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  1. Thank you to all the developers who helped on this update. Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tVwu2NbzECknpwHEJ3JafcFnGp0St3BK/view?usp=sharing Google Drive Full: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18a9YyHW8BdiUMyKEBu2Kt78GVubCFl33/view?usp=sharing How to update with google drive: https://youtu.be/aEONUeyQ7ME Arma 3 Sync: Brand NEW Prison Cafetria Kitchen Visit Room Waiting Room Sewers Open internal cellblock Photo room Clothing room Medical room Gym Bathroom Entire new prison layout with new fences, gates etc New prison bridge New Prison System Prison Crafting System Prison Job system Prison Drug System with multiple effects DOC gagging Prison lockers Many different ways to break out of jail Shank rework Prison Pocket (Put items in your butt) 200+ New Quests Quests for Civilians, Rebels, Cops, USCG and Medics New quest UI Map changes Entirely new prison design New academy design moved to DOC Two new large residentials New hospital layout in Langdale Moved alkatraz to a different island Card binder Used to show all your collectable cards New Cars Gator (Currently DOC only but may add it to civs) Cam Am Buggy (New and used cars for cheap) Holden HSV (LEO only) Ford Falcon (LEO only) Jeep Cherokee (CGIS only) BMW F93 HAMM Challenger Unmarked Widebody (unique) Tahoe 2015 BMW X6 Floating mailbox remembrance statue New Gang Clothing/Gear(If its missing in the shop please DM Oliver/Jack Knight) Jamal Crime Family Uniform Gentlemen Uniform Baldmac Uniform/Helmet Lance Chaston new gun Max Farlands suit Isaak Reds gun Obest clothing Cerberus Uniform Andys gun The Black Spades Uniform Nathan Smith Gun Resurge Gang Uniform Ryan Hades Hat New icons for virtual items Steel Unprocessed Steel Mash Moonshine Nasa Artifact Grenade Fuse Remote Detonator Splint Coral Iron Ore Iron Processed Nikos Head Anubis Statues Art Gallery Statues Medic changes New Tactical uniform New Tiger skin New Raptor skin New Durango skin New Charger SRT skin New CG capture point North West of Port Elliot New biker vests New CGIS vests Female Mafia Uniform added You can no longer hear other players while dead(Its still against the rules to be toxic) New female hair/faces added to server New courier job on civilian Court room panic button added New protective uniform for EMS New Tiger skin for EMS Fixed Dominator and Challenger lightbars Copy gang member loadout fixed Fixed licence return showing in different languages Fixed cartel/mobster red zone on decapture Fixed admin target message(If you receive a staff message ingame, listen to it. Gang ID is now displayed on gang menu Perk point reset button now dispalyed on perks menu
  2. Hi everyone, we're missing a few key positions in the development team and I would like to fill them. Requirements to join the development team Age 16+ Initiative We're not looking for someone who needs to be told what to do, we're looking for someone who will make an effort to expand their skills on their own and help where they can. Mature and not annoying We hang out in discord a lot together, we want someone that can mesh with the group well Previous experience We're not looking to do much teaching, only looking for people who know what they're doing and only require small amounts of guidance. A good reputation within ANZUS You can't be a known rule breaker and if you are a rule breaker you must be willing to take punishments, we have no time for anyone who expects to be treated differently. Willing to dedicate a lot of time to helping the community Several of us spent 16 hours a day for a month(not an over exaggeration) straight pre-4.5 to get the update ready, if you don't have free time to spare that you're willing to dedicate to the community/development team then please don't apply. We understand everyone has different stuff happening in their life and the positions open are only fit for people who have free time on their hands. What would a config developer do in the ANZUS development team? Dealing with new gang uniforms and tickets Dealing with tiering of new vehicles Adding new weapons/clothing to the shop configs General helping on basic config tasks such as crafting changes, vehicle handling and more What would a texture developer do in the ANZUS development team? Work on new uniform/vests/guns requested by myself or factions Help with small tasks for model developers such as changing Kings County to Los Diablos How to apply: Put an application here: https://www.anzus.life/forum/482-developer-applications/ For texture developers include an extensive portfolio and make sure you include previous experience, please put all images into a imgur album for easier accessibility. Note: As a config/texture developer you can only hit the rank of Junior developer, you will need to expand your skills further then above to get Full developer which has benefits such as FBI. But joining the team will open some doors for you to do so if you are willing to put the time in.
  3. Doug Jumper

