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  1. Bert Macain

    Add New Planes!

    Major +1
  2. Bert Macain

    Legal Business Forum Tab

  3. Bert Macain

    Professional Truck Missions Don't Direct Deposit

    I’ll check whenever I get on Update-Still Broken as of 8:16pm EST @Ambience
  4. Bert Macain

    a possibility for a news team please consider

    Major +1 Would make some great role play opportunities Theres also a news room already made in Kamden on the second floor of the parking garage by car spawn. You could also make it so members on the whitelist of press could get a specific press vest at the news room.
  5. When trying to fix the direct deposit feature with professional truck missions I think that the person who tried to fix it accidentally disabled the cash reward all together.
  6. Bert Macain

    Professional Truck Missions Don't Direct Deposit

    As of right now you now receive 0 cash for delivery's and it is also not direct deposited.
  7. Bert Macain

    Only 1 of each major per restart suggestion.

    +1 Also increase payouts for other majors as mentioned above
  8. Bert Macain

    Add a Fishing Market/Fishing Nets for Boats

    Major +1
  9. Small bug with the truck missions when you reach 10k+ exp you gain the title professional and every-time you do a delivery it says that its complete and the money has been direct deposited into your account. However the money just goes into your pocket and you have to deposit it in an ATM.
  10. Bert Macain

    Oil Buff

    Absolute mad lad!!!! Thank you for helping legal runs!
  11. Bert Macain

    Oil Buff

    Side note- Oil weighs 5 unprocessed and 4 processed
  12. Bert Macain

    Oil Buff

    Right now the only legal runes that are okay is silver/rubies. With the weight and profit being a good starter for new players or grinding xp. I think buffing oil to around $810 from its current price of $610 would make it better then silver/ rubies but still under lsd/ heroin since they just got buffed to $1130 and $1350. Example- Doing a run of silver with a truck with 650 and your inventory of 140 means you can hold 395 silver unprocessed which at the end of the run is $90,950 profit. Doing the same run and filling up your 650 truck plus 140 inv with oil means you can hold 158 oil which at the end of the run is $96,350. So with the added steps of transporting oil to your boat and back to your truck you are only receiving a profit increase of around $5,420. In conclusion it needs a buff of atleast $200 per unit to viable.
  13. Bert Macain

    Mod pack optimization?

  14. Bert Macain

    Where to sell processed rubber?

    I'm trying to get a table of all the prices for the legal job runs on the server but after processing rubber and looking everywhere, I have not been able to sell the item. Is it just bugged and doesn't exist or is there a special store im missing?
  15. Bert Macain

    Earth processor below the map

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