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  1. Tyrell Newman

    Updating the Bar Database

    Your name: Tyrell Newman Bar no: 4010906 Occupation: Junior Judge Advocate [Military Court-Martial (Federal) at Station #97]
  2. Looks cool, can't wait to see the roleplay outcome with 3 factions being around.
  3. Tyrell Newman

    Issac Dick vs Alaska State Troopers

    @Joseph Ibney Chief counselor will be @Jason Steele with @Brian Taylor as his co-counselor.
  4. Defense is good with that time
  5. Defense motions to dismiss the following exhibits in regards to "Dennis Smith v. Alaska State Troopers". Exhibit A Exhibit C Exhibit D This motion is on the grounds of counselor Lee Bread failing to mirandize all interviewed individuals which in return violates their 5th amendment right and also not mentioning that the interviews were non-mandatory ones and made them seem like they were forced into taking them. Written statements from Warden Night, Dep. Warden Schofield and Trooper Johnny Adams: Warden Night Statement: https://gyazo.com/b7181dfb70ca749ba57ce2fd8a312418 Dep. Warden Schofield Statement: https://gyazo.com/028a5a1787b162e36af9f8c5b5a5f688 Trooper Johnny Adams Statement: https://gyazo.com/f2cf7c1196b7269fb241a72a2ed97cd0 Along with the written statements, there are three verbal interviews with Trooper John Flipper, Corporal Mike Radeno and Sergeant Kieran Smith: Trooper John Flipper Interview: https://youtu.be/gUKbYsoc8x8 Sergeant Kieran Smith Interview: https://youtu.be/diVj4XgnOyU Corporal Mike Radeno Interview: https://youtu.be/_4MqE0TS8Vg Alongside with the motion to dismiss all the plaintiff's exhibits, defense also motions for this case to be dismissed as the plaintiff would have no valid evidence to provide to the court for this case to continue further. @Matt Lee
  6. Your Honor, defense will be motioning for dismissal in regards to "Dennis Smith v. Alaska State Troopers". Defense has concerns of the accountability of where such a accusation has come from. There has been no evidence of any sort submitted to the court and there seems to be a lack of great detail in the complaint form. Defense will be listing our concerns with this case: Is there any evidence to support these claims? Whos testimony did this case come from? Who knows if this actually happened. Were there any witnesses? The plaintiff supposedly drank himself into a declining mental state. Why would this be the defenses fault? The Alaska State Troopers should protect and serve their duty appropriately, but how does some man who supposedly who drank himself to death be the fault and one of the responsibilities of the Alaska State Troopers? Defense is motioning for this case to be dismissed for the reasons stated above. @Matt Lee
  7. Tyrell Newman

    State of Alaska v. Frederick Gibbs

    @Patrick Winter Micheal Winter will be assigned to co-counselor to assist Mr. Taylor if the chief counselor is not attending. @Brian Taylor @Walt Disney
  8. Tyrell Newman

    State of Alaska v. Frederick Gibbs

    Your Honor, I muted my live body cam audio during questioning of the defendant for privacy reasons of both parties involved. I was however recording on my private go-pro during the questioning. Unfortunately, this situation occurred 1 week ago as seen in the timestamp of 'Exhibit A' and I am not able to provide any uncut audio to the court at this time. Your Honor, for your first order of (gather any original recordings of the incident that has been unedited). I am not able to provide any footage with uncut audio as this happened around a week ago and I had to clear out my go-pro footage recording. As for your second order (as well with any sworn testimony or statements from witnesses with necessary subpoenas and or depositions). I tried contacting Corporal Timothy Red, he was the Trooper with the long dreads on the left side found in 'Exhibit C'. I asked him if he was able to give a statement for the court but he has not replied to me as of this time. As for your final order of (If the State can gather more evidence that can be more suitable for their case than this trial can continue on so, if not the charge will be dismissed). Please continue reading... Prosecution will be introducing and adding 'Exhibit C', 'Exhibit D', and 'Exhibit E' to "State of Alaska v. Frederick Gibbs" Explaining The Exhibits 'Exhibit C': (https://gyazo.com/d6033072752df275c94368f5f721f00e) Evidence within the exhibit is another perspective of 'Exhibit B'. Detective Red captured this footage on his bodycam right at the defendant Frederick Gibbs discharged his service pistol in the troopers foot. As seen in 'Exhibit B', you can see that the officer in the Trooper hat was the one who shot, and in 'Exhibit C' is the same thing. I am stating this to prevent any questioning into this being a different person. 'Exhibit D': (https://gyazo.com/b6559bed5e8afd801c6ed94986bfb794) This exhibit is a picture of 3 officers stood next to a fence about 10 meters apart from each other. The Troopers on the left and right are wearing a campaign hat while the Trooper in the middle (Frederick Gibbs) is wearing a normal front facing hat that says "Trooper" on it. 'Exhibit E': (https://gyazo.com/8609fb2003c34c637fe9e0eaad27f838) Referring back to 'Exhibit D', the Trooper in the middle was wearing the front facing hat that says "Trooper" on it. Now, referring back to 'Exhibit A' and 'Exhibit C', the only Trooper wearing the front facing Trooper hat was Trooper Frederick Gibbs as seen in 'Exhibit D' for positive identification of the Trooper. @Walt Disney
  9. Tyrell Newman

    State of Alaska v. Frederick Gibbs

    @Frederick Freckle
  10. Tyrell Newman

    State of Alaska v. Frederick Gibbs

    @Jayden Shaw is assigned as chief counselor and @Brian Taylor as co-counselor
  11. Tyrell Newman

    State of Alaska v. Green Smoke

    Your Honor, Mr. Smoke was remanded on the charge of 1x Attempted Armed Robbery. No plea deal was made as far as I can see and Mr. Smoke was convicted by default of the charge. @Edward @Tao Brightwater
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