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  1. Ryan Connor

    Minions Recruitment (Custom Uniform/Car) [OPEN]

    Name: Ryan Connor Hours In Arma 3: 129 Age: 18 Bank Balance: (will be 0 after wipe) In game level: (will be 0 after wipe) How active are you: 1-2 hours on weekdays, 3-4 on weekends Any earlier bans: no Region and Timezone: AEST (UTC+10) (Australian eastern standard) Do you speak fluent English: yes Steam 64 ID: 76561198204071217 What can you bring to the Minions(50+ Word Minimum): I can save you time listening to me spit out absolute crap, I need out of green machines I’m to skilled and it’s being wasted, aswell as there never online when I’m online as there all a bunch of Poms. I have very good flying skills on all aircraft) Why do you want to join the Minions (50+ Word Minimum): to participate in a large active group to get the role play vibes and have some good fun with the lads, doing some runs majors or robbing, what ever be I want the enjoyment which green machines don’t do and are aids.
  2. Ryan Connor

    Compensation request

    Got none as my pc can handle recording whilst on arma 3. Was hoping the screenshots would do something
  3. Ryan Connor

    10000 members giveaway!

  4. Ryan Connor

    Green Machines - Apps Open

    Name: Ryan ConnorTimezone: AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)Hours on Arma: 110Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Raptorlizard/ orDiscord ID: Raider#1027
  5. Ryan Connor

    Compensation request

    Ingame name: Ryan Connor Steam64iD: 76561198204071217 ruff time of incident (7:45PM Aest) heres w simple brief of what happen I’m relating my ford F450 and when I go to get in after it’s down during middle of the animation to getting in, It explodes instantly for no reason no one was around me to ram. I am claiming 95k compensation for this incident. i have two screenshots of this they don’t show to much but should do something to my request. this is top of range (F450) cheers Ryan
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