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Riiken Tenkashie

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  1. Riiken Tenkashie

    [Community Vote] Wipe?

    As the player with the most to lose i think this is a terrible idea...the idea of wipes in general is stupid...you should only do a wipe if something became so broken for so long that the only way to ever fix the economy would be to take everything away from everybody cause there is no way to sort out what would be fair in the end otherwise...maybe that is this...but why not just do an economy wipe instead...did that cheat make xp easier to acquire...if that's the case then why am i the highest level still...wipes are the entire reason i played 3300 hours on Ark instead of Rust...you want to remove the money from the server that people cheated to get, track down what you can find and remove it, then make a decent end-game level cash-pull out of the server that would get rid of all of it naturally over time.
  2. Riiken Tenkashie

    One Issue - One Solution

    Issue: Confusion on which attachments can be used with a weapon Solution: Show all usable attachments for each weapon in the shop
  3. Whats going of guys my name is Riiken Tenkashie and i plan on being the next main source of your entertainment on Anzus so welcome to Tenkashie Enterprises!!! I Grind that cash and support new players taking them under my wing by helping them get a foot on the ground. Once they are experienced enough, having plenty of cash equipment and social connections, I bring them with me on this journey of self discovery and conquest that we call gang life. Throughout our en devours here at Tenkashie Enterprises we insist on complete honesty and integrity of all of our members...For complete transparency as well as your viewing pleasure we have a live stream almost every day at https://www.twitch.tv/RiikenTenkashie...The live stream covers all of our shenanigans day to day with over 50 hours a week with plans to move up to 80+ soon...While this is a modest stream, it is growing everyday and you can track the progress of it at your leisure here at https://twitchtracker.com/riikentenkashie I look forward to working with (or against) you in the future, and above all... Hands Up Or Get Blazed!!!
  4. @Doug Jumper Still confused on where we can and can't plant the weed field...excellent upgrade to the model tho
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