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Scottish Slater

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  1. Scottish Slater

    Kings County: 3.0 IS HERE!

    Cheers to @Doug Jumper and the rest of the development team for working hard on 3.0; The Slaters are all very excited to play tonight!
  2. Name: Scottish Insomnia Steam64ID: 76561197967469192 Date of Incident: 28/01/2020 Time of Incident (LA Time): 19:15 LA or 19:15 GMT Amount your claiming: 750k Description of situation: An officer was silent bugged and I let them know on TeamSpeak they killed me while it was silent bugged, asked if it's comp worthy and told staff will get opinions - I remember previously when I was silent bugged at a bank, cops were revived and the bank was reset. Evidence: We won a Kamden Lab and revived the police, the lab got cancelled from me going "out of the zone" I have POV of it cancelling and waiting on the other POV of it clearly being over from Braxton.
  3. Scottish Slater

    New major crime rule trial [Must read!]

    @Doug Jumper Casino response numbers? Is it just matched or not been put on there?
  4. Scottish Slater

    CQC Server.

    Don't think this is true
  5. Scottish Slater

    anzus backpack at rebel

    This is posted under events. I agree though +1, should not have to go to a city to get a better backpack makes it less tedious.
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