: Perm/Cheating Who banned you: I dont know Why were you banned: Hacking Ban duration: Perm Why should you be unbanned? (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence): Well... I fucked up and I know that. I spawned in some gear and stuff, then I got banned for cheating/hacking. I just wanna play on the server to be honest, I fucked up and taking a chance like that is risky and I know that. But is there any way i can just get a reduced sentence so i can come back some day?
  10. Jordan Schneider

    Russian Roulette?

    Gambling events would definitely bring more content to the island and it seems like a cool idea, having the ability to gamble with friends and win while you watch others suffer in despair after losing all of their money. This also depends if the server allow individuals who are younger to participate, because this can spread influence in a bad way if you know what I mean.
  11. Walter Skies

    Enzo Gazzoni / EMS/FD Application

    Hired/Interview Complete Dear @Enzo gazzoni I am glad to inform you that you have been hired for Kamdan Medical and Fire Department Date of Interview Completion: 080/18/2019 Yours, sincerely John Roberts Paramedic Human Resources.
  12. Lucas Brown

    Di'Pinto Crime Syndicate (Applications: OPEN)

    Age: 17 Hours on Arma 3: 2.3K Link to any Frag Montages: (Not Required) Rate your shooting ability from a scale of (1 - 10): 7,5 Play Style: Shooting and Driving Previous Gang Affiliation: No Bans on record: No Timezone: CEST Level In-Game: 40 Discord ID: Lutas#8292 Steam64 ID: 76561198320610601
  13. TheeMaskedGam3r

    Majik Jordan - Comp Request

    I dont recall staff names, it was 2 of them in channel and they said what he did was failed initiation and I heard them saying they will be pulling him into channel. Whatever that means, then told me they will take care of it and to go ahead and start a comp request so thats what I did. You guys arent able to just check files and see if they gave him points? His in game name is "Lyron Lloyd". I just did what I was informed to do, didnt know it was extra steps beyond that that I needed to take or keep track of.
  14. Roman Clancy

    General joining inquiry

    @Guest ZzZ You just sign up on the fourms, download mods and join.
  15. Doug Jumper

    Doug Jumper no initiation!

    Your game volume is very low, I was streaming and it showed I initiated on yelling.
  16. Accepted, message me on discord Sean Fetty#8019
  17. John Di'Pinto

    Ethanual KMD application

    what fucken reasons
  18. Sammy Ramirez

    Doug Jumper no initiation!

    wtf are you on about that isnt even me ya donkey.
  19. ThomasLubanga

    Gun Prices Suggested <----- CHANGE THEM PLZ!

    I mean.... my rifle as a cop is only 50% of that as a civ. We don't get 6.8s or at least the vast majority don't. You're comparing cop and civ guns using only the Command/SWAT members. Also, I don't think I've ever picked up civs money that was over 10k... Most of you stingy fucks run around with $140 😅 Anyways, I agree with the 300k AK being lowered and don't think any rifle should exceed 200k (maybe apart from the AWM, it IS a fucking sniper rifle...) but a lot of these suggested prices are waaaayyy too low. Honey Badger for under 50% of its original cost? Fuck that.
  20. Name: Liam Forder Age: 14 Steam 64UID: 76561198881980940 Timezone: GMT General InformationHow many hours a week can you dedicate? 20+ maybe more as recently ive been playing 12+ hrs a day Are you in state police and to be volunteer firefighter/EMS? no Are you in the State Police and applying to be a volunteer Firefighter/EMT? no Why do you want to become a volunteer for KMD? (120 Words Minimum): I would love to be in KMD because i believe we need more people in KMD to save the lives of the people dying in Kamdam and also sometimes when i die i see there is sometimes no medics to save lives, i would be a wonderful medic as i am a decent driver this will help getting to the people faster and saving their lives, I am willing to my my own time into making Kamdam a place where you will always get revived and just a all on all better place. Anything that you would like to add? Thank you for looking into my application of KMD!
  21. Name: William Di'Pinto Steam64ID: 76561198057401201 Date of Incident: 18/08/19 Time of Incident (LA Time): Around 2am Amount your claiming: 500k - Will be split between members involved Description of situation: Myself and my gang were attempting a transport trunk run where police arrived, the first officers on scene Doug Jumper and Sammy Ramirez then mumble words into the mic and spike the truck with no deceleration. The situation then carry's on until one of my gang members is opened fire upon still without a dec. The situation ends with all Di'Pinto members dying, bleeding out losing their gear sets, support was unable to assist in this issue as it involved Doug. Dougs a g and I have nothing against him I just hoped we could get some sort of comp as we could killed both cops if we knew a dec was said. Evidence: Sound in the video kinda fucky cos my mic volume in OBS was maxed. Hopefully u can still hear the audio
  22. Kerry Elliott

    Michael Reagan #P1 BT

    Basic Training report. Cpt, Kerry Elliott Date of training: 18/08/2019 Michael Reagan #P1 Basic Knowledge 10/10 Situational Awareness: 10/10 Radio Ability: 10/10 Exam Score: 30/30 Total: 60/60
  23. In Game Name: Leroy Bull Amount of Hours: 969 + 436 Age: 22 Steam ID: 76561198068560629 Previous Gangs: Di'Pinto $Balance: $450,000 Level: 46 Why would you like to become a King? : I want to become a King because I have a lot of respect for your members by revving enemies after gunfights. I prefer playing with gangs to solo because I enjoy playing in a team environment and with players who are competent with the game. I have a lot of time that I can dedicate to the game and with that, the gang as well and I'm a friendly and laid back person so I think other members will get along with me well. But the biggest reason I want to join is because I think I could fit in well with the Kings as I've had some funny and interesting interactions with them already and the Kings seem to be a lot more organized than most gangs on the server.
  24. Montavious Brown

    Montavious Brown Comp Request

  25. Alex Monroe

    Drip Sensei - Report

    Report Closed Hello, Now that evidence has been reviewed, @Richard Cement You will be receiving 15 points for breaking rule/s (1.1 – You must respect every member of the ANZUS Gaming Community and may not engage in racism, homophobia or other hateful behavior.) Sincerely, Alex Monroe - Moderator
  26. Alex Monroe

    Pablo Emilio Escobar Report

    Report Closed Hello, Now that evidence has been reviewed, @Pablo Emilio Escobar You will be receiving 5 points for breaking rule/s (NVL) Sincerely, Alex Monroe - Moderator
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