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  1. Doug Jumper

    New Trial Major Crime Ruleset

  2. Doug Jumper

    New Trial Major Crime Ruleset

    Fort Knox is meant to be the hardest major, it should be almost impossible to win but the reward should be great. It doesn't seem rough at all it just seems common sense. If you can get 25 people and hit Fort Knox IRL and win I'll make Fort Knox pay out 10billion.
  3. Recently people have been asking for a buff in the prices of major crimes, right now the major crime win rate is way too civilian sided but at the same time the reward for winning a major crime isn't enough to make it worth it for larger groups. The only way to buff it without killing economy would be to do a trial phase of this new rule set. Three rule changes: 7.1.1 - Externals must be within 750 metres of the major crime, if a civilian is not 750 metres from the major crime when the major starts they can not join in. (Changed) 7.15 - Civilians can not have more than 8 people robbing a major crime at one time. (New) 7.16 - A maximum of 2 barriers can be used at a major crime. (New) 7.17 - If a major is active and another major goes off, that major can only be called off if less than 1:1.5 can respond initially. This is deemed by the highest ranking cop online. (New) New response numbers Art Gallery: +4 Woodriver laboratory +4 Buffalo Casino: +6 Saltwater Casino: +7 Greenville Bank: +8 National Bank: +10 Fort Knox : +15 (USCG and DOC can respond) Prison Break/Seized Weapons: All cops and USCG to respond All water majors/island majors have no response requirement. Kings County Mint: +6 Jewelry Store Robbery: +4 Car Dealership Robbery: +4 This is just a trial and is subject to change, please do not hesitate to make a suggestion on the forums.
  4. Will be streamed live on: https://www.twitch.tv/doug_jumper To register join the ANZUS events discord: https://discord.gg/Hxwzjcc Shotguns and Revolvers only gang wars format
  5. EMS Escalade skin changes is a medic change
  6. 7.12 - Police may not breach a major or land/drop people off on the roof of a major during negotiations and must wait 10 seconds after negotiations are called off to breach/land (Does not apply to Mil Ship/Cargo Ship as they must land in order to negotiate). This may be voided if the hostage is killed by the hostage takers. Rule changed - added Cargo Ship.
  7. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/710594903993876550/765358152991506472/asdasjdasjdadskjl.png Google Drive Update: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19UmQ6UgUXefLZs4RxPA4cWy1LnK0FHds/view?usp=sharing Arma 3 Sync: NA: EU Responsitory will be updated later This update is pretty small, I wrote some simple and easy scripts to bring some more stuff for USCG to do until 4.0 comes out. Interested in contributing towards 4.0? What to see some secret sneak-peeks other will not see? DM me if interested. USAF major crime Start at the computer inside the center white military building in the center of the island Bring a virus USB Requires 7 coastguard Nasa major crime Start at the control room at the abandoned NASA Center Bring a virus USB Requires 7 coastguard No the rocket doesn't take off... YET Cargo container robbery Similar to oil rig robberies but they give you "container contents" which can sell for 10-50k This can be responded to by cops if USCG are offline/busy (YOU MUST ASK USCG FIRST THEY TAKE PRIORITY) Locations are buffalo, newich and cross river. Brady uniform/vest added HMT Boonie and Hat added Long sleeve uniform LODs fixed Cash gang uniform/vest added AMG GT Merc added to LT+ Arctic Hilux added to SGT+ Calpad new weapon added EMS Escalade skin changes Shank can no longer destroy buildings Transport Truck fixed 1800 gang island added FN30 bullets fixed for cop Fixed penthouse doors and big lag issues being caused by ANZUS_Buildings2 Fixed pirate ship sign being stuck in the ship New penthouse added to saltwater for $12,500,000 I activated my windows
  8. Doug Jumper

    Having Errors? Check this post.

    Myself and the staff team will actively update this post with common errors. Error: Session lost - Verifying PBO failed: @ANZUSGaming Kings County\addons\PBONAME.pbo Solution: You only need to load the @ANZUSGaming Kings County mod pack, you do not need any other mods loaded. Error: Data file too short 'H:Steam\Steamapps\common\ARMA 3\@ANZUSGaming Kings County\addons\PBONAME.pbo' Expected -865712561 B, got 15087313 B Solution: Delete this PBO and either re-extract the file from the .rar/.zip file or re-sync/check addons in ARMA 3 Sync. (Note there maybe multiple pbos with this problem so we suggest you delete the PBO file and try reopen your game to see if other PBO files have the same issue. Error: 0xC00005 - STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION Solution: Play on fullscreen windowed mode Error: Wrong signature file for X Solution: If this is when you're joining the server, sync your ARMA 3 sync or update to the most recent Kings County update. If this is while you're on the server it is either lag on the server or a connection issue on your side. Error: Battleye: Game restart required Solution: Make sure Battleye is on in the launcher, if it is verify your game files. Error: Session lost - File '@ANZUSGaming Kings County/addons/PBOName.pbo' not found. Soution: Either you need to update your mods or you don't have any mods loaded.
  9. No, its whoever clicks the most within 30 seconds.
  10. Doug Jumper

    Kings County 3.9 Hotfix [Modpack update]

    Because you didn't report a bug.
  11. Doug Jumper

    Kings County 3.9 Hotfix [Modpack update]

    Because you didn't report a bug.
  12. Doug Jumper

    Kings County 3.9 Hotfix [Modpack update]

    Because you didn't report a bug.
  13. Just a small update to fix issues with 3.9, obviously a big update means more stuff can go wrong. Big ups to KCRS their uniforms/cars hardly worked the past few days and we didn't hear one complaint, on behalf of the development team we appreciate you guys being understanding. Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Cd82NHtv0qQzMyn8atzljd1jivAKuBcl/view?usp=sharing Arma 3 Sync: NA: EU: All KCRS Cars/Uniforms fixed UCSG Tundra added to shop PO+ Patrol Tundra added to shop Long sleeves added to mods, most likely will not be in until 3.9.1 due to skin issues. New dirty bandits uniform added New winter hill uniform added Puckles custom gun added Calpad custom gun added Dirty bandits car added You can no longer plant close to the farming store or in a green/blue zone. Fasting fixed Digging now works at day time Spoons are now illegal GPS Tracker now takes 12 seconds to use instead of 1 Fixed Cargo Ship Alert time Yacht now has 700 storage, will be monitored very closely to see if its OP or not, 1.8 applies.
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