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  1. Bobby Bolivia

    Bobby Barbados' Comp Request

    Name: Bobby Barbados Steam64ID: 76561198060118727 Date of Incident: 18/11/19 Time of Incident (LA Time): 11:30pm LA Time Amount your claiming: $70k Description of situation: Defending other gang mates while capturing cartel, tabbed out for about 1 min came back and found myself naked in rebel after Molly revived someone that clearly wasn't me. Evidence below. Never seen this one before, pretty funny tbh Evidence: 2nd Video is Molly's POV
  2. Bobby Bolivia

    Bobby Bolivia's EMT APPLICATION

    Personal Information Name: Bobby Bolivia Age: 21 Steam 64 UID: 76561198060118727 Timezone: Australian Central Standard Time (+9:30) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Questions about yourself: Describe yourself in 4 words that support your application? Determined, Skilled, Capable and Loyal How many hours a week can you dedicate to this department? 20+ Hours Why do you think you fit the role of a EMT? (150 words minimum): I believe that I fit the role of EMT due to a number of varying reasons. I'm very capable of listening and respecting high ranking officers within the EMT department and do what i'm told when i'm told. Also I am able to dedicate many hours a week to the department and will do this job to the best of my abilities at all time. The sight of blood and guts does not faze me in the slightest so I believe that this job will give me the ability to legally get my hands bloody whilst also aiding in the safety and wellbeing of the citizens of Kamdan. What are your previous experiences with being in a FD/EMS? (If any): I have been apart of many EMS teams across differnt islands and have a few months of experience reviving and assisting police in major crime situations. What makes a good EMT in your opinion? (150 words minimum): A good EMT will assist any and all citizens of Kamdan no matter the distance. A good EMT will listen to high ranking officers and respond quickly to emergency situations. An EMT will not judge any patients on the severity or weirdness of their injury but will ensure they feel safe and comfortable in the care you offer them. A good EMT will be active in the community and provide a positive attitude and vibe among the island. An EMT requires a kind heart but a strong mind, I believe that these two characteristics define exactly who I am, making me a good EMT. Why should you be chosen over someone else? (100 words minimum): I should be chosen over someone else because of the experience I can offer to the EMS team. I will be active and friendly while also providing a professional aspect towards all EMS staff. Anything that you would like to add?: Super keen to get started and cannot wait to help save lives! Have you read the rules of this community: YES/NO Is all the information above true and honest: Yes/NO Do you understand that your can be denied or terminated from your rank due to inactivity, your previous history or due to your behaviour on and off duty under the same name: YES/NO Signature: Today's date: 02/09/19 Your name: Bobby Bolivia __________________________
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