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  • Extended DOC entrance
  • Added DOC Crown vic to shop
  • Added a few things around DOC to make it different
  • Made a temporary fix to solitary block being glitchable
  • Added more jail shops to the cells
  • Added keycard back to jail shop
  • Added faster and more armored helicopters to Police (ORCA, EC365)
  • Fixed Houses
  • Fixed Angel Quest
  • Extended military ship time
  • Fixed military ship exploit (Note if you exploited this you will notice a decrease in your bank account)
  • Turned Double XP off
  • Added healys berets

I know this update wasn't that big but we spent about 80 hours straight fixing the crashing issue last weekend and the start of this week so the development team have been taking a bit of a break but we will be back next week with the regular new content/updates :)

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