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Aiden Sparker

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  1. Aiden Sparker

    Looking for 3 more official gangs!

    If anybody is looking to have uniform made, I'd be more than happy to. I have multiple happy customers and is the maker of the "Reapers" uniform and the "Chicago" uniform to name a few. Feel free to hmu for portfolio.
  2. Aiden Sparker

    Jason Macks - KSP Application

    Love this guy, he is such a great cop! ❤️
  3. Aiden Sparker

    Aiden Sparker - Transfer Request

    Name: Aiden Sparker Rank: Senior Trooper, badge 262 Current Dept.: Patrol Desired Dept.: DOC Reason: I've begun to realize that DOC is the place for me, I can't stand patrol anymore. Requesting to be put in as Senior Trooper, due to having plenty of advanced experience.
  4. Aiden Sparker

    Pitbull Emmers Discharge Request

    o7 ❤️
  5. Aiden Sparker

    John Anderson - Discharge

    o7 - WILL BE MISSED ❤️
  6. Aiden Sparker

    Name your own road/location on the new map!

    If you still have streets up for grabs, hmu.
  7. Aiden Sparker

    Aiden Sparker - Disciplinary Dispute

    Decided to forward this to senate since Chief Kain signed off on the punishment. Regards, Sparker, Aiden
  8. Aiden Sparker

    Punishment Report - Aiden Sparker

    Someone please remove my suspension on the forums as it is over.
  9. Aiden Sparker

    Discharge Request - Dan Ortiz

    o7 - I love you man, good luck on your future ventures ❤️ @Dan Ortiz
  10. Aiden Sparker

    Aiden Sparker - Disciplinary Dispute

    Your In-Game Name: Aiden Sparker Rank: Senior Trooper Department: Patrol Badge Number: 262 Punishment you where given: 20 points, 3 day suspension, force transfer out of CID for Gross Negligence resulting in Serious Bodily Harm to a Law Enforcement Officer. Why it should be overturned: I was force transferred out of CID for what I believe to be a simple mistake, not to mention a misunderstanding. To wrap up the situation quickly: Det. Sparker, Det. Sgt. Nunez and a third detective I believe to have been Det. Appleseed(not 100% certain), was doing a UC Operation when our vehicle was disabled by a tree. Two vehicles containing a total of 3-4 armed gunmen roll up on us and Det. Sgt. Nunez leaps into action, initiating on the crew while myself and Det. Appleseed is handling our vehicular issues. Det. Sgt. Nunez comes under fire and gets knocked unconscious by the gunfire. Myself and Det. Appleseed neutralize the remaining suspects and an ambulance appears on scene. The medic revives Det. Sgt. Nunez and begins to resuscitate one of the gunmen that I had identified as Marcello Hansen, an individual that I had PREVIOUSLY worked with(MEANING HE WAS NOT CURRENTLY UNDER MY EMPLOY). When he is revived it is CRYSTAL CLEAR in the evidence presented that he immediately turns his front towards me to avoid detainment. I continue to speak with him in Danish as that is both of our primary languages. Marcello Hansen(still not handcuffed) in clear defiance of server rules(as I considered him in custody at that point) starts running off, darting towards a tree. Marcello Hansen takes cover behind said tree, pulls his firearm and initiates on police. He fires and once again kills Det. Sgt. Nunez, while myself and Det. Appleseed neutralizes Mr. Hansen. Det. Sgt. Nunez is once again revived and place Det. Sparker in handcuffs and escorts him to the police station, where he is rather immediately suspended by Lieutenant Sims(which I found kind of weird cause I didn't know Lt's could do that). I am not trying to have the punishment overturned, I am though trying to get the punishment reduced to 9 points, 10 hour DOC duty per week(during the month the punishment will persist) and my force transfer revoked so that I may remain in CID - doing months upon months of hard work to get into one of the most supreme departments just to blow it in a SIMPLE mistake as this one I believe is completely unheard of. Of course this shouldn't go unpunished, but this could've happened to everyone. Literally EVERYONE. Det. Sgt. Nunez' second death was pinned on me for not restraining the individual. I believe Det. Sgt. Nunez' mood at the moment can have clouded his judgement as he got unreasonably angry and tilted. I believe that I am continuously a qualified individual for the Criminal Investigations Division, a division with very few members and very high standards. It is extremely difficult to find qualified individuals for detective positions and booting the ones that actually are qualified for committing small mistakes that everyone could've made is not only a waste of resources, but maybe one of the biggest mistakes a police department can make. Any evidence to support this: Contact me for evidence - otherwise consult Lieutenant Edward Bennett. (REASON: Classified Material) Thank you for reading and considering my dispute. Regards Sparker, Aiden *FORWARDED TO SENATE*
  11. Aiden Sparker

    Ninj Red -discharge request

  12. Aiden Sparker

    Jason Walker Discharge Request

  13. Aiden Sparker

    Jason Walker Discharge Request

  14. Aiden Sparker

    Name your own road/location on the new map!

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