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Kings County 3.6.2 [New Major Crime, Price changes, Double XP]

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Thanks to - George Matthews, Oliver Ericsson, Zack Green and Myran Abrosa
Google Drive Update: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eiJxPiV4mEnUOo5q9h_gLvrjRZMcTEZw/view?usp=sharing
Google Drive (full):
Arma 3 Sync:

  • New Kings Mint major crime
    • USB virus to hack into security system
    • Sell bill straps to crazy chinese man
  • Massive map changes
    • Eastcliffe residential removed(will add a high tier residential somewhere else)
    • Changes to Greenville forest area
    • Changes to Middleton forest area
    • Big road over silvermine
    • Massive nature reserved replaced Eastcliffe
    • Kings County International Aiport changed
  • New trucks (Mid tier)
    • Jerry longhorn
    • MH9500
  • Mini Cooper Clubman nerfed
  • Jaguar Xesv 17 HP buffed
  • Gang uniform changes
    • Point break uniform added
    • New HMT uniform
    • Tritium uniform added
    • Tritium car added
  • Vice suit added
  • Medic formal suits added
  • Vice marked cars added
  • Private jets added to air shop
  • Big run price changes
    • All legal runs nerfed to 200 each
    • Heroin buffed 1120 per
    • Joints buffed 750 per
    • Normal weed nerfed 550 per
    • Blood diamonds 1500 per
    • Cocaine buffed 1350 per
    • Uranium buffed 2013 per
    • LSD buffed 1176 per
    • Meth nerfed 1900 per
  • Fixed oil rigs (Infostand on top floor, aware of the fire geometry problems will try fix asap)
  • Fixed sunken ship (box is in one of the boat bays on the side)
  • Fixed new bridge behind DOC for bridge app on phone
  • Faction donator slots added to cop and USCG
  • Chop shop removed from mafia
  • Oil rig robbery quest added to mafia
  • Double XP will be active for the next two restarts




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