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  1. Scottish Insomnia

    CQC Server.

    Don't think this is true
  2. Scottish Insomnia

    Insomnia (Official)

    He is calling us OGs of Insomnia, the gang Barristan and I made
  3. Scottish Insomnia


    They really aren't that bad mate, our gang has done all the quests, besides Relics only missing 2 or 3 if I recall.
  4. Scottish Insomnia

    selling rare guns.

    No thanks, @Jack Twitch can have them
  5. Scottish Insomnia

    selling rare guns.

    120k for 95-1 + all the mags?
  6. Scottish Insomnia

    anzus backpack at rebel

    This is posted under events. I agree though +1, should not have to go to a city to get a better backpack makes it less tedious.
  7. Scottish Insomnia

    crazed sparrow 2

    Good stuff fellow Insomnia-nolifer!
  8. Scottish Insomnia

    Applications game hours

    The reason we put a hour requirement (which 500 isn't high in the slightest) is so we aren't teaching them everything, we're happy to help people but we'd of-course prefer those we recruit to know the basics of decamping, positioning, callouts, penetration of certain calibres (doesn't matter too much on modded) and be able to work effectively as an individual, keeping themselves financially stable. As some people have said, hour requirements are up to the gang management and no one is obliged to recruit anyone, so not meeting standards/requirements means it is most likely going to be declined. I wish you the best finding a gang that suits you however.
  9. Scottish Insomnia

    Scottish Insomina - Player Report

    If staff can see in the logs, I left on the spawn menu after I bled out - your video just shows me being killed then a screenshot saying I disconnected. I was lying there for my entire bleedout timer and medics were around 90m away when I bled out, not sure why I'd log if medics were there and I died. I'm not sure if this is some kind of salt report for some reason because me disconnecting after bleedout does not affect you in anyway.
  10. Scottish Insomnia

    MH-9 Hummingbird Bench

    Not sure if this is intentional but when I was purchasing my Hummingbird, it showed a bench on the virtual showcase; after purchasing it was missing the bench, I tried storing and pulling it out twice and it is still missing, I got it for the bench so just wondering if this is a bug and I will have my bench or if I'm just down 100k. Apologies if this is intentional and I've been ignorant in someway or another.
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