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Nickolas Hardwick

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  1. Nickolas Hardwick

    New Trial Major Crime Ruleset

    Rip probably had the most fun in a long time yesterday when a gang was running around like 15 deep. Big -1 for me and im a cop haha
  2. Nickolas Hardwick


    Team name: Former Special Ed & Tactics Team member 1: Nickolas Ryker - 76561198148019750 Team member 2: Ary Flowersssssss - 76561198102453521 By applying you agree you can make it on time and you will turn up.
  3. Nickolas Hardwick

    The car change vote [D3S or Ivory/HL]

    Only liked the ivory cars for the cop car features but those are going so d3s for sure
  4. Nickolas Hardwick

    Community Event: Double XP & Find the relics! [Saturday]

    good thing i know where one is
  5. what happened to adding the new meth building ?
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