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  1. Todd Patts

    Females and Dumpsters

    I would like to request the re implementation of dumpster bins as they have been my sole way of making money on the server. Praise the hunt for the holy hand grenade. Also, I was saddened when I saw that all female player models were removed from the character selection screen. I feel that I can not truly fill my role as a lady-boy on this server without them. Love, Trash B*tch
  2. Todd Patts

    Todd Potts - (player report)

    Hello Liam and Taylor, First of all, I admit and apologize for being a dumbass in this moment. I had already put two of my cars in the DMV and I was trying to fit my third when it got stuck in the doors. As soon as I realized that I was blocking you Liam, I attempted to close the doors to destroy my car or bump it out of the doorway. Once that didnt work, I tried to get in the car to move it, but to no avail with a broken engine and wheels. I then hopped out, repaired my car, pushed and unflipped it until it was out of the way. I apologize for the inconvenience that this caused you and I am willing to pay for my actions. I'm not familiar with the reporting process, but I have heard about 'points' and compensation. I accept whichever route you pursue with this report case and take full responsibility for my actions. Again, I'm sorry for being a dumbass and taking away from your experience. -Todd Patts
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