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  1. Pepe Eisenhower

    The Schneider Family is looking for active players

    Full Name - Pepe Eisenhower Age (15 minimum) - 16 Region - NA Why would you like to join the Schneider Family? (80 words minimum) - The reason why I would like to join Schneider is because the rest of the gangs are pretty terrible and because my friends are all planning on joining this gang as well. So far I have hopped from gang to gang and no gang really treats their members right and actually keeps the people that are good at the game in the gang. I believe that only good fraggers should be part of a gang this good. Thankfully your applications are open and I will have the chance to join. What can you bring to the family? - Good Frags, Great Partner, Knowledge How many days have you been on the island? - idk a ton long What are your strengths or weaknesses? (4 sentences minimum) - I am a good fragger and a good team member. I would have to say that my single problem is that during high intensity majors with swat smoke and ect I have frame problems. I am decent at long distance however I am still overpowered at cqb. As well as I have extremely high knowledge of the majors for both the cop POV and civ POV. Do you acknowledge and respect the authority of high ranking officers inside the family and why? - Yes, chain of command is important for gang stability. How many hours do you have on Arma 3? - 2397 How active will you be? - 4 Days a week if not more Do you have any current gang affiliations? - N/A Do you understand that in our gang we hold rules and guidelines that must be followed? - Yes Do you understand that in our gang we uphold all the rules that Anzus has in place? - Yes Paste your steam account here: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198158342072/
  2. Pepe Eisenhower

    Pepe Eisenhower - EMS Application

    Personal Information Name: Pepe Eisenhower Age: 16 Steam 64 UID: 76561198158342072 Timezone: Pacific Daylight Time [US - West] __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Questions about yourself: Describe yourself in 4 words that support your application? Trustworthy, loyal, understanding, accepting How many hours a week can you dedicate to this department? 2 Hours every night Why do you think you fit the role of a EMT? (150 words minimum): I believe that to be an EMT you need a certain dedication to the rules and regulations of the island. I have seen that sometime be betrayed however I have also seen acts of excellence from the EMTs in the EMS which I believe will help me in being the best EMT possible. The population of the island needs somebody who can help and understand situations better then anyone and I believe my skills as a civilian and otherwise will be a dire tool to me as an EMT. I also think that my previous experience as a medic allows me to create a safe environment for my higher ups in the EMS and will allow a sense of liberty in the department. The difference between following the rules and standing out is a thin line and I believe I will be able to tread that thin line wisely and allow the the people to rest assured that their lives are safe in my hands. What are your previous experiences with being in a FD/EMS? (If any): Some Alits Life. What makes a good EMT in your opinion? (150 words minimum): A good EMT is someone with extremely good driving skills and someone who hols upmost importance for human life. They must always have a high regard for public safety in terms of ways of preventing death and allowing people to go back home and continue their lives. The medics must be in check at all times and must follow all the regulations and rules that the EMS have to offer. They must also take into consideration the regulations the server has and also abide by them at all times. I believe a medic should also have consideration for the situations that the civilians and the police are put into and to show compassion for whatever injuries or aid they may need. This can be whatever they request due to us being their for their safety and their safety only. We are not there to take sides we are there to create a healthy environment. Why should you be chosen over someone else? (100 words minimum): I believe that I show all the traits that I have described above and I would also like to add that my loyalty to the department will be outstanding and that I will be on call if ever needed. I can also be a good member of the community and increase the department standards day by day and allow the the island to rest assured the EMS have a new member that will uphold the standards that will be set. The most anyone can do is be the best person they possibly can and I would not apply if I did not think I could be a good EMT and commit to the duties. Anything that you would like to add?: No. Have you read the rules of this community: YES Is all the information above true and honest: Yes Do you understand that your can be denied or terminated from your rank due to inactivity, your previous history or due to your behaviour on and off duty under the same name: YES Signature: Today's date: 9/21/2019 Your name: Pepe Eisenhower ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. Pepe Eisenhower

    Bottle hunter, Gang events and more!

    @Max Kuroway
  4. In Game Name: Pepe Eisenhower Amount of Hours: 2.2k Age: 16 Steam ID: 76561198158342072 Previous Gangs: Syndicate on Arma-Life Balance: 260k Level: 17 Why do you want to join The Di'Pinto Crime Syndicate? I would like to join my friend Max Kuroway due to him recommending me to join the gang and I see it as a new opportunity for myself to join a gang again. I do have plenty of hours in Arma 3 and I consider myself a good shot in CBQ situations and I just have game sense. Max can say plenty of good things about me if needed and I think that I would be a great part of the gang.
  5. Pepe Eisenhower

    Mod pack optimization?

    Much agree
  6. Pepe Eisenhower

    A few things [Must read]

  7. Pepe Eisenhower

    First hour in and.....

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