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  1. barry griffin

    Negotiations at majors

    i used to be at a place that the cops would go to bank and other stuff like store robbery's and if the person had a hostage they would call or text cops if they just wanted to get the money they would give one warning shot at the cops pulling up not just gun them down it was more fun as a cop to not know if it was 4 of them or 10 of them and then you have to clear a bank or around the bank to make sure but they had to have the same head to feet dressed the same and the point on this is as a cop you had to make sure around the places was safe before rushing in make it a zone so far away tho even like gas stations would be far so ppl was not sitting way in town with with a sniper but some what of a zone that way air one would have to spot too just made it fun for cops and other players and yes if they was part of it they had to have there gun out at all the time it was going on just a thought on it
  2. barry griffin

    Cops impounding vehicles

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FHVB-zowUwcnuyNg03eQImfveDhcx5kHgt62BzDTRrg/edit there's sop's
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