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  1. Name: Harry OCallaghan Rank: Trooper Badge Number: 329 Department: CID Reason for Punishment: [Provide a summary of the event is required] Leaving an inmate unsecure within DOC grounds by placing them at the front of internal building and leaving the area. Inmate was not within the internal building. Result of Punishment: 10 points and 1 day suspension Authorising Officer Name: Nijal Lun, Mort Higgins Rank: Sgt Badge Number: 170, 169 Department: DOC @Elliot Sims was present during the verbal conversation with OCallaghan, satisfying department notification.
  2. Nijal Lun

    LOA Request - Nijal Lun

    Name: Nijal Lun Rank: Sgt Badge Number: 170 Department: DOC Start Date: 1/17/2020 End Date: 1/21/2020 Reason: Family Vacation Signature: Nijal Lun
  3. Nijal Lun

    Re: Mining Area Issues

    @Christian Thomas @Thomas Gray I did some mining today to test your issues. I was able to mine Diamond, Iron, and Coal. Here are a few tips. 1) Use the Drill. Contact with the ore is required. You use the drill like you fire a gun. 2) All the ores took me 3-5 hits to break. The first few times it will give you a message of "You can't carry anything else!". Ignore this message and keep shooting the ore. 3) When the ore breaks, it will send the items to your virtual backpack. You must have room in your backpack for this to work. Take the ore to the processors, then sell the processed ore. Profit.
  4. Nijal Lun

    Punishment Report - Chenny Chong

    Name: Chenny Chong Rank: Senior Trooper Badge Number: 250 Department: Patrol Reason for Punishment: [Provide a summary of the event is required] Unprofessional Conduct - Refusing to close DOC main gates when asked, leaving DOC insecure by leaving both sets of gates open at the same time. Result of Punishment: 5 points Authorising Officer Name: Nijal Lun Rank: Sergeant Badge Number: 170 Department: DOC @Santana Venom or @Barry Saints for Patrol Supervisor Notification
  5. Nijal Lun

    Punishment Report - Codie Wick

    Name: Codie Wick Rank: Trooper Badge Number: 362 Department: DOC Reason for Punishment: [Provide a summary of the event is required] Unprofessional conduct over discord Result of Punishment: 5 points Authorising Officer Name: Nijal Lun Rank: Sgt Badge Number: 170 Department: DOC
  6. Nijal Lun

    Player Report - tono tono

    It seems the other party does not have video of it
  7. Nijal Lun

    Player Report - tono tono

    Request noted. Reaching out.
  8. Nijal Lun

    Player Report - tono tono

    Name: Nijal Lun Name of player you are reporting: Tono Tono Date of Incident: 12/19/19 Time of Incident (LA Time): 1240 Rule(s) Broken: (copy paste full rule) 3.8 – You may not use a soundboard while in game unless playing music whilst in vehicle. Description of Incident: tono is in jail, repeatedly ear raping Evidence: VOLUME WARNING Have you already been to support about this incident: Yes If so what was the result of the support case: Tono wasn't responding
  9. Nijal Lun

    Punishment Dispute - Nijal Lun

    Your In-Game Name: Nijal Lun Rank: Sgt Department: DOC Badge Number: 170 Punishment you where given: Verbal Warning for minor unprofessionalism Why it should be overturned: I received a punishment for stating to a suspect "It sucks to be you". It is a stretch to consider that minor unprofesionalism and contrary to what is intended for interaction in this island. This should not have been a case to begin with. The context of the situation, which was over the multiple hour interaction with the person involved in this case, began as a trolling event at DOC. Multiple aircraft, being 3 airplanes and a helicopter, began flying at extremely low altitude over DOC for multiple passes. A few rounds were fired at the planes before I directed those involved to stop shooting. After several more minutes and numerous flyovers, all 3 planes crashed into DOC within 1 minute of each other. One of the planes crashed into the front gate (being the plane involved with this case), one plane missed tower 2 and crashed near the west parking lot of DOC, and the third plane crashed into the top of the internal building and severely injured myself. Engine noise was observed from all 3 aircraft during their crash. When all the persons involved were revived by medics, they were either ticketed and released (as was the person in the complaint) or charged and placed into custody. The person involved requested a supervisor during his release, where he asked for equipment and a vehicle. This was denied by an unrelated supervisor and the complainant stated that "I'm just going to stay here and annoy you" followed by "Ill just sit here then" "keep trespassing, you know". The person involved refused to follow instruction, refused to depart from DOC, and was given multiple chances to stop trespassing within the walls of DOC. This was again refused. The person was eventually tased and charged with trespassing. At this point, the person requested another supervisor. This is where I come in. During the response to the supervisor, the person stated that we should have attempted to crash tackle. The person then asked for IA (which was denied because of no IA being on), a lawyer (which was provided and issued no complaint to the treatment of the person), and numerous complaints involving his treatment (none of which involved me). When the person's lawyer asked to take the trespassing charge to court, we attempted to secure a judge, who was also unavailable. The person continued to argue, during his explanation of why he was in custody, that the escalation of force wasn't followed, which i was not involved in. The person stated that he was contemplating filing an IA case on the other officers for this reason. The person then asked for a higher supervisor than myself to continue to argue his case. This was denied as there was no one else within my chain of command who was available at the time. Any evidence to support this: I have an hour long video involving the entire incident. 45 of those minutes involve a direct conversation with the person who made the complaint, who was uncooperative, verbally combative, and repetitive. One sentence of this conversation was scrutinized. The person insisted on arguing SOP's, semantics, every avenue that was available, and every second of his incident ad nauseam. I can post that or any specific point of the story if requested. I am having a hard time within this 45 minutes that the sentence of "It sucks to be you" was actually said. As IA cannot show me this evidence, I don't have anything offhand regarding the incident. If I find it, ill post it.
  10. Nijal Lun

    LOA Request - Nijal Lun

    @Sarah Parker I am ready to return to full duty. My LOA can be closed at this time.
  11. Nijal Lun

    Jury Duty

    I am going to disagree with this suggestion. I love the idea as you intend, but It will be next to impossible to select a jury that is both impartial (in part as Edward pointed out) and old/mature enough for the given responsibility, at least on a consistent basis.
  12. Nijal Lun


    @Dustin Cena I'll create a second personality to manage the stock market. People should feel free to send me the money they wish to invest in specific buisnesses. $100k per stock, 2000 stocks available. Cash only.
  13. Nijal Lun

    LOA Request - Nijal Lun

    Name: Nijal Lun Rank: Sergeant Badge Number: 170 Department: DOC Start Date: 12/09/19 End Date: 12/16/19 Reason: Ruptured ear drum, cant wear a headset Signature: Nijal Lun
  14. Nijal Lun

    LOA Request - John Kingston

    @Sarah Parker It seems that John was able to log in. Please consider this request a duplicate.
  15. Nijal Lun

    LOA Request - John Kingston

    Name: John Kingston Rank: trooper Badge Number:221 Department:Doc Start Date: 12/8/19 End Date: 12/23/19 Reason: I dont got internet due to a winter storm and then my bill being due, so wont have internet untell next week or so. Or sooner will keep you all posted Signature: J.K Filed by Nijal Lun for above reason.
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