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  1. Doug Jumper

    Looking for 4.5 testers

    4.5 testing will begin on Takistan release We will be testing every single function on the server 5 times, testing every single run multiple times, every single sign etc. We plan to have a near flawless release and fix a lot of bugs that have been around for a while including stuff like the resolution issues with the phone/give money menu and small stuff like that. With that we need a team of testers! Please do not apply if you do not intend to test, lots of people last time just used it as a mess around and to see 4.5 early which we can't have. If you have IRL stuff that will stop you from testing do not apply in that case as well. Do not apply if you don't have a lot of time on your hands that you wish to dedicate to helping the community. Not looking for people who can only test for 1-2 hours. People already accepted into testing: 4.5 supporters AST command EMS command USCG command Whitelisted civilians command Senior members+ If you're interested fill out this form Name: Time played on 4.0: Do you have anything in the next two month(s) that will effect you being able to help testing: Do you understand you will be expected to do hours of tedious tasks: Do you understand you will be required to sign an NDA: (Any long term/trusted ANZUS members will not be required to do this)
  2. Doug Jumper

    [AG] Vehicle Auction

    Name: Doug Jumper Vehicle you are bidding on: Repurposed AST Bid: 12,200,001 Steam ID: 76561198190980077 Do you have the money available for your bid: Y/N Y
  3. Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Fk0q8N97Ufg-EORY4ZKlHUuzUFIiAhJ7/view?usp=sharing Arma 3 Sync: A few things Takistan will be going ahead, Paul is the one heading that project so any suggestions should be forwarded to him or the other Takistan team members(Harry, Oliver, Ching, Jack Chapman, Mort) 4.5 will be out in early July, Takistan will aimed to be released 1.5 weeks before release. The 4.5 trailer will be shown and released at the Takistan gang wars event on the first Saturday/Sunday of Takistan. 4.5 rule change/some content votes will be out from the 14th onwards (This will be a discussion between a few rules, class 3's etc) Your hours on the server between now and Takistan release will dictate your rank within your faction. JUST SO ITS CLEAR, TAKISTAN IS A POP UP SERVER BEFORE THE RELEASE OF 4.5 KINGS PEAKS RELEASE 4.4 Update New Police Database Hacking Major Crime Bring boltcutters/USB virus to the secret SERT base located somewhere on the map Hack into the SERT base and use the USB virus on the laptop On successful hacking you will receive a data USB and all the names of the police informants that restart and all illegal locations will be wiped from police You can take the USB dongle to the old oil processing and put it into a tracking system and the informants will be marked on the map every 60 seconds their location will update. (yes, this is a full reason to rob, kill, take their kidneys) New spike strip animation (normal functionality just takes time to place now, throwing it under cars is now allowed again) New cars (for information about unique car imports contact Doug) Noremac Terryabyte Pinkpanther Guardian Tony Klinten BR8 Reaper ZR8 completely fixed and buffed (no longer bullet proof) LEO Ford Raptor Gang stuff New Reapaer Uniforms/Vests/Head Gears New Creed Uniform New HMT Uniform New Pink Panther Uniform and more (if something is missing DM oliver) New AST Command Unit vehicle New message/twitter mute feature added to phone(under settings) New DOC functionality to open/close DOC that restricts people being sent there Several anti-cheat updates Fixed uranium being able to be mined w/o the perk Reduced vehicle pull out price of all vehicles from 1% to 0.5% Added a maximum pull out price of $50,000 All pull out fees now go into the Government bank account Changed boat gas station minimum USCG to 3 from 4 Change Labratory robbery time to 9 from 15 Buffed coral Buffed asylum seekers Buffed cartel money Made it so DOL/DOR can get on DOC frequency Added ATM to modshop Meteor clearing for coppas fixed Fixed vehicles not appearing in your garage till restart which also fixes insurance Fixed RU556 taking ages to craft (AR15 santised) Spectrum device added back to CGIS shop Added 9x19mm AUG mags to crafting Removed old police pc Added Mint straps to illegal trader Several optimization fixes Timer added under the hud to help with reports/restarts/dating pictures Added marker to mcfishers/taco hell Vehicle upgrades fixed Fixed cabaro boat shop Added boat shop to Pine Fixed SRT lightbar texture Fixed Tundra sound JPC LEO vests fixed
