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[AG] Vehicle Auction

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Kings Peaks Vehicle Auction

What are we selling?:

  • Unique Vehicles
  • Vehicles this week. 
    • Nissan 370 Z x1
    • Nissan 370 Z x2

More will be added depending on demand. 

The auction will be hosted on the forums in this thread and managed by, Jack Knight, Mort Higgins or members of SMT. 


Starting Prices:

  • 1. Nissan 370 Z : 1,500,000
  • 2. Nissan 370 Z : 1,500,000

Stats of car:

Max Speed=309
Engine Power=850
Peak Torque=1700

Bid using the following template:


Vehicle you are bidding on:


Steam ID:

Do you have the money available for your bid: Y/N


Note: we may add throughout the week. 



Increments of 50,000 minimum each bid. 

Any troll bids WILL result in points. 

Once a bid is placed, you may not delete or revoke it unless you get outbid. 

shill bids will result in a charge automatically taken from your bank and compensated to the person you used the shillbid against.

If you win the bid please purchase a 10k car for it to be changed in your garage to the 370z 


Bidding will end in 24 hours (when i post a comment)

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