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  1. Aiden Sparker


    Why? S1 is considered initiation, I honestly don't see the problem with that rule. Could you perhaps try to outline why instead of just making a statement based on nothing?
  2. Aiden Sparker

    The 3.0 update

    Hella pog
  3. Aiden Sparker

    The 3.0 update

  4. Aiden Sparker

    The 3.0 update

    I think it is safe to say that a lot if not everyone is looking forward to the 3.0 update, I can barely wait to be honest. But isn't it possible for us to get a teaser / trailer of some of the new features(in which I understand there a many) and maybe a release date when you get closer? I know I'd personally love to see some of the stuff we can expect in 3.0:) @Doug Jumper
  5. Aiden Sparker


    I think it could make sense to have the medical system evolved, to like the ACE medical system. So for example, when someone gets stabilised or "revived" then they would be conscious, but still not able to walk and / or do anything else. Basically: When someone is revived they would be laying on their backs and be able to talk, but nothing other than that, then you would require a medic to open a menu and have you treated properly and maybe even be able to put you on a stretcher and get you to hospital, for actual treatment before you would be able to walk / get you into surgery. This could be cool asf Wrong forum section btw
  6. Aiden Sparker

    Better arrest / processing RP?

    I was one of the arresting officers(CID Detectives), I am sorry that you had that experience and we usually RP for Intel on gangs and what not. Thing is there was a major popping off that needed help ASAP right when we pulled onto DOC property. It is really not that often we drop someone off and dip like we did right there. Hope you stay and enjoy the server, cause its honestly pretty good:) Regards
  7. Aiden Sparker

    Do so that contacts doesn't transfer

    Suggestion: Do so that contacts / nametags doesn't transfer from civ to cop / cop to civ. You're playing two different people, so its kind of stupid that you can immediately identify someone because you know his cop character, for example. To be honest it just kind of takes the fun out of playing two different characters because everyone can just identify you immediately. I think this would benefit roleplay. Easy fix to this could be: Cops can't see civ name tags, civs can't see cop name tags.
  8. Aiden Sparker

    Insomnia (Official)

    Great people running this gang, wish you all the best and good luck! +1
  9. Aiden Sparker

    Rule Clarification - DOC Major Crimes

    What are you talking about?
  10. Aiden Sparker

    The Purge

    lol imagine majors and then gangs fight over who gets the loot would be funny af tbh, but we should probably do so that all the police is in DOC and whoever doesn't want to participate can come there for protection or something idk
  11. Aiden Sparker

    [SERVER EVENT] Kamdan Life Auction V2

    Ye and its like a specific cop as well, no one but him can use it xdd
  12. Aiden Sparker

    Boyd's Paint Shop [Texture Services, Easy and Reliable]

    Well no more dougy boy
  13. Aiden Sparker

    Prison Work

    Gotta say, me likey this idea, fat +1 Sounds like a pain to implement, but that aint my problem;)
  14. Aiden Sparker

    a rebel state island

    Agreed. This would make the server more of a wasteland experience than the little life-like the server is already.
  15. Aiden Sparker

    Spawn with normal clothes after a prison sentence

    +1 Makes great sense lol
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