  4. Hello everyone, I hope the start of your summer is going well and I look forward to start showing everyone the 4.5 update within the next few weeks. We're wanting to release the 4.5 update around the start of July. One big thing we do before massive updates is do a purge, if you haven't been to a purge before we pretty much give everyone unlimited money, make the top island a redzone, add rpgs, bombs etc to the airdrops. We do this to let everyone let loose and just scrap for a bit. In my experience having the purge go for too long is damaging to the server. After much thought I believe I have come up with the solution and that is a pop-up Takistan server, this means that we will do 1-2 days of Purge on Kings Peaks and do events/roleplay that will point towards evacuating to Takistan. Takistan servers have been very popular in the past, if you aren't aware what a Takistan server is like I suggest looking it up on youtube, its pretty hectic but its a different environment. The idea would be to have the Takistan server up for a week or two depending on what the community want and this is how it would be SERT/MSRT would be NATO AST/CG would be TMP Medics would be UN Mafia/Gangsters would be whitelisted terrorists It would be very combat heavy with RPGS, Pawnees, LMGS and more. The goal in the Takistan server would be to create a similar environment as purge to let loose a bit but also try something new as I know a lot of people have wanted to play several Takistan servers that have come up over the past years but the owners have been ddosers/doxxers/hackers so they avoid it. If you're a roleplayer Takistan isn't probably for you but its nearly a completely different game mode and might be fun to try out even if its just for a day or two. By doing Takistan it would allow the developers to focus full force on 4.5 (which we pretty much are which is why there haven't been any updates) If you're not keen on Takistan please voice your opinion in the comments and people please do not hound people if they don't agree with your opinion. Please keep the comments productive, not just +1 (use the poll for that)
  5. Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ILg_E9CWp-3ZlM0E_udKv3-_vzqfgSlY/view?usp=sharing Arma 3 Sync: Thanks to everyone for being patient with this update, a lot of the developers are working on tasks for 4.5 which will be coming at the start of Summer 2021. I hope you enjoy this update and be excited for A LOT more to come. New Federal Reserve Major Crime Start by opening the gates in the control room Open the vault and steal the gold Ability to blast gates will be added to cop asap 3 entrances roof, vent, back garage New Loadout system Saves all physical items that you can buy in the shop Ability to save a pre-set for all your items and purchase that preset for the same price New Police Vehicle Audi RS6 2020 Civilian version will be auctioned by Jack New Gang Stuff New Reaper custom car HMT uniforms added Schneider uniforms added Creed uniforms added If your uniform or vehicle is not in your shop please DM Oliver The Dev on discord. Fixed take hostage animation so you must be behind them to take hostage Fixed rights card and added a message about being nice to cops Removed several unused interactions to make the interaction menu faster Removed several unused scripts to optimize the framework including a few 24/7 active scripts Added new infostand model and removed the 200+ setObjectTextureGlobal Fixed some darkweb spelling Fixed washing hands Fixed cargo ship robbery Fixed smugglers boat Fixed several major announcements to make sense Penthouse completely fixed you can now place storage crates/miners Raised the audible distance of sirens Fixed tow truck HQ sign Fixed the VPC vests Fixed Agency Computer showing at truck shop Fixed ABI HQ bugs Fixed Toyota Tundra lights Several soobway fixes/changes Fixed small yacht speed Made it so you can put winchester in backpack
  6. Doug Jumper

