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  1. If anybody is looking to have uniform made, I'd be more than happy to. I have multiple happy customers and is the maker of the "Reapers" uniform and the "Chicago" uniform to name a few. Feel free to hmu for portfolio.
  2. If you still have streets up for grabs, hmu.
  4. Its a teaser for the trailer lol. I do tho agree with Tommy that the vests need work. The vests in the video really doesn't look nice - Use the "sheriff new vest" it looks pretty good tbh
  5. I tried this new change for the first time today, and I have to say, I think it worked out amazing. It all went like clockwork, as soon as we got notified of a major we got to our posts and CID fired up drones to spot out externals, whilst Patrol, SWAT and additional CID Detectives started clearing out buildings. I think if people are ready to embrace this new rule, it can really work out great. It gives a new and fresh aspect to majors that I honestly think is awesome! Thank you for this ❤️ @Doug Jumper
  6. Yeah. Still FailRP big man. I mean, imagine getting shot and then revived on scene with CPR and then just instantly getting on your feet and start running around. I mean, in real life that wouldn't happen, which is why it is FailRP, you're litterally complaining about a common rulebreak being made not possible to do anymore? So in reality, the rule exists to benefit the server.
  7. Aiden

    The Purge

    lol imagine majors and then gangs fight over who gets the loot would be funny af tbh, but we should probably do so that all the police is in DOC and whoever doesn't want to participate can come there for protection or something idk
  8. Ye and its like a specific cop as well, no one but him can use it xdd
  9. My point is that 7k is completely ridiculous for a backpack, no new player can consistently afford that. It's litterally the price of a car.
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