    Community Meeting Recap

    Recordings: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1159368482 https://soundcloud.com/user-298436556/anzusgaming-community-meeting-09252021/s-534OLAVlGOc https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1159368482 Hey everyone, thanks for coming to the community meeting if you could make it the recording above is about an hour long and has a lot of good discussions in relation to issues. Main points: Major crimes should not be lasting more than an hour, civilians and cops both need to make an effort for this to happen.\ Civilians are suggested to be more creative with their strategies, using externals and hostages. Cops are encouraged to push as a team and not sit 100 meters out roaching. Toxicity amongst each other needs to stop, we're all here to have fun. We are a community not enemies. Act your age. Give medics the time of day when being revived from them, they save your kits.. if they're not there you lose your kits. #WeLoveMedics Over response is a myth. A reminder of NLR and what you can remember after being revived Coastguard are fun to play with, give them some love when it comes to server activies. Cops aren't there to be puppets for civilians, they're there to have fun as well. Don't be toxic to them for doing their job. Vice versa for cops. Don't be toxic, we're all here to have fun. If I forgot anything please write it on the thread!
  4. Doug Jumper

    Prison Poster Competition

    holy shit who is this
  5. Thank you to all the developers who helped on this update. Double XP event after community meeting on Saturday! Also don't forget gang wars will also be on Saturday! Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xPxLydyxvM4mP-LE1jTB4vcCOhBQSzRY/view?usp=sharing Google Drive Full: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18a9YyHW8BdiUMyKEBu2Kt78GVubCFl33/view?usp=sharing How to update with google drive: https://youtu.be/aEONUeyQ7ME Arma 3 Sync: New car dealership major crime All 3 car dealerships are now robbale via the safe at the back They will spawn the vehicle on the same spawn point the cars spawn when bought Take the car to the Chop N Dock on the eastern docks for your reward New POSCKOO clothing store minor crime Very simple minor crime, pretty much a gas station but at the new EPIC clothing store building New cars New mafia stretch limo New Meeseeks ramp buggy New Bikers rat bike New Noremac truck Terrabyte now buyable at the truck store for $15,000,000 with 125 more storage then the highest truck. (also has a higher speed and bigger wheels to get over things) New GMC Van (Has 70 storage, will be cheap in the store for new players to do runs in) New Flappy Bird Game Only usable while dead for now Leaderboard on the stats page for highest score Map Changes Bald Bay reworked San Fernando reworked Mash processing reworked A massive multitude of map bugs fixed Gun store changes Added gun range to gun store Added garage/storage entrance New features for the real estate job to allow people to find houses to buy easier via the services app New academy plate carrier New LDRS and LDSO VPC skins New Capture Point in Arbosa Bay (CG Juris) Added ability for CG to send to Alkatraz and Interrogate at CG base Removed all Taco Hell and McFishers food from laboratory looting Reduced oil rig robbery time from 20 minutes to 14 minutes and added the ability to receive 8 oil barrels instead of a maximum of 7 Milship is now docked Removed Tiki Island Buffed joints Buffed heroin Fixed handcuffs vanishing/hovering on frisk Fixed NASA Fixed help guide to reflect most recent updates (PLEASE AS A COMMUNITY MAKE AN EFFORT TO BUG REPORT IF WE FORGET TO UPDATE SOMETHING OR IF YOU THINK SOMETHING NEEDS ADJUSTING) Removed nature reserve dailies Fixed typo in boat shop major crime completion Fixed motorhead rebel car shop Fixed it so medics who join after car fires start can see it Fixed penthouse doors being lockable Fixed fire geometry/geometry issues on oil rigs Fixed tear gas being ineffective when anyone has a mask on Changed LD casino doors to only be openable by Mafia Changed Winter Mansion doors to only be openable by Mafia Lockpicks now have a 30% chance to break on use Fixed it so when you finish bandaging it doesn't pop you up when prone/crouched Fixed drowning bug Fixed house crates being locked during burglaries Fixed pawn shop being able to blown up Fixed Pharmacy being knocked over Fixed EMS Ambulance not loading stretcher Fixed lights for Dodge charger, Tahoe, Explorer, Savana and Raptor for EMS Fixed Mint door being non-breachable Fixed transport truck to now give guns and increased armour so its harder to blow up Fixed Geometry of massive mansion Fixed floating mail box Fixed unit null spam Fixed academy building chairs Fixed taco hell doors Fixed mafia/cartel breaking if someone disconnects on capture Fixed embassy geometry Fixed tower bridge being breakable Fixed sparrow showing missles
  6. Hello everyone, we will be doing a community wide meeting after gang wars on Saturday. Please post on this thread and topics you would like mentioned by myself, I will try get to all of them. Topics of discussion: LEO over response/win mentality and what SMT/LEO Command teams are doing to fix it General toxicity/roleplay reminder Discussing the maximum 8 rule topic again A road map for the next 2 months or so will be shown If you are faction or gang command and can not attend please DM me on discord. Here is the time zones: (Note this is the start of gang wars, the community meeting will happen after this they usually take 1-1.5 hours)
  7. Doug Jumper

