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  • Developer [FiveM]

Google Drive (Update only): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c-ZYDbiGO7lDf3iff5uTNA0srqvZuNRt/view?usp=sharing
Google Drive (Full): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B4uESIcPqF2EiJ1v1-Np941kwQofDCjN/view?usp=sharing
Arma 3 Sync:


  • Conflict V3
    • Expanded warpoints shop
    • Added kill streaks to gain more warpoints
    • Increased gained gang exp
    • First death in conflict will give you enough warpoints to buy a gun again
    • Added conflict quests
    • Added warpoints to phone money app
    • Added armored kuruma car to rebel car shop (CAN ONLY BE USED FOR CONFLICT)
  • Loadouts V2
    • Any items in clothing/backpacks will now save
    • Added saving of virtual items
    • Added abilty to buy loadout with gang bank
    • Cleaned up UI
    • You will need to readd your loadouts. Old loadouts will not work!
  • DOC V2
    • Added bollard controls
    • Reworked yard and parking area
    • Added the option to buy jail shop items with gang funds for 10x the price
    • Added garbage bins
  • Lottery V2
    • Made lottery payouts go to the claim center it can be obtained offline
    • Made the lottery base amount payout $50,000
    • Buying multiple tickets is now a feature
  • Federal reserve rework
    • Works as a normal major now
    • First door has to be drilled
    • Vault minigame has been made easier
    • Reduced payout to 4mil
    • Requires drill bag and green USB, both found in rebel/burglary store
  • Map changes
    • MAA Base rework
    • Added killmore raceway
    • Iron mine rework
    • Airshop by pawn shop rework
  • UI Changes
    • Reworked clothing shop
      • You now see a preview where you can move the camera around the character
      • Added option to add clothing to backpack instead of putting it on
    • Reworked weapons shop
      • Added abilty to buy 10 mags at a time
    • Reworked the help menu
    • Reworked fuel menu
    • Reworked perks menu
  • Quality of Life changes
    • Added store all option for virtualstorage
    • Added search option to storage
    • Added search bar to warrants menu
    • Added hotkey to turn radio volume up/down
    • Made it so you can bandage/eat/use phone while processing and capturing
    • Added offical faction clothing and amoury to gang hideouts
    • Added ablity to instant F1 at labs and redzones
    • Added fridges to gang hideouts
    • Added ability for civs to pull restrained players out of unlocked cars
    • Made burglay van not instantly delete when timer runs out and not while driving it
    • Adjusted helicopter gas tanks
    • Added discord channel to announce when a lab raid is about to start
    • Made conflict cleanup ignore air vehicles
    • Added ability to rebind respawn key (yes staff, finally :))
    • All major items added to burglary store
  • Vehicle Rework on grass
    • Offroad Vehicles (10% Reduction)
    • Standard cars (35% Reduction from 60%)
    • Trucks and Super cars (50% Reduction from 65%)
  • KMD
    • Added Jayhawk
    • Added RHIB
    • Added Hazmat truck
    • Added Jeep Cherokee
    • Added Range Rover
    • Added Ford Explorer
    • Added Quad Bike
    • Added Tiger TRU
    • Added Female uniforms
    • Added Aviation uniform
    • Added Aviation helmet
    • Added Diving uniform (+female)
    • Added Diving rebreather
    • Added Cap
  • New Vehicles
    • Added Little bird to civilian shops (do not suggest it to be cheaper it's not happening)
    • Added Civilian RHIB
    • Added Police Mobile Command Center
      • Works as portable cop shop, for staging for major crimes ect.
    • Added Police Camaro (for all departments)
    • Added Police Academy bus
    • Added Ryan Philler 360nizmo
    • Added Vito Machina Packer
    • Added Jesse Tigerwood Torus
    • Added Mafia Hotknive
    • Added Biker Thrust
    • Added KD Guns Sierra
  • Added ATM robberies (requires a code cracker)
  • Made unloading transport truck at DOC create a redzone
  • Added the ability to add spaces to plates, costs 25k per space (a plate still requires 7 characters)
  • Added Police beanie
  • Gang clothing
    • KD Uni/Vest/Hat Fix
    • Che Mask Fix
    • A$AP Uni/Vest/Hat
    • Jeffrey Smokes GTR Livery
    • Weeb Mafia Uni/Vest
    • Baja Blast 2x Vest/2x Uni/2x Hat/mask
    • BADR Texture Updates
    • BADR 2x mask/ hat / 2x wetsuit
    • Aztrum +1 uni
    • Andrew Jones clothing
    • Banana Snow uni/hat/vest
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed conflict payout above 1mil
    • Fixed workbench in small house
    • Fixed being able to get out of vehicles while restrained
    • Fixed spike strips not always working
    • Fixed NASA rocket not taking off
    • Moved Meteorite and jellyfish to rebel quests
    • Changed gang task to require LSD instead of cocaine due to cocaine being part of sequence.
    • Fixed DOC lockers
    • Fixed several small map bugs
    • Made capture range for all zones 175m (Distance from flag to koth tower), it will now stop capturing if you leave the zone.
    • Fixed DOC sending to jail
    • Fixed Tiered ambulance not working with stretchers
    • Adjusted lab loot table (Corrugated hose etc adjusted)
    • Fixed broken animations in menu (PLEASE REPORT THESE IF THEY DONT WORK)
    • Fixed some lab loot
    • Increased food crafting fire chance
    • Removed fort knox blueprint
    • Removed floating stuff
    • Fixed impound send to garage
    • Made pirate ship not get cleaned up by cleanup script
    • Fixed storing cars at police stations
    • Fixed unbuyable weapons in shop
    • Fixed money dropping under buildings
    • Fixed taxi vehicles not showing in garage
    • Removed seatbelt from sanchez
    • Fixed meth lab cooking meth
    • Fixed unloading produce
    • Fixed weapon cache
    • Increased player shop sell price
    • Fixed conflict flag positions
    • Fixed player shop interaction distance
    • Fixed some illegal markers showing by default
    • Fixed gangster grove street spawn point
    • Fixed being able to capture conflict flag from inside vehicles
    • Added atm to mafia mansion
    • Fixed mint doors
    • Fixed quitting jail jobs
    • Removed danger sign from ems barriers app
    • Increased police pirate box seize reward
    • Added debug logs for DSA tickets menu and conflict issues. Please report if you get the bug again.
    • Fixed code of laws link
    • Fixed Bear Drive West on house numbers
    • Fixed conflict reward message spelling
    • Fixed placing hunting tent
    • Fixed call bus stop




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  • Developer [FiveM]

Community suggestions added:

Dev credits:

  • Conflict V3: Jesse & Doug
  • Loadouts V2: Andrew
  • DOC V2: Mort & Doug
  • Lottery V2: Jesse
  • Map changes: Austin, Mort &, Hashi
  • Federal reserve rework: Andrew
  • UI Changes: Martinez
  • Quality of life changes: Andrew, Martinez, Jesse and Doug
  • KMD Texures: Seska, Myran and Oliver
  • Camaro police skins: Oliver & Seska
  • Gang clothing: Jeffery & Lee
  • Trailer: Elliot
  • Bug fixes and bunch of other things that are too many to mention: Jesse, Doug, Casey, Happy, Tommy, Alex, Duck
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