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Brandon Blacklist Appeal

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Troopers Name: Brandon Broyder

Your Rank: Cadet

Your Department: KSP

Your Badge Number: N/A


Discipline Information

Punishing Trooper: He was a major but left a while ago dont know the name

Their Rank: Major

Their Badge Number: N/A

Punishment you where given: Blacklist permanent 

Link to punishment report:N/A


Please provide in detail on what happened?: I was on state affairs not even associated with KSP and got blacklisted for telling the major to suck a thing because he was being disrespectful

Why should your punishment be overturned?: I had to disappear for a while and ship out and im home now and ready to really RP and do good and i grew up in florida i love FSP

Do you agree not to message a Major+ to review your appeal?: yes

Do you have any evidence to support your dispute? (Video strongly recommended): No

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