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  1. James Dallas

    Harry Taylor - Point Appeal

    So did i get points for "discussing a punishment" or for saying someone has a big ego? 😂
  2. James Dallas

    Harry Taylor - Point Appeal

    Your In-Game Name: Harry TaylorRank: TrooperDepartment: PatrolBadge Number: 254Punishment you were given: 10 Points (5 day suspension)Grounds for Appeal (Why should it be overturned): I got 10 points and a 5 day suspension for saying someone has a big ego in the DISCORD GENERAL CHAT, not even in game, literally in the discord. I'm honestly beyond confused at this point.Any evidence to support this: No
  3. James Dallas

    Harry Taylor - Point Appeal

    Your In-Game Name: Harry TaylorRank: TrooperDepartment: PatrolBadge Number: 254Punishment you where given: 5 PointsWhy it should be overturned: We responded to a Winchester, i proceeded to hold the front door in case one of the members doing the Winchester attempted to run out and attempt to kill us. We figured that everyone was inside, for some reason Jack Knight then proceeded to order me (Harry Taylor) and Jason Macks to search for externals, even though Jack Knight knew that i was holding the main position at the front doors of Winchester. I proceeded to state that i was holding the front door, while also confused because all of the suspects were inside the building. After the major, Barry Saints proceeded to pull me, Jason Macks & Jack Knight aside and said that we're receiving verbal warnings. This makes no sense as i couldn't physically move without risking the lives of other officers and myself considering i was holding the main angle at the front door. A few minutes after this, IA pulled Jason Macks aside and stated he's receiving 5 points for saying "Gonna be a negative" when Jack Knight asked him to search for externals, whereas i stated an actual reason for me not being able to move from my position. Barry Saints then proceeded to take IA to the side and say "I'll push Harry up to 5 points too", which was very confusing and unneeded as no casualties were caused (Or could be caused) from us not going to search for externals. I must also mention that there were around 2-3 officers next to Jack Knight that were not doing anything (Including Jack Knight), they were at the other end of winchester, not in a position where they could be shot at. Yet, Jack Knight ordered the people that were holding the main door to search for externals. The video provided below is proving that there were officers at the other side of Winchester not doing anything, that could've searched for externals, and that i stated a valid reason for not being able to search for externals. Any evidence to support this: https://medal.tv/clips/13515227/d13379OqqvgE
  4. James Dallas

    pAuL pHaNtOm - fRaG mOnTaGe

    "Dead, Dead.... dead"
  5. James Dallas

    Pistol clause for Major Crimes

    i love how swat -1's this lol
  6. James Dallas

    Pistol clause for Major Crimes

  7. James Dallas

    Jury Duty

    You should be able to select the name of the person(s) that the case is on and it shouldn’t alert that persons gang members.
  8. James Dallas

    Josh Black - Point Appeal

    I must emphasise the fact that i asked Jordan for the keys to the truck to move it away so the unloading would stop, but he said no. I know for almost certain that moving the truck would've stopped the unloading of it.
  9. James Dallas

    Josh Black - Point Appeal

    Your In-Game Name: Josh BlackRank: Senior TrooperDepartment: PatrolBadge Number: 285Punishment you where given: 15 Points (I had 25 points actively, 15 was enough to terminate me.)Why it should be overturned: I was given 15 points for unloading the DOC truck after helping with it. I've never been a part of a Transport Truck as a cop before therefore i wasn't too familiar with the process, all i knew was that we had to get it to DOC and unload it. After arriving at DOC in the passenger seat of the transport truck i went to unload the truck by pressing Windows Key on it, then realised that didn't work, so i figured to go upstairs and unload it instead. After proceeding to start unloading Jordan said "Are you serious?", i was fairly confused as i wasn't familiar with the fact that only High Command/SWAT could unload the transport truck because as i mentioned before, this was the first transport truck i was a part of as a cop. After realising i wasn't allowed to unload it, i attempted to stop it by running to the front gate, that seem'd to not have worked so i headed back to Jorgan Goulding and asked for keys to the transport truck so i could move it away from the Unload point in an attempt to stop it, he proceeded to tell me no and to just run off of the island instead, which i found quite odd as i know almost for certain moving the truck away would've stopped it. So, i proceeded to run off of the island as instructed, after getting to the other end of DOC bridge, it still didn't stop and the transport truck finished. Jordan sent a unit out to get me and the money, in the video below you can see them i gave them the full amount. This was a genuine mistake and you can see that i attempted to stop it from unloading from the videos below.Any evidence to support this: https://medal.tv/clips/12423361/d1337qNTjZdj | https://medal.tv/clips/12423478/d1337hYAseqv | https://medal.tv/clips/12425413/d1337ttlz0CN |
  10. James Dallas

    Doug Jumper Coastguard Application

    +1 Seems like he has had a change of mind. It'd be nice to see a server owner start from the bottom roleplay wise.
  11. James Dallas

