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Official Gang Information

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Official Gangs

Official gangs make up a large part of the community, in fact, most civilians will be apart of one, they are detrimental to the structure of the server as they provide the crime to the island, which is what gets the roleplay with cops going, as well as medics. These gangs are a big part of the server, they represent the Civilian and Rebel section of the server, with this they have to follow their own set of official gang rules which can be found in the server rules, as well as below. 

Official gangs have a strike system in place which universally punishes the whole gang if a rule is broken by the gang, once the gang is at 3 strikes they will be disbanded by the Mob Boss. As well as this, most official gangs have their own internal punishment system to deal with troublemakers. While being an official gang you will be held to a higher standard and expected to show up to gang wars, actively do major crimes, and help new players. Gangs shouldn't have the win hungry 'frag mentality' and should focus on roleplay and helping out new players.

Official Gang Rules:

Section 10 - Gang Rules

Official Gangs:
10.6 - Official gangs should make a conscious effort to help new players instead of robbing them. Each week official gangs should spend at least 1 hour helping out new players with runs (e.g. providing security).
10.7 - Official gangs must make a conscious effort to follow all server rules, gangs cannot have 2 or more members banned at once otherwise the gang may receive a strike
10.8- Official Gangs must remain active within the community and complete a minimum of 3 major crimes a week, all major crimes must be logged.
10.9 - Official gang members must not hold a whitelisted position on another server, this includes official gangs on other servers. 
10.10 - Official gang members may not be a part of other gangs and must wear their respective uniform at all times (exception for roleplay situations e.g Court or when playing together with other people not in the gang).
10.11 - Official gangs may not drop or give out their uniforms/gear/cars (getting robbed is the only exception).
10.12 - Official gang members must have the respective gang tag on TS
10.13 - If two official gangs are allied and playing together they must be wearing the same uniform.
10.14 - All Official Gang members must be in the ANZUSGaming Official Civilian discord to receive important vital updates. 


As an official gang, you will also receive the following benefits:

  • Free Uniform and Vest - Disclaimer, please read below.
  • Invitation to the Official Gang Discord
  • A private TeamSpeak tag and channel.
  • The ability to participate in gang wars.
  • Extra in-game features as well.
  • Meetings with SMT, to discuss possible changes or suggestions.
  • Better communication with server management.


To become an official gang you must meet the below requirements to ensure the gang is an active and contributing member of the community.

  • 5 or more active gang members


In order to apply to become an official gang please make an application here with the appropriate template.

Disclaimer: You must be able to provide your own gang uniform, if you cannot we have developers that will make it for a fee. Gang uniforms cannot look like special operations divisions or any other gang uniform. This will be determined by the Mob Boss. Free uniform/vest only goes to people who do not have them.

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