    ANZUSGaming Community Wide Meeting

  7. Hello everyone, we will be having a community meeting on Sunday night at 9PM UK time. We will be addressing a few issues and just talking about stuff as a community with the hope to make some positive changes in the community. Main topics of focus 4.5 MASSIVE summer update Civilian to LEO attitude/relationships Faction leaders to community conversations (allowing the leaders of factions to address issues they have with the community) Minecraft Summer Madness If you have anything that you wish to be addressed at the community meeting please post it here.
  8. Hello everyone, its been 5 months since the release of 4.0 and its been a bit up and down a long the way but I think its getting to a good point and middle ground for all players to enjoy. In saying that, we're nearly at the June mark and that means summer which means the big summer update is incoming. I can assure you we have some crazy ideas in the works for the server that will change it a lot. That being said, it is going to cost a bit of money. There is no requirement to contribute but it is highly appreciated if you do. The total cost estimated for the 4.5 update is around $2500 USD which covers paying multiple developers, paying free lance developers and more. Current list of things I know we need funded: Very large new building Biker faction main business Biker faction clothing Biker faction vehicles New system models, animations (dont want to leak the system) What do you get if you contribute? You will get the 4.5 supporter tag on discord and teamspeak, your name will be somewhere in the "very large new building" and you will see private sneak peaks of the update and you will be allowed to make suggestions directly to us on the new stuff coming in. $50+ requirement for these perks but all donations help. Contribute here: https://anzuslife.myshopify.com/products/help-us-upgrade-the-box
  9. Arma 3 Sync: Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HZjqWZ-LS3mUmyCxjNW3ZoFlC3Od0G0t/view?usp=sharing Google Drive (FULL): TBD Added a new loyalty system, the more consective days you are on the server the better rewards you get. (Currently in live server testing, will be announced when public) Added a HUD element for people who are on your radio frequency Fixed the mint robbery vault not opening and money not spawning Added the Black Market Traders and HQ You can purchase SMG's at the Black Market Traders & HQ ABI can get the locations, however there are multiple you can go to, they are treated like usual illegal locations if found You can get any magazines and attachments from this location too Map Changes Created a central passage through the map outside of highways 2 New Gas Stations New residential street in central passage area Moved scrapyard further north Replaced old scrap yard location with mine Midlands Bank Rework of Greneville bank from 3.0, a lot more optimized The location of it will be improved next update USB virus required New SWAT HQ All runs buffed by 25% Ruby Earth Oil Heroin Joints Marijuana Blood Diamonds Cocaine Uranium LSD Meth Honey Crafting requirements for creation of weapons and ammo reduced by 10-40% Crafting speed halved & vitamin effectiveness doubled New lightbars to police vehicles Dodge Durango Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 Toyota Tundra New DABABY CAR ye ye ye New DOC CVPI & Transport Van New ASU Uniform for AST New USCG MSRT & JAG vehicles Added Female uniform for USCG New bus for max-level of Bus Driver Job Added TacoHell FoodTruck Added McFishers FoodTruck New gang/civilian clothing Asgardians Gang Uniforn Asgardians Gang Car & Weapon Kabu Gang Clothing AAA Beanie Laundromat Clothing Gangster Major uniform Hashi maroon suit Dept of Revenue Belt & Badge Dept of Revenue Vest Plastic now a lot easier to collect Fixed Long Tower Doors Fixed Cabaro Penthouse Fixed several buildings falling over if not placed in mission Transport truck class 3's fixed Fixed geometry on federal reserve (functionality will come next update) EMS jetpack added (Only for EMS of the week) Fixed mop texture Multiple penthouse fixes Coral Buffed Asylum Seekers Buffed Shark Fins Buffed Eggplant fixed(You can do it again but anyone found abusing q/e pixels at it will be banned) Casino buffed
  10. Doug Jumper

    [AUCTION] Community Auction!!!!

    This is not a suggestion thread.
  11. This was one of the requirements for Mafia/Gangsters. Its not required for the biker faction.
  12. Hello everyone, summer is coming up and at the start of summer we release big updates. We have some great ideas in the works and one of these ideas will require a new whitelisted faction. The faction we've decided to implement will be a Biker type faction. What they do will be kept hidden until the release of the update or closer to the update. Requirements: Known as a good role-player at ANZUS 18 years or older (Preferred someone older than 20) Willing to take on a role of a high standard and expectation in the community Willing to sacrifice some stuff to priorities roleplay within ANZUS At the time you start the role you will not be allowed to be in an LEO faction Willing to hold a role long term Fill out this document to apply:
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