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Greasy Goblins - Official Gang Application

Dean West

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Gang Name: Greasy Goblins
Gang Leader: Dean West
Gang Leader Discord: Davoz#1944

Do you have a uniform available: Yes

If Yes please post a picture In this format [Frount and back]


List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID):

Member 1: Dean West (76561198280350876)
Member 2: Jordon Freemen (76561198104369569)
Member 3: Robert Jackson (76561198274458568)
Member 4: Kevin Ryder (76561199042146306)
Member 5: Aaron Dark (76561198148918667) 
Member 6: Jondo Green (76561198260305488)
Member 7: Lil Bill (76561198198698594)
Member 8: Barry Mckockiner (76561198193318031)
Member 9: Colto Mccoy (76561198106538447)
Member 10: George Portland (76561198119478435)
Member 11: Kevin Parts (76561198086897172)
Member 12: Macky Twinkletoe (76561198119050053)
Member 13: Seth Gran (76561198092809807)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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