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  1. Doug Jumper

    The car change vote [D3S or Ivory/HL]

    We will pre warn. Most likely next week.
  2. Doug Jumper

    The car change vote [D3S or Ivory/HL]

    As many people are asking if we swap to D3S the current cars will be replaced with the closest thing or we will give you 24 hrs before to sell them.
  3. Doug Jumper

    The car change vote [D3S or Ivory/HL]

    We can add the radar system without the speed following the car very easily with no lag. We plan to add a scroll wheel light bar and scroll wheel code 3 on the D3S cop cars to make it similar to ivory. With doing the new lightbar means new undercover lightbars.
  4. Hi everyone, so its been about 2 weeks since 3.0 release and we're looking at the community opinion on the new cars. Currently we have Ivory cars and Homelife cars, these cars are causing a bit of lag on the server due to the scripts they run (Ivory) and the poly count (Homelife). PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU VOTE! We have two options Option 1: Stay with Ivory and Homelife, remove the scripts and get rid/replace the high poly vehicles Option 2: Swap to D3S, optimize them as much as you can Pros and Cons of Option 1: Pros: Ivory cars without scripts are very well optimized and will cause the least lag Ivory and Homelife bring different cars then everyone is use too Ivory and Homelife cars speed wise are well optimized and there are no cars that can really get away from you. Cons: Homelife has similar polycount to D3S but less quality Will never be able to get new cars (d3s is still making cars ivory and homelife are not) Ivory cars will need scripts removed if we keep them, the scripts are the best part (radar, horn, lights and sirens) Pros and Cons of Option 2: Pros: Huge variety of cars, trucks and more New cars every week Very nice and high quality looking cars Over time we can optimize the cars We can edit majority of the cars in source to be able to optimize them Cons: D3s cars are high poly and will cause FPS lag in large numbers Less cop options to start off (will start with CVPI, Charger and Tahoe as we're removing the d3s lightbar due to it being a lag but will add more cop cars over time) D3s cars don't have cool scripts like ivory There is the chance the FPS will be worse by 5-10 than it currently is (not 100% just can't know until we try, I suspect the removal of ivory will equal the increase in poly from d3s so there will be no d3s change. There could even be an increase) Modpack will be 23-25gb instead of 20 which is pretty big. We will try reduce it overtime though I am suspecting after all the stuff we don't use is removed to have a 21/22gb mod pack. Will take longer to load the modpack Full D3S Showcase
  5. Big thanks to developers @Alex Hinkley and @Tax Wax for their hard work. https://anzusgaming.life/ Here is the new stats website which displays the richest player, highest level player and richest gang. If you have any suggestions to improve website post them here and Alex/Tax can review it. Fight for the top!
  6. Hi everyone, so every month we are looking to get at least 2 new unique cars made for ANZUSGaming for everyone to enjoy on Kings County. We will do a monthly vote on which cars to fund, if 150 people put in $1 then we can get two new cars every month. If someone wants to out right pay for a unique car of their choice that everyone will be able to buy, its $75.00 per car. We pay someone to make a model ARMA 3 ready and then our development team will port it in. Cop variants are $10 for light bar, $10 for unmarked variants. If you want to contribute click here https://www.anzus.life/donate/goals/ This month: Toyota Supra RZ Mk.IV '98 Subaru WRX STi Series IV '15 Note we don't profit from this its purely for content for you guys I know these month cars are similar to the ivory ones but we plan to move away from ivory next month as its one of the main issues for FPS.
  7. Doug Jumper

    Server Rules

    Added to intiation rules: The civilian/rebel has a class 3 unholstered within 25 meters of USCG Base. 9:34PM NZT 19/02/2020
  8. Doug Jumper

    ANZUSGaming Official Twitch Streamer Applications

    Justin Mckenzie Gokay Woodland Anthony nuestra Molly Exile Tori Bravo Johanna Goodmen Please contact myself or Paul, congratulations and welcome to being an official streamer.
  9. Yeah they've been on the map since day one.
  10. Hey everyone! This Saturday we will be doing a community event where everyone works together to try find some of the relics! We will also be doing 12 hours of Double XP from 6PM GMT Restart till 6AM GMT Restart. The relic event will pretty much be we will make a discord channel around 8PM GMT on Saturday and everyone can join up in a group in-game and look at different parts of the map in attempt to find all the relics together. Kind of like a group scavenger hunt.(Obviously if relics are found during double XP you get double XP as the reward.) This will go for 2.5 hours and then the channel will be DELETED so only the attendees will know! We will give hints every 30 minutes in the discord but we will not say which relic the hints are for.
  11. Doug Jumper

    Guide to optimal FPS

    We're working hard to get Kings County to a really nice FPS. Obviously modded will have more lag but we want it to be the best we can get it. First step: I suggest you google multiple different ways to do this to find the best information on this but read a guide on improving FPS for ARMA 3 they're all over the internet. Two I can recommend are below. Option 1: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=385577681 Option 2: http://www.wolfheartindustries.com/community/main-forum/how-to-optimize-your-arma-3-increase-performance-through-parameters/ Second step: Use CHVD (in-game FPS feature) Ctrl + Backslash or Ctrl + # (depending on keyboard language) and turn your terrain down. Step three: Try note down what buildings you stand near and experience lag. Any information we can obtain can help us optimizing faster. P.s. Its not the trees. There were more trees on Kamdan.
  12. GREAT NEWS We will be releasing 3.0 tomorrow. We aim for 8-9PM GMT. The framework is fully tested and fully working, a few more config stuff to get done but we're finally here! Latest release will be 12PM GMT, earliest will be 8PM GMT. (Note there will be another google drive released tomorrow, one full mod pack and one with whatever we change from now and release like we would an update) Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EL9HYBpV1Ft0ULLmJhsGhZbNwiKPTPod/view?usp=sharing Arma3Sync: Thank you all for being patient, shout out to the development team for their hard work. We have decided to not go with everyone on civilian just yet and release that in the future when we can fine tune it as it was the main thing holding us back from release. But release will still have all the cool features, map and majors you're waiting for!
  13. Doug Jumper

    Where we are at with 3.0

    Server current status: Map: Kamdan Intiation rules: NONE (No killing in safezones) Ifirts and Striders in cop shops Everyone has free money, if you run out just ask an admin for more.
  14. Name: Louis Long Badge Number: needs new one Department: Patrol Current Rank: none New Rank: Patrol trooper New Badge Number: needs one Reason for the promotion/demotion: instation approved by kain Steam64ID: 76561198062455832
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