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  • Developer [FiveM]


Google Drive (Update only): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YYXJV-w9vlzAjqdljpCpChHyr2P8KGYf/view?usp=sharing
Google Drive (Full): TBA
Arma 3 Sync:

  • Meth van
    • Replaces meth lab
    • A redzone is constantly around the meth van
    • Added new meth van vehicle
  • Federal Dectagon Major
    • Use a usb virus to hack the system and steal the servers
    • Failing to hack the system will result in self destruction
    • Placed in Kingsville
  • Medical Labratory Major
    • Similar to lab but with new second floor layout
    • Placed at airshop near pawnshop
  • Phone Redesign
    • Added Call History
      • Shows your calls for that restart
      • Indicates if the player is offline or online
    • Added Wallpapers & Phone Frames
      • In the settings app under phone appearance you can change the wallpaper or the frame
    • Added HUD Toggle for all your cinematic needs (in settings app)
    • Added new icon for each app
  • Crafting Menu Rework
    • Fixed items not returning
    • Removed Blueprints, Plans entirely
    • Fixed minor issues with code
    • Changed the notifications to the anzus notification system
    • Slight visual changes to the UI
  • Auction House rework
    • Able to buy set amount of items
    • Able to post Physical and Virtual items on the Auction House
    • Able to filter items on Auction House menu
    • Inbox to retrieve sold or removed items from Auction House
  • Gang Stats
    • Added the following gang stats to the stats website
      • Conflict wins
      • Conflict nodes captured
      • Conflict kills and deaths
      • Cartel base captures
      • Cartel base kills and deaths
      • Turf takeovers
      • Turf kills and deaths
      • Capture zones captures
      • Capture zones kills and deaths
  • Bus Changes
    • You now can call a bus from any bus stop for a fee, the driver gets that fee if they arrive at the bus stop
    • Added 10 new bus routes
    • Added 10 new bus locations
  • New Vehicles
    • KMD Firetruck
    • KMD Jetski
    • CRT Quadbike
    • HMT Kuruma
    • BADR Kuruma
    • HWP Pursuit Corvette
    • KSP BMW M5
    • SWAT BMW M5
    • HWP BMW M5
    • Sheriff BMW M5
    • Sheriff Pegassi Toros
    • Dodge Challenger R/T Hemi
  • New Killmore Imports Cars
    • BMW M8 GTE (F92)
    • BMW Z4 M40i (G29)
    • BMW Z4 M40i (G29) Lights Package
    • Lamborghini Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae Roadster
    • BMW M5 CS (F90)
    • BMW M5 CS (F90) Light Package
    • Honda NSX GT 
    • Honda NSX AIMGAIN GT 
    • Toyota Supra
    • Toyota Supra RZ
    • Volkswagen Teramont 
    • Volkswagen Teramont X R-Line
  • Added craftable car bombs
  • Added KOS Zone for DOC island when handing in weapon/prison transport truck
  • Added impound/seizing of boats and helicopters
  • Added VIN's and VIN scratching to boats and helicopters
  • Added discord announcement for conflict
  • Added menu on the computer for CID to lookup house info
  • Added ATM Transaction logs
  • Added gold and platinum guns for donator tier 2 and 3
  • Added a new Crack the Clue
  • Added EMS shop to DOC
  • Made it so you cannot respawn while being cpr'ed
  • Moved cable cutter for player hideout generator 1 upgrade to generator 2 upgrade
  • Made it quicker and cheaper to refuel helicopters
  • Added Colour Pallet UI to Modshop (Windows Key in the modshop)
  • Fix dispatch being "stuck", actions not working
  • Increased coral collection speed
  • Made SDAR's able to use scopes
  • Decreased the amount of metal required for aluminum bars
  • Removed bridge app
  • Added bridges to open gates script (ctrl+f)
  • Added Lee Bread suit
  • Added KMD TRU Uniform
  • Increased first person major payouts
  • Added new taser
  • Gang Clothing
    • Baja Blast Alt Uniform
    • HMT Gorka
    • Los Zetas clothing
    • Weeb Mafia Uniform, Vest and Hat
    • The High Mile Uniform and Vest
    • Magnum Coast Uniform and Vest
  • Map changes
    • Reworked steel processing
    • Reworked earth processing
    • Reworked uranium mine
    • Reworked iron processing
    • Fixed KD gun range
    • Added walls around CTRG base





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  • Developer [FiveM]

Community suggestions added:

Dev credits:

  • Meth Van: Jesse & Seska
  • Federal Dectagon Major: Posckoo & Jesse
  • Medical Labratory Major: Chapman
  • Phone Redesign: Martinez & Seska
  • Crafting Menu Rework: Martinez
  • Auction House Rework: Andrew
  • Gang stats: Hinkley & Jesse
  • Bus Changes: Doug
  • Vehicle skins: Oliver & Seska
  • Map changes: Normac, Hashi, Tommy
  • CTC: ZKB & Jesse
  • Gang clothing: Jeffery & Lee
  • Trailer: Elliot
  • Tazer: Alder and Mal
  • Bug fixes and bunch of other things that are too many to mention: Jesse, Doug, Oliver, Happy, Seska
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  • Doug Jumper changed the title to Kamdan Life 5.7 Changelog [2 NEW MAJORS, NEW PHONE, METH VAN AND SO MUCH MORE]

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