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  1. Dalton Sharp

    Is It Possible To Start A Local Business

    @Will Boyd Yeah i think so too i mean heck this could add possibility like taxes to the game so the governor could get paid however i feel like this might be too ahead for the server status right now
  2. As someone who enjoys the server and has more then enough hours on it would anyone know if its possible to start you own business like Gun Running or something as simple as Truck renting because at this point i fill like i need to add some spice to the role playing life in order to remain active. I ask because i don't know if buying a business in a city is possible or finding one with a parking lot for such things. Or will my entrepreneur side have to wait till something like this is added to the game as after all this is land is new and has a forming Gov.
  3. Dalton Sharp

    Discussion of Law/Politics of Kamdan

    Personally i wouldn't run for a political party in a game like this but i fill like it would be fun for some to have a extremism political leader or a radical political leaders as well like changing Km to MPG as this is an American land
  4. Dalton Sharp

    [SERVER EVENT] Kamdan Life Auction V2

    Could we get more vehicles in the next one
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