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  1. Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Yfy8roJ3BquAwcizSBEiAlhOabYVHvHi/view?usp=sharingArma 3 Sync: Drive Full: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14JZcCae4-ycLWfOM4DU7B_-2kYj1hDFN/view?usp=sharingBig thanks to: MrBoolean, Dillon Boyd, Oliver Ericsson, Myran Abrosa, George Matthews, Ean Wolfe, John Doe. Added: New Farming Skill Farming shop added to Paradise city with multiple seeds Starting plant is Pumpkin Plant on farms for X2 speed, plant on dirt for normal speed Added: Oil Rig Robberies Top floor of oil rig has a sign where you can steal refined oil and sell to oil trader. You steal 1-10 refined oil which sells for $5k each Takes 25-50% more than a gas station Added: Twitter app on phone Send messages to each other Donators have special stars beside their name Added: New spike strip system Instead of instantly going, wheels go yellow when being spiked and make a deflate sound Wheels pop after 10-30 seconds Added: New job changes Street Cleaner Lawn Mower Tow Truck job fully implemented Police mark vehicles for tow Take the car to DOC for a reward Level 1 and Level 2 bus added Added: Several new Police cars Dodge Duragno Mitsubishi Evo Jeep Grand Cherokee Range Rover SVR 17 Slick top dodge charger with new charger light/sirens system Added: New cars Hoonicorn V2 1965 Corvette ZR1 (Thanks to Dustin Cena for funding this) Added: New HUD Added: New police gloves Added: Police mobile command vehicle and EMS mobile command vehicle (VPC) Added: Coastguard patrol missions (Boat only) Added: Highway Patrol Police Bike Added: New EMS Doctor Clothing Added: New Vice Faction replacing Highway Patrol, Highway Patrol is now a division of Patrol. Vice are an assistant faction to special operations. Added: Siren for all EMS cars Added: Xray Machine to operating room for EMS Added: Several Dupe Fixes Added: New gang uniforms Fat Tony Gang uniform added Crusaders uniform added Spark cap added Added: New progress bar (Look and functionality) Added: Different colored Wetsuits Added: SDAR to USCG and Rebel Added: Inventory double click suggestion Added: Glasses to rebel shop Added: New rolling joint and selling animations Added: Ability to walk through dead bodies (Boolean is a goddev) Added: Give license system Changed: All vehicle tints removed Changed: Removed TFR hint for outdated TFR Changed: Put the old big red DOC building back Changed: Several cars speeds/acceleration buffed/nerfed Changed: Fuel price Changed: LSD is now owned by Cartel, Weed is now owned by Mafia Changed: Art gallery script re-written Changed: Police charger siren Changed: Several Police cars buffed to keep up with Civilian cars Fixed: Shipping container mission (CG and Civilian) Fixed: Tow truck no longer russian Fixed: Several Police Light Bars Fixed: No longer animate while eating/drinking in a vehicle Fixed: Repairing perks Fixed: Clothing shop error Fixed: Trucking job not giving money Removed: Several mod side scripts which should increase FPS Removed: Advanced repelling mod
  2. Hello everyone, I have decided to sponsor a giveaway! https://yt3.ggpht.com/a/AGF-l79-5cWwP2P6YlvE51dcejhvXucBjT4UkYNhuA=s288-c-k-c0xffffffff-no-rj-mo The giveaway prize will be a PERMANENT RESERVED SLOT Will be given away on stream next week at gang wars. How to enter: Subscribe to Doug Jumper on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8yAdgBfHGOmhke-hMMVNRw Like my last video: Follow Doug Jumper on twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/doug_jumper Join Doug Jumper discord: https://discord.gg/8APDVqQ Type a random number on this thread between 1-2000 and I will do a random number generator on stream next weekend to see whoever is the closest to win the reserved slot. You must complete all of the tasks to be able to win!
  3. Doug Jumper

    [Community Vote] Wipe?

  4. Doug Jumper

    [Community Vote] Wipe?

    We plan to make patrol missions give money so cops have something to do while civilians are run andys
  5. Doug Jumper

    [Community Vote] Wipe?

