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Jason Steele

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  1. Jason Steele

    Some things you need to know leading up to 3.0

    DOJ not mentioned sad face
  2. @George is a legend to be honest
  3. Jason Steele

    [NEWS] Kamdan Daily

    Smack these terrorists with my gavel harder than I smacked their mothers
  4. Jason Steele

    DOJ Recruitment

    https://discordapp.com/invite/SFm4U3X Come join our discord as well to be informed about what is happening in the DOJ.
  5. Jason Steele

    DOJ Recruitment

    Dear members, the DOJ is currently understaffed. I am currently putting a call out to members for important roles in the DOJ. If you are interested in any of these roles, This application should be made to me on the forum DMs. A list of jobs is included below that the DOJ needs. Keep in mind, there are rules you must abide by and any conduct which is unacceptable will result in your removal. If your main character is a criminal, I suggest applying under a new name as well as criminal activity is not allowed on DOJ names. Form 35B - Application to fill casual vacancies of office Name: Social Security Number (Steam 64 ID): Current Occupation (including rank): Application for: Do you have a criminal record: Experience within legal systems: Reasons you should be employed over other candidates: Other notes: Questions: Open Positions: District Court Judge Magistrate Judge Lead Public Defender Executive Assistant District Attorney Senior Counsel Public Defender's Office Court Clerk/Baliff
  6. Jason Steele

    Penal Code Revision

    Hey everybody, this is the announcement of some formatting changes and updates to the criminal code. The official change log is as follows: Multiple formatting changes. Introduced Third Degree, Second Degree, and First Degree Felonies. Introduced Class A and Class B Misdemeanors. Added aviation offenses to the traffic code. Changed Corruption to "Abuse of Public Office". Added "Intelligence Leaking" charge to Third Degree Felony. Introduced "Capital Offenses" and rules regarding Capital Offenses in the Sentencing Rules and Procedures. Added two Class A misdemeanor charges "Criminal Mischief" and "Failure to Appear". Added Class B Misdemeanor "Unlicensed Business Operation". Added court progression procedure to Sentencing Rules and Procedures. Slight edit to the bond system to reflect current DOJ abilities. Added "Contraband" to Criminal Definitions Act. Added CID to Plea Deals. Fixed some plea deals being higher than minimums. Changed "Aggravated Robbery" to "Armed Robbery". Changed "Jailbreak" to "Prison Break". Updated "Contempt of Court". The link to the State Law Database can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pujKi6HvL9gs0JmftoXKTsqg9rky-3k-WfCjnnzMsps/edit?usp=sharing An important note: For the new capital offenses section, no police may convict by default an offender of this section without taking them to court. It is unlawful for you to put someone in jail for the two new capital offenses, Terrorism and Capital Murder, only a court may decide someone is guilty of this. This is detailed in the Sentencing Rules and Procedures. This change is in effect as of now 11/22/2019 @2:20 AM EST.
  7. Jason Steele

    [SERVER EVENT] Savior Has Landed

    The feds are coming oh no
  8. Jason Steele

    The Purge

    Honestly it might as well be a purge most of the time anyway.
  9. New major? Pretty pog
  10. Really well done, excellent work\ PS: The DOJ vehicle shop is still bugged
  11. Jason Steele

    10000 members giveaway!

  12. Glad to see the courts getting some love!
  13. Should we submit applications to the Legal Profession Admission Board section for this?
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