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  1. Doug Jumper

    Negotiations at majors

    Cops have no requirement to breach buildings. I just feel this will change major crimes and make them more interesting.
  2. Doug Jumper

    Negotiations at majors

    I like the idea I just don't know if a Di Pinto sitting in a corner with a class 3 in his bag isn't a bit suspicious if they're robbing the bank you feel 🤣
  3. Doug Jumper

    Suggestion: Cruise Control

  4. Doug Jumper

    Make all greenhouses have fertile land

    We can look into this as we improve farming.
  5. Doug Jumper

    PD approved

    This could be easily abused by cops in most cases.
  6. Doug Jumper

    Weapon Shop Change(ALL Factions)

    I would prefer everyone to be on 3 tap mags unless headshots, 2 tap is just boring sometimes.
  7. Doug Jumper

    a rebel state island

    This is in discussion.
  8. Doug Jumper

    Chop Shop?

    Will be added with 2.7
  9. Doug Jumper

    a possibility for a news team please consider

    Approved. I'll add a news camera and a van next update.
  10. Doug Jumper

    Redo Criminal Code

    Will look at doing this when we finish setting up DOJ.
  11. Doug Jumper

    Civ/Gang Rep/Cop Rep and Gang War- Please Give Feedback

    Interesting suggestion, put up to vote within development team for 3.0.
  12. Doug Jumper

    Add a Fishing Market/Fishing Nets for Boats

    Approved for 3.0.
  13. Doug Jumper

    Meth Van Idea

    We could make it so they have to take it to a PD then seize it for evidence but the KOS zone would remain.
  14. Doug Jumper

    Add a Magistrate/DOJ Office to DOC

  15. Doug Jumper

    Negotiations at majors

    I personally like this idea this is why... On Australia Life we allowed people to declare initiation on people via text during major crimes and there were no requirements to announce externals as most situations people initiated via text so it was KOS straight away. This was A LOT of fun for cops and for civilians. It gave a realistic aspect to the breaching of entire neighborhoods/towns cities as a group and work together clearing buildings and slowly approaching the major crime. It made for use of drones and helicopters huge for cops. Now obviously the US/UK community is a lot different and the cops are very set in their ways and a lot of the time people don't believe our Australia Life aspects that worked back in the day will not work here. They don't want change even though our community is the staple for a lot of coming up communities on how we set our rules, our structure and how things run... which is a merge of how AU/NZ and US/EU communities usually work. Personally I could just change the rules how I want it and ignore everyone dislike to any of the rules but that isn't how we run it here to make a change like this I would need the full support of everyone including cops and civilians to make a change like this. How I would like it to be is this When major crimes have started you don't need to initiate the whole area maybe a few hundred meters from the bank is KOS If you want a hostage you have to declare that hostage over text so Police know to negotiate, note if externals are found by cops as an external they are KOS and the internal civilians can not shoot the cops without calling them off. There is no need to declare externals Possibly buff cops when it comes to scopes or breaching tools These are just on the fly so there may be a few loopholes but give me your thoughts.
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