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    Point Appeal

    Name: Jessica Points you where given: 20 What staff member gave them to you: @Fluffy Wolf Why should your points be revoked: (50 words minimum) First of the evidence showed a clear rulebreak from my part but also, an absolute blatant rulebreak from the user reporting of the name ''Jack Black'' where he called me the homophobic word that starts with F, then I shot him because it truly pissed me off, right. I went into support cuz he reported me and he decided to give me points but also said ''I know he called you a ***** but that's for another case'', like hello? Can we use a little bit of our endless intelligence and read that again? He didn't care about the fact that he called me something that could have easily got me banned from Twitch. 20 points for that. Evidence to support your appeal: Anything you would like to add: Demotion.
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