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  1. Jaron Walker

    New Rule Suggestion

    What do you mean by armed? Is it in hands or having it equipped? If its in hand +1
  2. Jaron Walker


    +1 Use my +1's from this tread
  3. Jaron Walker

    Girlfriend of Anzus

  4. Jaron Walker

    Better NVG for civs

    ^^ For the reply above +1 For the suggestion -1
  5. Jaron Walker

    Server Suggestion - About cars and guns

    Nah -1
  6. Jaron Walker

    9000 Member giveaway!

  7. Jaron Walker

    Where do I find the furry heads ?

  8. Jaron Walker

    Standard Anzus Buildings

    Ever heard of suppressing fire?
  9. Jaron Walker

    The Purge

  10. Jaron Walker

    Elijah Gralike - DOC Suggestion

    Do you know how many panic buttons get hit at doc for hostage sits?
  11. Jaron Walker

    Gun Prices Suggested <----- CHANGE THEM PLZ!

    "- "What do you think about gun prices" I think gun prices are absolutely fine - to have, like a long lasting server without wiping the database mean you need to have gun prices that are priced so people don't profit from consistently going around a robbing things" -doug The point is so you VALUE YOUR GEAR, so you don't risk your gear on some petty shit Doug can you lock this shit hole already?
  12. Jaron Walker

    Load Outs

    Allow rebels and officer to make and buy load outs Including y inventory, clothes and weapons
  13. Jaron Walker

    Gun Prices Suggested <----- CHANGE THEM PLZ!

    "AAC "Honey-Badger"Normal Price - $250,000Suggested Price - $110,000" ARE YOU FUCKING JOKING THE 1 TAP GUN FOR 100K? Doug should of locked this thread when he -1'ed
  14. Jaron Walker

    Player Report

    "After failing to respond within the given time with your defense of events you will be receiving a written warning and if found combat logging again you will receive points and possibly a ban" A written warning, combat log? Are you ok?
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