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Kings Peaks 4.3 [New Major Crime, New Loadout System, New Police Car]

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Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ILg_E9CWp-3ZlM0E_udKv3-_vzqfgSlY/view?usp=sharing
Arma 3 Sync:

Thanks to everyone for being patient with this update, a lot of the developers are working on tasks for 4.5 which will be coming at the start of Summer 2021. I hope you enjoy this update and be excited for A LOT more to come.

  • New Federal Reserve Major Crime
    • Start by opening the gates in the control room
    • Open the vault and steal the gold
    • Ability to blast gates will be added to cop asap
    • 3 entrances roof, vent, back garage
  • New Loadout system
    • Saves all physical items that you can buy in the shop
    • Ability to save a pre-set for all your items and purchase that preset for the same price
  • New Police Vehicle Audi RS6 2020
    • Civilian version will be auctioned by Jack
  • New Gang Stuff
    • New Reaper custom car
    • HMT uniforms added
    • Schneider uniforms added
    • Creed uniforms added
    • If your uniform or vehicle is not in your shop please DM Oliver The Dev on discord.
  • Fixed take hostage animation so you must be behind them to take hostage
  • Fixed rights card and added a message about being nice to cops
  • Removed several unused interactions to make the interaction menu faster
  • Removed several unused scripts to optimize the framework including a few 24/7 active scripts
  • Added new infostand model and removed the 200+ setObjectTextureGlobal
  • Fixed some darkweb spelling
  • Fixed washing hands
  • Fixed cargo ship robbery
  • Fixed smugglers boat
  • Fixed several major announcements to make sense
  • Penthouse completely fixed you can now place storage crates/miners
  • Raised the audible distance of sirens
  • Fixed tow truck HQ sign
  • Fixed the VPC vests
  • Fixed Agency Computer showing at truck shop
  • Fixed ABI HQ bugs
  • Fixed Toyota Tundra lights
  • Several soobway fixes/changes
  • Fixed small yacht speed
  • Made it so you can put winchester in backpack


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