    Hello everyone! Myself, Management and the Development team have been discussing at length the need of a wipe. We have recently set up a new admin panel website with a graph of the economy and how it has gone up. We noticed a huge spike around the leak of a cheat client that over 40+ people who played on ANZUS got caught using this and some of these players funneled money into the server with this cheat. WIPE EVENT There will be a wipe event, called The Purge. Everyone will get 10 million dollars added to their bank account for this event. It'll happen over the 3 days prior to the new update/wipe happening. Here are the options: Option 1: Wipe on Friday and have a huge update on Friday including Benefits of wiping: I know wipes are annoying but I feel like they can also be fun, it allows everyone to be on the same playing ground and start fresh. We will also have x2 EXP and x2 Paychecks for the first weekend. We would do a massive update to make it more appealing and add new stuff that makes the wipe make sense. Stuff we plan to update on 3.6 if we wipe. Two new major crimes Sunken military ship(underwater major crime) Kings County Mint (New federal reserve/bank type building) Introducing new way of illegal runs (Will be starting with Weed and adding the other drugs as we go on) Drug dropping (Joints) Go to new Crime app on phone and select "find customers" Instead of processing Weed, make it so you buy rolling papers from a gas station and roll them into joints. You get 1-6 joints per one weed nug. Selects a random house within X distance of you You go to the front door of the house windows key and start to sell, selling takes X amount of time compared to how many joints the customer is buying Make it sell between 1-25 joints at a time Make it 100% alert rate to start off and have perks to make it so cops get alerted less Have skills where you can unlock Weed Trafficking and later the other drugs. New skills system Separate from current perks system (will not be removed/changed) To start off ability to level up mining, drug trafficking and drug manufacturing Higher mining = gathering more. Higher drug trafficking = sell more joints per time Drug manufacturing = more joints per nug Crafting = craft higher tier weapons,cars and items New crafting system Crafting Ability to craft weapons, virtual items and vehicles. Integration with new skilling system Remove some higher tier guns from advanced rebel and add them to crafting Add new weapons to crafting Add different scopes to crafting (AMS etc) Twitter phone app Similar to FiveM to help people of the community talk to each other and organize cool events/advertise their gang or company. Option 2: Wait till 4.0 to wipe Benefits of not wiping: Everyone keeps their cash, xp and cars. We will still keep the weekly updates coming as we usually do but we would save all the above content for 4.0 and A LOT of other content with 4.0 as well. The issue with this is we plan to release 4.0 near the end of the year which is still 7 months+ away or even later so if we don't wipe now we could see a very bad economy in 2 months time. 4.0 will be a massive update probably even bigger than 3.0 content wise and it will take its time to be perfected. The option of a soft wipe is not there, its either no go or fully go. Please read and vote honestly. We as management do not care what the result is we just want the best for the community in the long term.
  6. Hello everyone! While we have official gangs who are organized and serious,, we do not have official companies/organizations. This change will hope to bring some more organized roleplay to the server. We are looking to accept good company ideas, with good documents and a good founder, to bring out the roleplay aspect of ANZUS in a positive manner. You may be in a gang and be involved in as many companies as you want at the same time, however it is not a good idea to have the same RP character for both. Benefits Be an owner of a company Have organized roleplay opportunities Make good money and have an alternate career from gang life/emergency first response Teamspeak tag Teamspeak channel Assistance from development (for established companies in the future) Assistance from management (giving you sums of money to make it worth your time) Meet other ANZUS players and make friends Many more! What we expect from you Required 5 people minimum for an official company/organization Founder and executive members are good members of ANZUS, good roleplayers, and not chronic rule breakers Have an acceptable company idea such as the ones below Proper documents set up (roster and SOPs/mission statement at minimum) Approved Company ideas Towing company (tow script pending) Taxi company Radio Station (Play soundboard radio over a set freq, English music only) Bus Company Security Company News Station/Company (report on major crimes, use helicopters to live stream chases/situations etc.) We encourage you to suggest other creative ideas, as long as they are good and do not require advanced development If you do not meet the standards for an official group, we still encourage you to start up your business, and when are established and have met the standards you can then apply. Any ideas that may be hard to work out or have problems with the rules, such as PMC, bounty hunters, credit unions/banks that loan money to new players etc. please apply here first to get your idea approved before potentially wasting time on documents/rosters or recruitment. Application
  7. Doug Jumper


