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  1. Personal Information: Age: 19 Steam64ID: 76561198303472497 Country of Residence & Time zone: UK GMT Discord ID: Dan#2510 Main Faction (AST & USCG): USCG Rank in That Faction: Chief Petty Officer Department Information: Have you ever been a part of the Volunteer Program? (Yes & No): Yes Have you completed any trainings within the Volunteer Program, in the last 3 months (If yes, which): Yes Have you ever been removed or blacklisted from Kings Peaks Rescue Services or Volunteer Program Application?: No Questionnaire: Kings Peaks Rescue Services is a roleplay faction. With that in mind, every member must roleplay in all situations. Do you agree with this statement? (Yes or No): Yes Volunteers are allowed to be biased towards their main faction. Do you agree with this statement? (Yes or No): No Volunteers are allowed to giveaway medical equipment. Do you agree with this statement? (Yes or No): No Volunteers are allowed to fly, when there is no pilot available. (Yes or No): No What skills and qualifications set you above other applicants? (50 word minimum): I have been in the Volunteer program before and really enjoyed it. I it did end a week early due to purge. I have good experience from being KPRS full time before and as a volunteer. As a Chief Petty Officer in USCG I am very competent in the understanding of the island which I believe will significantly help me within the KPRS Volunteer program. I am a mature, hard working individual who is great at teamwork. I am dedicated to helping others out ensuring they are okay, as we do in USCG which I believe is a great asset to bring into KPRS. I have been in volunteer multiple times and have to my knowledge and belief done a great job and helping out the people on the island and hopefully now in California. I do acknowledge to have signed up into the Kings Peaks Rescue Service's Volunteer Program until discharged by the proper authorities. I take full responsibility for any actions taken by the KPRS against me, either in civil court or through the Office of Professional Standards. I once again agree to all of the above-mentioned points and signing this contract strengthens my agreement to the previously stated terms. If I am found to violate any listed policy, I understand that I may be Dishonourably Discharged from the Volunteer Program and it shall become public record as to the reason behind my discharge. The KPRS will not be held responsible for my actions if I fail to follow general orders. I understand that I may be discharged for breaching KPRS SOP’s or failure to follow direct orders. I understand that If I don't complete all set trainings that KPRS offers to Volunteers within 7 days I can be discharged from the Volunteer Program. Sign Your Name Here: Dan Haggis
  2. Dan Haggis


    apart from them crashing me 24/7 on taki
  3. Dan Haggis

    Purge or Takistan? Community Discussion/Vote

    What about abi/ cgis what would they be?
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