    Prison Poster Competition

    Kermits autsitic cat
  8. Doug Jumper

    Prison Poster Competition

    aka Peter Clark
  9. Doug Jumper

    Prison Poster Competition

    Holy fucking shit...
  10. Doug Jumper

    Prison Poster Competition

    +1 Vote to ban mister fruity
  11. We've removed the MELB helicopter from the server and replaced it with the base hummingbird. Server slots reduced to 125, I want to be 100% transparent about this and its for reserve slots. We will review this once launcher is fully released and the player base goes up. The 4.6 trailer has been false copy right claimed by a banned player. Will be reuploaded ASAP
  12. Thank you to all the developers who helped on this update. Launcher information: A few people have seemed unsure about a few facts about the launcher so I thought I would add them here for some clarity. The launcher will eventually be the only thing we use for updating/downloading mods. The creator of the launcher is an extremely trusted person, his job in real life requires him to be a very morally correct person and Dillon and myself have thoroughly checked over the launcher to make sure there is no concern. If you have any questions/concerns my DMs are always open Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12oTYpjpSh3vSgurPiLrNGqx9NDH4f3sJ/view?usp=sharing Google Drive Full: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PPTzENYwhCgUojbMh4YFjuoBudmrexCU/view?usp=sharing Arma 3 Sync: Crack the clue Crack the clue is an extremely complex puzzle that the development team has put together. We're not giving many hints to crack the clue but will give hints overtime. The reward for completely crack the clue is $25,000,000 The only hints you will receive to begin with is the hints are in the 4.6 trailer Crack the clue is meant to be EXTREMELY hard and will take the big brains of ANZUS to complete There will be a crack the clue channel which you will be allowed to share any information to people you want but ONLY the person who completes it gets the reward Any sort of stream sniping during this event is strictly prohibited. Collectable cards 20+ collectable cards have been added to the server. The people on the cards are different personalities, developers and staff members. We will add more cards over time but we will only release a certain amount of booster packs which contain the cards. 100 packs will be given to Mafia, Gangsters and Bikers for $20,000 each so $2,000,000 for all packs 25 packs will be given to McFishers, Tacohell, Soubway and Korella for $20,000 each so $500,000 for all packs The groups are only allowed to sell one per person but they're allowed to give 1 pack to each member of their group for free. Packs have been given to Pug Winter, Tony Klinten, Jonny Five, Alex Hinkley, William Bridges, Jack Chapman and Marcavius Fox. After this you will only be able to receive booster packs from drops which will have the rarity of between $100,000 and $300,000 so not too uncommon. Boat shop major Rob any boat store and sell it at the cartel drop off One submarine is $1,200,000 and the other is $1,000,000 Coastguard also get both submarines in their shops (skins will be added later we tried but the model was a bit crazy) Gangster Vehicle Crafting 4 new race vehicles have been added to vehicle crafting You will be able to purchase these from gangsters for a set price Crafting these takes A LOT of grinding and they go very fast The 4 new racing vehicles all have customizable options in the modshop. New Police Interceptors We will be holding monthly time trials of the interceptors, starting this Saturday after gang wars during SWAT tryouts There are set races that are currently in the race app for Police The three vehicles are Corvette ZR1, Dodge Challenger and Mustang Boss 13 These three vehicles compete with Highway Patrols fastest vehicle which is the dominator which is deigned to keep up with super cars. There will be a maximum of 3 vehicles handed out at one time and we will re-trial it if someone leaves/gets removed/abuses it. New Helicopter Sparrow 2 seater (no floats) will be $800,000 in the shop Sparrow 2 seater (with floats, works on water) will be $1,000,000 in the shop MSRT will receive an exclusive MSRT sparrow Ability to buy/sell cars between civilians You can now buy/sell cars between player to player We encourage people to sell their old trucks at a cheaper price to new civilians If any group wants to run a car shop please let me know, must be known for good roleplay. New Gun Store Will eventually be a minor crime but for now the new gun store is in Jeffersonville and Korella will run their company from there. New Laundromat New laundromat for the mafia with an extension to help them roleplay and do their duties. New Weather System Comes with multiple weather cycles, this is on a trial if it causes issues we will remove it. Police Vehicle Upgrades Police now have the ability to upgrade their cars to tier 3 at the modshop. New Seatbelt System Default bind is B You can change this via your keybinds menu with CBA I highly suggest wearing it. You will see why. New Highway Patrol Dominator (Thank you Tyrone Rogue for funding this) New Patrol Landstalker (Thank you Bob Wax for funding this) New speed boat All new gang clothing, guns, custom faces implemented New Biker Bike Added ability to send to garage from impound lot menu Added multiple pages to the interaction menu so the second page has a more option Medic changes New medic tactical helmet (tactical EMS with tiger/helmets will be allowed to enter red zones/lab) New medic tactical tiger New EMS RS6 New EMS Fire truck skins And more! Buffed coral and shipwreck Added more repair speed perks Fixed house doors Added higher level repair speed options Fixed boyd bay CG helicopter sign and helicopter spawn Moved rubber to requiring an axe and reduced its weight by 1 to allow for difference between processed and unprocessed Fixed oil processing textures Fixed San Fernando Patrol mission Fixed drug box in prison Added ability for USCG to store at DOC sign BTC Mining is back, only if you're online Mcfishers/Tacohell doors fixed House doors fixed Noremac Yacht in Lots of other changes/fixes have been made but too long to list
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