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  1. Aiden Sparker

    Insomnia (Official)

    Great people running this gang, wish you all the best and good luck! +1
  2. Aiden Sparker

    Rule Clarification - DOC Major Crimes

    What are you talking about?
  3. Aiden Sparker

    The Purge

    lol imagine majors and then gangs fight over who gets the loot would be funny af tbh, but we should probably do so that all the police is in DOC and whoever doesn't want to participate can come there for protection or something idk
  4. Aiden Sparker

    [SERVER EVENT] Kamdan Life Auction V2

    Ye and its like a specific cop as well, no one but him can use it xdd
  5. Aiden Sparker

    Boyd's Paint Shop [Texture Services, Easy and Reliable]

    Well no more dougy boy
  6. Aiden Sparker

    Prison Work

    Gotta say, me likey this idea, fat +1 Sounds like a pain to implement, but that aint my problem;)
  7. Aiden Sparker

    a rebel state island

    Agreed. This would make the server more of a wasteland experience than the little life-like the server is already.
  8. Aiden Sparker

    Spawn with normal clothes after a prison sentence

    +1 Makes great sense lol
  9. Aiden Sparker

    Logo Change?

    lol me like
  10. Aiden Sparker

    Add Ladders To The Roof On Major Crimes

  11. Aiden Sparker

    Negotiations at majors

    @Doug Jumper
  12. Aiden Sparker

    Negotiations at majors

    To address this statement: No, I was completely in touch with the server rules, the "admin" started talking about the bible, and so I tried to explain the ACTUAL rules to him, not just what they're used to. Because back then(when this video was shot), there was a rule. The glorious, rule 8.10 that stated the following: "During a major crime, the gang or civilians doing the major, has to identify the exact amount of hostages and/or externals before negotiations end". In fact we did have an external, but I was dead-set on having them negotiate for the information, and with regard to server rules, I was(at that time) well within my right to do so, as that rule just stated that I had to tell them at some point, during negotiations. The problem was that a lot of rumors had come up about those rules, back then I didn't actually have to tell them when they asked, even though everybody thought that was how it worked. I did this a couple of times during majors and well, at last, I figured some high-command member in KSP got enough of it and had the rule changed. This is exactly as @Doug Jumper says: The police especially are very set on what they used to do and is not very open to change, which is in my opinion, a damned shame. Now this is another thing, it is quite ridiculous that the KSP believes hostages to be the only form of leverage. At that time I technically had access to a laboratory containing multiple virusses and research projects that could've had meaning to the entire human species. I tried to RP, but yet the detective refused to and was dead-set on having a gunfight. In fact, the gang in this instance, was ready to lay down arms, just for a little talk, but because you refused to, it ended in a gunfight. ZERO hostages does not mean ZERO leverage, and I believe that is something you have to start learning your negotiators. KSP is supposed to advocate for a peaceful resolution, something that the video shows no sign of the detective even trying. I am not trying to rant, I am just trying to prove a point.
  13. Aiden Sparker

    Negotiations at majors

    In this post I see a lot of cop sided opinions and civ sided opinions. My point is to make it more balanced as it is ridiculously cop sided right now. This video is a good example of how cops utilize their numbers in majors and has no interest in even talking to the potential hostage taker, before storming the building killing everyone inside without any form of legitimate negotiation attempt or valuing of life BECAUSE of their numbers and superiority in gear. (This video is before the 8.10 rule change that dictated that a civilian negotiator has to surrender the information when ASKED, instead of "before negotiations end")
  14. Aiden Sparker

    Negotiations at majors

    Which will then, in turn, give cops a reason to make negotiations longer, just like civilians. A lot of the time when I've negotiated for a gang on the civ side, the cops just don't really care at all and usually try to have the negotiations blown off at once. I always try to strike up conversation and actually negotiate.
  15. Aiden Sparker

    The Schneider Family is looking for active players

    Full Name - Caden Parker Age (15 minimum) - 16 years old Region - Europe, Denmark Why would you like to join the Schneider Family? (80 words minimum) - I would like to join The Schneider Family because you seem nice and well organized. I have during my time in Shadow Division met you guys a couple of times, and honestly, you seemed really chill. The Shadow Division recently has lost a lot of members, mostly including command members, who I liked a lot. I know that they have in fact joined the Schneider Family, and for that reason as well I would like to join the family. All in all you guys seem real nice, and I would love to be apart of your journey:) What can you bring to the family? - I usually negotiate during Major Crimes, but that doesn't mean I can't shoot. Negotiation and Combat are my delicates. How many days have you been on the island? - Not sure, about a month. What are your strengths or weaknesses? (4 sentences minimum) - Well to be honest, I don't really know if I have a lot of either. I mean, people usually tend to like me, so I do something right, atleast socially. I do though get stressed quite easily, which causes me to tilt, though those situations are extremely rare. Other than that I am just confident at the game, due to my 2300+ hours. Do you acknowledge and respect the authority of high ranking officers inside the family and why? - Well you must understand that my answer is yes. It is important to respect your higher rankings, because that is just how it is, they have experience and so they have been chosen to lead the family. How many hours do you have on Arma 3? - 2321 hours How active will you be? - Every single day. Do you have any current gang affiliations? - I have recently resigned from Shadow Division, together with other members, including Alex Brody, John Olsen and Noah- and Pelle Uni Do you understand that in our gang we hold rules and guidelines that must be followed? - I fully understand Do you understand that in our gang we uphold all the rules that Anzus has in place? - I fully understand Paste your steam account here: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198077819578/
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