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  1. Trent

    Trent Breaux- RDM

    So these gents had robbed previously at the same location and had kept the same uniform on. They shot us and ems revived us an hour prior to this altercation so we kept our memory of these gentlemen. Their intent was pretty obvious at this point in time. I told him "Hands up or be shot" and he reached for his weapon. I shot him in self defense while his friend ran behind the building to his rear. These gentlemen also had no mushrooms on them so their intent was clear as day. Also guns don't automatically come out when hopping out of a vehicle because I have to unholster it every time I get out of a vehicle. I felt it was justified.
  2. Trent

    Market Prices

    We should have a changing economy. For example have heroin worth more than LSD for one restart or peaches worth more than apples. I just feel it would give some diversity in the way people make money. I'd also like to see more options when it comes to money making such as illegal turtle hunting, whaling, fishing, and gun trafficking. Gun trafficking would be like truck mission but if the cops stopped you, you'd be arrested. Any other ideas you guys have would be appreciated.
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