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  1. Nijal Lun

    Criminal Case / State of Kamdan v. Kerry Elliott

    Form 1A Booking Report IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF KAMDAN [NAME OF CITY] REGISTRY TO: THE OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF KAMDAN CITY, KAMDAN TAKE NOTICE: OFFICER DETAILS Arresting Officer (Last Name, First Name): Lun, Nijal Badge Number: 284 Rank: Corporal Timezone: US Central SUSPECT DETAILS Name of Suspect (Last Name, First Name): Kerry Elliott Charges: Count / Charge 1: Trespassing on Restricted Government Soil Count / Charge 2: Count / Charge 3: Count / Charge X: Suspect Status: Released on bail PROBABLE CAUSE AFFIDAVIT Narrative: On 10/29/2019, I, Corporal Nijal Lun, was conducting supervision at the front gate of DOC. During this time, the outer walls of DOC had been destroyed. Within the course of my actions, I noted a male in a dark colored suit, later identified as a Mr. Kerry Elliott, inside of the perimeter wall of DOC, near the inner chain link wall and hatch near the front airlock gates. DOC Trooper Garry Cooper originally took Mr. Elliott into custody where I continued to process until Mr. Elliott requested a bail hearing. Evidence (If Any): Filed 10/22/2019 Signed, Nijal Lun Nijal Lun Department of Corrections
  2. Nijal Lun

    This is what I Eat in my country what do you eat ?

    Throw in an amber lager and you have a proper Wisconsin breakfast.
  3. Nijal Lun

    Ability for DOJ to issue tickets

    +1, would make processing those with lawyers a lot easier.
  4. Nijal Lun


  5. Nijal Lun

    Player Report

  6. Nijal Lun

    Player Report

    Name: Nijal Lun Name of player you are reporting: Olia Andreasan and Gonzo Gazorpazorp Date of Incident: 10/05/2019 Time of Incident (LA Time): 1150 EST Rule(s) Broken: (copy paste full rule) 4.2.1 – “Hands up or Die”, “Stop or Die” or anything “Or Die” is not valid initiation. (Note this rule is the terminology of "Or die" any other variant of a direction and consequence is valid) 3.23 - You can not interfere with other peoples roleplay (Initiating on cops just to kill them when they're roleplaying with other civilians or cops ) 3.25 - If people are in a gun battle you can not initiate to join in for the frags, you need a roleplay reason to risk your life just to kill people. 7.1 – You must always value your life as though it was real life, you must actively attempt to avoid being murdered by either complying or avoiding situations. 9.1 – Exploiting in game features to gain an advantage will result in a permanent ban from the community. Description of Incident: DOC was engaged with 3 Shadow Division members, identified by proper matching clothing at the front gate. During this firefight, one of the above named persons drove up to the front wall said "hands up or die" followed by "hands up or be shot" and shortly after dismounted their vehicle with a firearm. They were engaged in the confusion and fled the scene. The above named persons proceeded to the north side of DOC and used their vehicle to glitch through the wall into tower 6 and climb to the top to engage officers. They were killed after firing upon officers from inside the tower. My video shows locations and kill logs of the above named and @Johnny Schneider will provide additional evidence as he was the one to engage and kill the above named persons. Roberto Luis will be requested for confirmation of said vehicle. Post edited on 10/05/2019 1244 EST to reflect changes of initiation by above named persons and additional evidence. Post Edited on 10/05/2019 1300 EST. Removed 4.2 as it no longer applies, added second video. Corrected additional info names Evidence: Have you already been to support about this incident: No, server restart precluded my complaint If so what was the result of the support case: N/A
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