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  1. Aiden

    Governor Elections: Term 2

    Roleplay name: Aiden Sparker Steam64id: 76561198077819578 Roleplay backstory/Governor backstory: My name is Aiden, and I grew up in a really tough neighborhood in Altis. As the governor of King's County, I would work towards helping the poor. I believe in the commonwealth state and believe that when one grows stronger we should all benefit. If I am elected governor I would be increase paychecks from the government, make healthcare free and give everyone the right to exercise what ever religious beliefs they desire. As a county, together, we wouldn't be forced away from each other by classes of society or amount of wealth. We will all be equal, and everyone will have more rights. The grass will be greener, the birds will chime louder. That is my dream for OUR society. Communism is not anti-individualist, instead, we will take all decisions by voting and as a matter of coming together, instead of all the riches lobbying for corrupt politicians. If I am elected I will do my best to secure the following for the citizens of King's County: WELFARE Better Paychecks Housing-aid for the poor Unemployment checks Free Healthcare You'll no longer have to pay fee's when revived by medics or treated at the hospital Medics will get a paycheck boost as compensation Free Representation during a criminal proceeding Lawyers private or public will be compensated through paychecks Promote and reward businesses for their work Government funding for News Stations Grants for banks to make more stable and long-time loans for citizens Overall stronger private sector Make police subpoena's easier to obtain It'll be easier to obtain: GoPro Footage from police officers and SOP's within reason(CID and SWAT not included) Secure a county where everyone is equal Hate-crimes will be punished severely Better stance for the poor Reformed tax program Top Tax for people earning more than $200,000 a year People eligible for the Top Tax bracket will pay 35% tax More tax brackets in order to secure better and more fair taxation Lower tax for the ultra-poor Bigger justice department I will initiate a mass-hiring for judges and attorneys to make them more widely available As a result, bond hearings will be easier to obtain and complete within a reasonable amount of time Better communication between government instances I will be deploying several new procedures to insure that Fire Department, Sheriff's Office and Justice Department all increase communication between eachother
  2. I'd like to take the test please.
  3. This made a party in my pants.
  4. Aiden

    Looking for 3 more official gangs!

    If anybody is looking to have uniform made, I'd be more than happy to. I have multiple happy customers and is the maker of the "Reapers" uniform and the "Chicago" uniform to name a few. Feel free to hmu for portfolio.
  5. If you still have streets up for grabs, hmu.
  7. somebody is hyping people up for 3.0 on the 23rd
  8. Aiden

    3.0 Teaser Trailer

    Its a teaser for the trailer lol. I do tho agree with Tommy that the vests need work. The vests in the video really doesn't look nice - Use the "sheriff new vest" it looks pretty good tbh
  9. Aiden

    New major crime rule trial [Must read!]

    I tried this new change for the first time today, and I have to say, I think it worked out amazing. It all went like clockwork, as soon as we got notified of a major we got to our posts and CID fired up drones to spot out externals, whilst Patrol, SWAT and additional CID Detectives started clearing out buildings. I think if people are ready to embrace this new rule, it can really work out great. It gives a new and fresh aspect to majors that I honestly think is awesome! Thank you for this ❤️ @Doug Jumper
  10. Yeah. Still FailRP big man. I mean, imagine getting shot and then revived on scene with CPR and then just instantly getting on your feet and start running around. I mean, in real life that wouldn't happen, which is why it is FailRP, you're litterally complaining about a common rulebreak being made not possible to do anymore? So in reality, the rule exists to benefit the server.
  11. Aiden

    The Purge

    lol imagine majors and then gangs fight over who gets the loot would be funny af tbh, but we should probably do so that all the police is in DOC and whoever doesn't want to participate can come there for protection or something idk
  12. Aiden

    [SERVER EVENT] Kamdan Life Auction V2

    Ye and its like a specific cop as well, no one but him can use it xdd
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