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    Jaron Walker KSP App

    Name: Jaron Walker Age: 16 Date of Birth: 2002/ 11 / 20 Reference 1: @Thomas Rodgers Reference 2: @Bailey Jumper How did you require these references? Previous experience in older ANZUS departments Why would you like to join the Kamdan State Police? I have always enjoyed being a police officer and I have wanted to get back into ANZUS police force. Being a police officer allows me to create a better connect with the police department and the over all community. The Kamdan State police shows some great benefits and will allow me to grow within the community. As a police officer, I will be able to stay on the legal side of the law and not drift into some unlawful gangs. I have always been attracted to teamwork and coordination, Allowing me into the police force allows me to fulfill this without becoming a rebel. What are your previous experiences with being an LEO? (If any): Snr Constable - Australian ANZUS Police Force What makes a good Officer in your opinion? A good police officer has a lot of roles to cover. Great communication is a start, the ability to speak and understand what your being told and what you telling. Driving skills, half the job is driving so the ability to keep on someone while they try their best to lose you is a must. S-1's are also a great tool to have under the belt and for me to be connecting from New Zealand its a piece of cake. Gun skills are the other 40 percent of the job, not just lethal but the use of the taser is a great tool to abuse to give any officer the advantage.
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