    Hi everyone! I am going to be making a youtube video of the past few months of quarantine to hopefully make light of a pretty shitty situation. Please submit all your clips (Twitch/Youtube only) and I'll select the best ones to be added to the video! If you remember any funny clips from anyone's channel including mine post them here. Here are some of my favorite https://www.twitch.tv/doug_jumper/clip/AliveCogentPlumberKeepo?filter=clips&range=all&sort=time https://www.twitch.tv/doug_jumper/clip/ResoluteNimblePorpoiseMrDestructoid?filter=clips&range=all&sort=time https://www.twitch.tv/doug_jumper/clip/GoodBrainyBill4Head?filter=clips&range=all&sort=time
  8. Doug Jumper

    Looking for Official ANZUSGaming Streamers

    Example Application Name: Doug Jumper Stream link: https://www.twitch.tv/doug_jumper Discord: Doug Jumper#0001 Hours able to stream per week: 40 Previous ANZUS vods: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/623450998
  9. Hello everyone! Recently I have been privileged to obtain partnership on twitch. This allows me to make a team specifically for ANZUSGaming and to have streamers from the community to all be in one place. We are looking for some official ANZUS streamers who stream consistently and show the community to the world in a positive manner. ANZUS Twitch Team: https://www.twitch.tv/team/anzus Join the ANZUS Twitch Team This will be advertised at the top of our website and people will click on it and see which official streamers are live. Content Creator tag on discord which puts you high up so people can see your stream Every 100 hours streamed on ANZUS you get to give away 2 month reserved slots for free. Free Deathcam in-game Instant access to beta testing for future projects Ability to redeem 1 week reserved slot every month, for yourself or a friend. What we expect from you Consistent streams on ANZUSGaming Loyalty to ANZUSGaming !ANZUS or similar command in your title and commands ANZUSGaming in your dashboard Application Tips to be accepted Stream actively before you apply, we will not be accepting anyone who is not actively streaming ANZUS Have a nicely laid out stream dashboard Not be a known rule breaker
  10. Few of the new oil rigs have been added. There was an issue with the doors on them. The gas station will probably be next week.
  11. Doug Jumper

