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  1. Lukka Lewis

    The 1v1 Problem.

  2. Lukka Lewis

    Lukka Lewis - Here to Stay - Fragtage

    In-Game.. Configure>Game>Colors>active elements i set to pink bc it stands out in any background and can always see it
  3. Lukka Lewis

    Lukka Lewis - Here to Stay - Fragtage

    i have never tried to be a cop before on any server so idk
  4. Lukka Lewis

    Lukka Lewis Player Report

    Then what were you trying to do coming into our lane? Your car was angled going into our lane
  5. Lukka Lewis

    a rebel state island

  6. Lukka Lewis

    Lukka Lewis Player Report

    I dont know why you would come into my lane in the first place it was clear that you did it on purpose bc we never moved into yours and you came into ours.
  7. Lukka Lewis

    Lukka Lewis Player Report

    it was your clear intention to come into my lane to attempt to s1 one because you kept looking over and came into my lane when i never moved out of mine or got near your lane. It was clear you want to stop us and came into our lane to attempt to do it and blowing us both up which is VDM. Seemed like it was your plan also because you were laughing about it and knew what would happen.
  8. Lukka Lewis

    Lukka Lewis Player Report

    10.1 – You may not attempt to kill someone or run someone over with your vehicle unless they are in front of your vehicle (clearly abusing the VDM rule) and threatening your life. I also believe that see that he served into my lane was clear that he was trying to blows us up and VDM
  9. Lukka Lewis

    Lukka Lewis Player Report

    4.14 - If police attempt to S1 your vehicle during a pursuit, this is initiation, You must be in a marked vehicle. (two sided) Sirens were on it was a pursuit pulled infront of us and blew us up.
  10. Lukka Lewis

    Only 1 of each major per restart suggestion.

    yall have nothing else better to do majors are legit the only thing that gives yall action like what you gonna do drive around and do drug bust at restart after every one is hit?
  11. Okay im kinda stealing this from Olympus Server because i think this was the only smart idea they had. I think there should be a Civ rep, Gang Rep and a Cop Rep someone people voted by the server players that represent that faction and talking about making shit fair and equal as possible. Simply if the civ people feel they are being robbed too much or something just have every other week not to rob civilians or something and then with Gang Rep maybe make more end game content for us to do other than Majors and Robbing people. I personally have 4.7 million and i really dont need anymore money but there is nothing else to do then do runs or rob people because not enough cops are on or something. If there was more end game shit like a Gang Base or some shit or another Olympus idea that was fun which was an event was GANG WARS. Every Offical gang joins and they only bring 8 players and choose a location and fight it out. It was always a fun thing to do and i enjoyed it. Lets say the Winner Gets a Gang Weapon that is Half off that whole week until another Gang War is done and someone wins that. But back to my other point There will always be a Cop Rep and he states about what shoudl be buff or nerfed. and have a meeting with the reps every month.
  12. Lukka Lewis

    Lukka Lewis - Fed Comp Request

    we made 1.1 million from the cash and only some of the gold we got. And the Fed should give you 2.2 million i believe from the last time we won it.
  13. Lukka Lewis

    Lukka Lewis - Fed Comp Request

    @Wyrus I promise you no more cops got on that night it there was no more than 6 after we hit the fed and wiped them so they all got off i have shadowplay so i save highlights. i didnt think i was need to save the whole server restart but no we never went back bc there was never more than 6 cops after the fed.
  14. Lukka Lewis

    Lukka Lewis - Fed Comp Request

    Name: Lukka Lewis Steam64ID: 76561198165355039 Date of Incident: 9/30/2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 3:20 AM Amount your claiming: 1.1 million Description of situation: We recently completed a Federal Reserve and was claiming our riches but we couldnt get any of the gold that was left there because all the cops we killed logged off and we werent able to pick up any more of the gold bars Evidence:
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