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  1. Name: Chris Valenti Average hours streamed per week: 50+ I currently have 132 streamed on this server. Why we should accept you: I have not reached affiliate yet but i have over done all the requirements except the average viewers but i am almost there i will show a pic under. Also i enjoy playing on this server this server has already helped me grow my channel. I have invested into streaming and want to take this as far as i possibly can I am active duty in the military so sometimes my streaming times may be affected but shouldn't too much. I think the server is great it has good staff good players everything is fair.
  2. Chris Valenti

    Cocaine Cowboys app

    Requirements: Must be 16+ Must be financially stable Speak Fluent English Prioritize fellow gang Members and Enjoy Operating as a Team Must be familiar with the Server Rules Application Template: Name: Steam 64: Time zone: Age: Why Do You Want To Join?: What makes you stand out? (Strengths, Weaknesses, Hobbys): Have you ever been banned? If so why?: If accepted you will be placed on a 3 day trial period to see how you do and work with the rest of the Gang.
  3. Chris Valenti

    Looking for 5 new official gangs!

    Gang Name: Cocaine Cowboys Gang Leader: Chris Valenti / Jordy Johnson Gang Leader Discord: COV1K #5146 / meep.#2390 Do you have a uniform available: Yes. List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID): Member 1: Chris Valenti 76561197963261859 Member 2: Jay King 76561198216749465 Member 3: Jacob King 76561198122749176 Member 4: Danifus Maximus 76561198044969338 Member 5: Jordy Johnson 76561198350161460 Member 6: Joshy Johnson 76561198049318345 Member 7: Aaron Escobar 76561198209645248 Member 8: Daniel Tosh 76561198133633104 Member 9: Barney Calhoun 76561197965622202 Member 10: Turri Martinez 76561198247834914 Member 11: Logan Bridges 76561198062445595 Member 12: Drake Blackwater 76561198042187069 Member 13: Tony Baron 76561197996281848
  4. Chris Valenti

    Fail initiation and more

    the dude in the red knocked him out...
  5. Chris Valenti

    Fail initiation and more

    i didn't knock him out but i did initiate on my side i just wanted him to shoot me and was not robbing him at all i had no bullets and no zip ties. Would be glad to talk about this and clear this up any time. seeing as that i did not rdm because i didn't or couldn't even shoot a bullet.
  6. Cocaine Cowboys App: 


    Cocain Cowboys logo.png

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