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Montana State - Community Auction

Jack Knight

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Montana State Auction

Time:  21:00 BST on March 13th

What are we selling?:

  • Unique vehicles
    • A Monster truck
    • Mercedes Gwagon
    • and more
  • Cars at lower ranks for various factions
  • Different state police command blessings
  • Custom Random Loadouts
  • Custom Sniper Loadouts



The event will be hosted by the Events team and all rewards redeemed will go through Jack Knight, Mort Higgins and Paul Phantom.

If you have any suggestions on what we could sell post it here 


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Faction Item Status Buyer Winning Bid
Civilian Pontiac Kitt Sold Alex Hinkely 4,000,000
REA Range Rover Marked Sold Daniel Marken 600,000
Civilian Bigfoot Outfit Sold porker 1,300,000
Civilian Roosavelt Gold Edition Sold Adam Walsh 3,600,000
MSP Tier Car Blessing Sold Parker 2.600.000
MSP Range Rover Marked Sold Sean Fetty 7,000,000
REA Charger SRT unmarked Sold Raphael 600,000
Civilian Marshall Monster Truck Sold Parker 6,500,000
Civilian Kaneda (Crazy Bike) Sold Nex Nuestra 4,100,000
Civilian Nissan GTR Sold Michael Makelele 11,200,000
Civilian Audi RS6 Avant Sold Michael Teige 5,000,000
MSP Charger SRT Slicktop Sold Conor Angerstain 2,800,000
Civilian Sniper Loadout #1 Sold Raphael Mephistopheles 1,200,000
Civilian Random Loadout #1 Sold Lee Bread 1,000,000
Civilian Duke o Death Sold Morgan Galindo 7,000,000
MSP Window Tint Blessing Sold Christopher Sprinting 4,000,000
Civilian Bruiser (Massive) Sold Aaron Amos 9,500,000
Civilian Mercedes Bus 0303 Sold Matt Lee 3,500,000
MSP 1 Week faction donator Sold Sean Fetty 1,000,000
Civilian DRRPG Native American Outfit (stores) Sold Jack Knight 1,000,000
Civilian DRRPG Cowboy Outfit 1 (in stores) Sold Bobby Hill 1,200,000
Civilian DRRPG Cowboy Outfit 2 (in stores) Sold Jason Lynch 1,200,000
Civilian DRRPG: US Marshal Outfit (in stores) Sold Sammy Lee 3,200,000
Civilian Priest Outfit (in stores) Sold Fin O neal 2,000,000
Civilian Ur mom gay apron (in stores) Sold Jack Knight 1,600,000
MSP Tier Car Blessing Sold Conor Angerstain 1,900,000
Civilian Full Ghille Lush [AAF] Sold Michael Teige 900,000
Civilian Random Loadout #2 Sold Rose White 1,000,000
Civilian DCowboy Outfit (in stores) Sold Gerry Cullihins 800,000
Civilian Fleshhead Mask (in stores) Sold Jack Knight 250,000
Civilian Adidas Hijab Sold Parker 250,000
Anyone Nato Beret Sold John Olson 1,200,000
Civilian JD Knight Helmet in stores Sold Fill Hill 1,200,000
Civilian Priest Outfit (in stores) Sold Noremac Mitchell 1,500,000
  G-waggon 500 Sold Vladimir Cruton 8,000,000
  Elf hat(in shops Sold Bojack Horseman 400,000
  Fuel Truck Sold Noremac Mitchell 200,000
  mad max ford model b Sold echelon galindo 800,000
  News Van (stores) Sold Chad (Anthony Dewitt Paying) 750,000
  Ramp Buggy Sold Harry Hill 2,700,000
  Witch Hat (In shops) Sold Lucifer Riddle  
  Tondeuse Sold Roger Delbrew 2,700,000
  Sandking XL 2 Sold echelon galindo 6,200,000
  Vapid Sold Ken Peek 2,700,000
  Vapid hood off Sold Ken Peek 2,100,000
  Zenvo Sold Lee Bread 8,100,000
  Cone Hatt (in shop) Sold Larry Scottish 700,000
  back cowboy hat(in shop) Sold Jason Lynch 1,100,000
  pd 1 week rank up Sold Parker Snovle 1,000,000


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