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  1. Michael Corleone

    Cop Shooting through the floor

    Name: Micheal Corrleone Name of player you are reporting: @Paul Phantom Date of Incident: 10/08/2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 1am Rule(s) Broken: (copy paste full rule) Exploiting Description of Incident: I was attending a Major with my gang and this fine officer claimed that i was looking through the floor (which I wasn't) and he shoots me through it. Which results in my death. Evidence: Have you already been to support about this incident: yes If so what was the result of the support case: Go to Forums
  2. In Game Name: Michael Corleone Amount of Hours:1300hr Age:19 Steam ID:76561197985093436 Previous Gangs: Shadow Balance: 1.1mil Level:44 Why do you want to join The Di'Pinto Crime Syndicate? I want to join to slap some ass and get some frags.
  3. Name: Michael Corleone Age: 19 Timezone: EST Why would you like to join Shadow Division: In all honesty I want a group of people working towards a common goal, money, frags, and RP and I believe Shadow can offer that. What could you bring to Shadow Division: My skills include communication, aim, strategic plays, extreme extrovert, wealth, and a fun time. This is what I have to offer. Hours on Arma (1000+) (If you can frag this may be bypassed but be ready to prove it): 1275hr Have you read and understand the rules of the server: yes Steam profile & Steam 64: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197985093436/ Discord name: LostSoul#3951
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