    Josh Black - Commandant Application

    Name (In Roleplay): Josh Black Rank you are applying for: Lieutenant or Lieutenant Jr. Grade. Department you are applying for: Aviation Steam 64 ID: 76561198145680082 Timezone: EU Age (Must be 17 for Officer Entry, exceptions may be granted): 16 D.O.B: 9JUL2003 Do you possess any real life Law Enforcement or Military Experience?: Not actively, but i'm looking to join the RAF in just over a year. (Please note, Stolen Valor / Impostering is not only a crime in the USA but as well as most commonwealth countries, any such acts will result in an immediate blacklist permanently from this faction as well as potential legal action, this is taken very seriously, as such, if you wish to gain any benefit here as a veteran, evidence of service may be required to be sent to the Captain or Admiral (Dillon Boyd) privately and confidentially.) Should you be accepted into the US Coast Guard, what standards and values would you bring and standby here?: (Min. 50 Words) I believe i could be extremely beneficial towards the United States Coast Guard. I've got past experience in multiple roleplay servers, milsims, etc, and i believe i could provide a beneficial experience towards this team of people. Joining the USCG has been an aim of mine ever since I've first heard about it on Doug's stream, i wanted to jump on this train as fast as possible as i feel it could provide me experience all while i provide the USCG with my current experience. I've been a part of the coast guards/naval equal departments/aviation departments on many other servers, some have been taking a lot more serious than others. I feel as if the KSP has provided me with what i need and i feel as if the Coast Guard could provide me with much, much more. I understand that other applications for a position like this may have in-real-life experience within the Military, or even currently still serving, but i can promise to you that i could be as beneficial to this department just as much as they could. I feel as if i'm able to provide the members of this faction a remember-able experience that may even provide them with some sort of life experience for the future. I'll professionally and precisely deal with my department (If put in charge of one) and make them into the officers they are meant to be to set an example for any future applications. I always have and always will dedicate my time to such an honourable position within such an honourable faction and put all of my time into being out in the field and making officers better themselves to not just benefit the USCG, but also themselves and the Kamdan County. I want to use my experience as a Coastguard's'man before to help as much as i can within the USCG to help them perform smoothly and precisely in any tasks we need to complete. I've always loved the thought of Aircraft, fixed wing or rotary, hence why i'm applying for an Aviation CO Position. In terms of aviation, i feel as if i could provide you with a lot more experience than others may be able to, and i believe that can be easily proven. In your own perspective, what is the difference between being a leader and being a manager?: A leader works with their team to get the tasks done, he goes into combat with them to assist them in any way possible, whereas a manager may sit back and, well, "manage" things. A manager may not get involved yet they may stand back and watch their troops fail. What is the motto of the United States Coast Guard? Semper Paratus. What do you believe makes a good Leader? A good leader in the United States Coast guard is a leader that leads his troops and doesn't just manage his troops. A leader completes tasks alongside the USCG core and doesn't sit back and relax in his offce. A good leader needs to be prepared to lead, you should be able to judge when to listen, when to think, and when to decide. When making decisions you need to stick to them and not divert from them if you truly think the decision you made is correct for you and your officers. If a leader somehow thinks he is wrong in his decision, he needs to push his ego aside, and make a conclusion as to why he was wrong, what went wrong. You can only lead if others are prepared to follow, which means you need to earn the USCG's respect, skills & patience. When being a leader, your tasks matter but the role of a leader is to motivate those around you, those you are leading. A good leader needs to know when to step in and take responsibility and when to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, they shouldn't be rushed into a decision which they aren't comfortable with. What methods would you employ to improve the faction? I could provide the USCG with intense heavy training of it's troops that you may find unique to me. Joining the coast guard could be beneficial to me and the USCG, i could provide this faction with quality leadership skills to set a vision for the USCG with a clear sense of direction and a clear picture of the destination i want to be in. Good leadership and communications are some of my virtues, i believe i could engage people through communication and technical skills to lead them further. Leaders are constantly on display and under hate, so you can't be thin skinned and be in a position like this, that's exactly why i feel i could improve this faction. A good leader will put effort into building the right team, the right faction with people they trust and whose judgement they respect, i feel as if i'm ready to do this alongside fellow command members. What rank do you believe is the most important in the US Coast Guard? The general enlistees, ranks like Seaman, Seaman Recruits, etc. Without these there would be no coast guard, it would be left to high command to do everything. Low ranks like these are crucial towards the USCG as they make our faction what it is. Anything else you would like to add?: Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my application ~ adapt#0001 (Discord) References (Not Mandatory): N/A By signing below, you swear to uphold the law and constitution, to be loyal to your fellow Guardsman, to endeavour to be proactive and relentless in seeking peace and justice, to always be honest, to always be loyal, and to show respect where respect is due. Signature:
  12. James Dallas

    selling LAGO_KU98K

  13. James Dallas

    selling LAGO_KU98K

    lol 200k, i'll do 100k
  14. James Dallas

    Selling LAGO_KU98K with 11 rounds!

    50k Max, i'd only use it for heli sniping.
  15. James Dallas

    Civil Case 018 / Dark v. Black

    I have literally agreed to pay the money, there's no reason to go to court if i'm going to pay, you're just wasting your time at this point if you do end up going to court.
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