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    Hello everyone, I hope the start of your summer is going well and I look forward to start showing everyone the 4.5 update within the next few weeks. We're wanting to release the 4.5 update around the start of July. One big thing we do before massive updates is do a purge, if you haven't been to a purge before we pretty much give everyone unlimited money, make the top island a redzone, add rpgs, bombs etc to the airdrops. We do this to let everyone let loose and just scrap for a bit. In my experience having the purge go for too long is damaging to the server. After much thought I believe I have come up with the solution and that is a pop-up Takistan server, this means that we will do 1-2 days of Purge on Kings Peaks and do events/roleplay that will point towards evacuating to Takistan. Takistan servers have been very popular in the past, if you aren't aware what a Takistan server is like I suggest looking it up on youtube, its pretty hectic but its a different environment. The idea would be to have the Takistan server up for a week or two depending on what the community want and this is how it would be SERT/MSRT would be NATO AST/CG would be TMP Medics would be UN Mafia/Gangsters would be whitelisted terrorists It would be very combat heavy with RPGS, Pawnees, LMGS and more. The goal in the Takistan server would be to create a similar environment as purge to let loose a bit but also try something new as I know a lot of people have wanted to play several Takistan servers that have come up over the past years but the owners have been ddosers/doxxers/hackers so they avoid it. If you're a roleplayer Takistan isn't probably for you but its nearly a completely different game mode and might be fun to try out even if its just for a day or two. By doing Takistan it would allow the developers to focus full force on 4.5 (which we pretty much are which is why there haven't been any updates) If you're not keen on Takistan please voice your opinion in the comments and people please do not hound people if they don't agree with your opinion. Please keep the comments productive, not just +1 (use the poll for that)
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    I 100% support Takistan server after seeing many purges die rapidly. Purge sounds fun and is but loses its muster very quickly in my opinion. I would definitely put more into takistan vs purge, personally. And NGL after being cooped up with Mafia and very little to no gang activity for a long time I'm a bit biased and wanna be a terrorist and blow some of you fucks up!
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