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    Ronald Kay - EMS Application

    Personal Information Name: Ronald Kay Age: 17 Steam 64 UID: 76561198194558141 Timezone: Central __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Questions about yourself: Describe yourself in 4 words that support your application? Dedicated, Mature, Active, and Trustworthy. How many hours a week can you dedicate to this department? Around 42 hours. Why do you think you fit the role of a EMT? (150 words minimum): I think I would make a great EMT because of some of the skills and traits I possess. I could list them all but I don't think that's needed because mostly all of them fall under one category. Professionalism. To me, being professional means that you are mature, active, and dedicated to whatever you are working on. Having a team of professionals means that you know what you are doing and how to do it in the best way possible. Another reason why I think I would make a good fit is because I am able to take information from training and actually use it in-game. I think a lot of people will only take the important things and only do the bare minimum but I will take all the information and more, to make sure I am doing the best I can and set the example for those to come. What are your previous experiences with being in a FD/EMS? (If any): Vice Gaming Network - EMT Alaska State Troopers - EMS III Highspeed-Gaming - EMS Icefuse Networks APB - Deputy Commissioner What makes a good EMT in your opinion? (150 words minimum): To me, it's being able to take the information you learn from training and then applying it while you are on duty. A lot of people don't really think of this but I really do think it's important as not everyone does it. I am sure most people that join this department aren't to well experience in this field and when they do the training, they don't pay attention or they do pay attention but don't use what they learn in training while they are in-game. Another thing that makes a really good EMT is someone that can be active. It's important to have a stable number of EMS online so we can respond to everyone in a timely manner. This also brings a good image on the department showing that we are fast and don't waste time. Again, it's simple but at the end of the day, it's what keeps the department running. Why should you be chosen over someone else? (100 words minimum): A combination of my experience and skills would make me a better choice than others. As shown in the experience question above, you can see I have had prior roles in communities that have allowed me to train and work with them to form a EMS Department. I can take this knowledge and training and apply it on here to make this department even better than what it is right now. I also have some skills that will allow me to preform better than most people. Again, as written in a question above, I am very dedicated allowing me to spend more time on the server and helping those who need it. Anything that you would like to add?: No. Have you read the rules of this community: Yes. Is all the information above true and honest: Yes. Do you understand that your can be denied or terminated from your rank due to inactivity, your previous history or due to your behavior on and off duty under the same name: Yes. Signature: Today's Date: 09/02/2019 Your name: Ronald Kay ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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