    Server Etiquette

    Server Etiquette This thread is not a rule set. It is an etiquette to go by and how to handle yourself in certain situations. You can not be banned for etiquette breaks but continuous etiquette breaks can be looked at by SMT. Cop applies to USCG as well. Civilian to Civilian interaction Robbing people Don't rob people doing legal activities/runs When robbing people and you have a reason to do so, don't take everything they own make it so they can keep going. If you're an official gang help non-official gangs/groups. Give people the great experience of ANZUS not just stop or die. Gangs should roll around in numbers that reflect similar to other gangs and the cops. Gangs should not 10 man+ Zerg roll small gangs or small groups of cops. Help new players, guide them on how to get places. Tell them to call you if they need a hand. Roleplay with others When you crash your car, act like in real life. Ask if they're ok, exchange basic details, repair one another cars and just be chill. Do not initiate/rob/kill people in animation. Do not intentionally prevent medics from reviving people. If you rob someones run for not paying fees or another roleplay reason, only take a % of it and leave them their vehicle. It allows you to get a benefit and it will allow them to keep going and not want to just leave. Don't revive people you've killed unless it was an accident. (The revive after winning a fight meta is really really poor RP) Only initiate on other civilians with a purpose (e.g. they've been toxic, they have been seen in your hood. Gangs should start claiming territories.) Don't rob the same person in one day. Civilian to Cop interaction Once arrested, be as respectful as you can. The officers arresting you decide your fate. Do not soundboard unless you are in your own vehicle. Only go to DOC for roleplay reasons Reasons include being a lawyer, visitation, robbing evidence locker, coming to ask general questions. Any other reason is probably not valid. Don't go after cops for no reason, only initiate/rob cops if you have been arrested and you're getting revenge.. or they've done something to wrong you. Cop to Civilian interaction Be lenient and polite with new people, if you're nice they will have a good perception of Police and are unlikely to go around killing Police for no reason. Be professional at all times (Don't abuse people or be condescending either ignore them or just be chill, PROFESSIONALISM!) Don't taze someone unless they have been running for 5+ minutes or if they pull a weapon during a chase. Use tackle! Don't over respond to situations, basic crimes like gas stations, house robberies and pursuits should be maximum 3 vehicles if a single car. Do not arrest/taze/tackle people in animation e.g. if they've crashed and they're repairing their car wait till after the repair or let them drive off to continue the chase.
  12. We already denied this.
  13. Big thanks to George Matthews, MrBoolean, Dillon Boyd, Oliver Ericsson, Ean Wolfe/Fox, Consuela Redd, Casey Gallo, Myran Abrosa and Jake Miller. Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Cd82NHtv0qQzMyn8atzljd1jivAKuBcl/view?usp=sharing Arma 3 Sync: Google Drive (FULL): https://drive.google.com/file/d/10ms0z136uTkoFtJNW2q1SB9DJQ0yEur_/view?usp=sharing New pine tree type layout of the map Forests complete with shrubby and detail Tanoa trees completely removed Moved the map from a tropical base to a North American base Park Rangers added (SMT will drive around RPing as Park Rangers for now) Still a WIP New police computer Shows previous ticket history to allow for more traffic stop RP. Allows you to search plate Allows you to search owner and it shows if they're wanted and their previous tickets. New death system When you take over 100 damage you character will now be incapacitated, not dead. You will be able to hear everyone around you People will be able to pick you up if they have a primary weapon (We will be adding a way for medics to do this with an invisible type of weapon) New save load-outs system Cops and Rebels can now save load-outs (USCG and Medic will be added to this ASAP) Completely restricted to your whitelisted level(s) in-game. New prison Broken bridge to get over Road around the outside that DOC can patrol Map changes More housing added New town square New River near CG base (EPIC bridges to cross it) New Prison layout Berwick changes Old blood diamonds changes New number-plate system When you get a new car it will be assigned a number-plate which is persistent. You can change it at Kings County Customs and it will register as your new plate. New Police cars New D3S charger and SRT lights New EMS cars New pistol pack added to all shops New vehicle shop menu New HUD Art Gallery nerfed Military ship buff New gang uniforms Goblin Boonie added Fanta Helmet added HMT uniform/vest added Invictus full uniform added Old Timer uniform added The lads vest added Weep full uniform added Pepsi uniform added New car AMC Javelin AMX Ringbrothers and Prestone Defiant '1972 New interaction to give money (can be done while in combat) New interaction to give items (can be done while in combat) Cars from 3.4 added to shops (Honda, Audi and others) Fixed give ticket animation Fixed eat animation Fixed drink animation New animations added Don't rob me animation (use it while RPing getting robbed) Poo animation (idk why I added this) 4 Punch animations 6 Receive punch animation Cuff player (Good RP to use this if you're a cop cuffing someone) Full surrender (hands and hands behind back, good for cops to use this on felony stops) Idle pistol Idle rifle Dab Pull finger Wanker Hitch hike Rock on dude Exctied Dramatic Fall Here is my ID Wave Facepalm Use tablet New CPR animation for medics Spray wall Tied up on ground Chill on ground(no gun) Chill on ground(Pistol) Scratch head Writing statement Fat Tony Run Roleplay Walk/Talk Loxxon Showing Off Level 1 Bus Driver job vehicle fixed
  14. Hello everyone, I have decided to sponsor a giveaway! The giveaway prize will be a ONE OF A KIND Monster Truck on Kings County. Will be given away on stream 11PM GMT this Friday on stream (Saturday morning for NZ/AU) How to enter: Subscribe to Doug Jumper on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8yAdgBfHGOmhke-hMMVNRw Like my last video: Follow Doug Jumper on twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/doug_jumper Join Doug Jumper discord: https://discord.gg/8APDVqQ Type a random number on this thread between 1-2000 and I will do a random number generator on stream next weekend to see whoever is the closest to win the car. You must complete all of the tasks to be able to win!
  15. Google Drive Update: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Cd82NHtv0qQzMyn8atzljd1jivAKuBcl/view?usp=sharing Google Drive (Full): Arma3Sync: Langdale Casino added Requires a drill bag and empty bags and you sell the gold at gold bars trader 911 Dispatch System for Police Police dispatcher slot added Asylum seeker changes Payout now based on players online Hats and high vis vests added to the AI to make them easier to see New civilian clothing added Gang island guns now 15% less than rebel New roads names added (If you're interested in paying to have a road named after you send me a message on discord) Coral now requires 2 CG instead of 4 New gang stuff Primitive gang uniform Greasy goblins gang uniform Dirty Bandits gang uniform Weap family gang uniform Fanta gang uniform TSA uniform fixed Playboy challenger added Commission gang vehicle New CID uniforms/vests New sheriff camero added Medics no longer need to lock pick organ truck Fixed titan,raptor, taurus and savanna van lightbars.
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