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Roaldo Di Caprio

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  1. Roaldo Di Caprio

    [SERVER EVENT] Region Wars [THIS SUNDAY!!!]

    G E K O L O N I S E E R D
  2. Roaldo Di Caprio

    [SERVER EVENT] TRIO WARS! [$10,000,000 Prize Pool]

    Team name: AuthenticTeam member 1: Moe Lester 76561198281124719Team member 2: Lewis Brown 76561198189824499Team member 3:Rozh Ray 76561198158520043By applying you agree you can make it on time and you will turn up.
  3. anyone else just overhyped for the new trees
  4. Roaldo Di Caprio

    Looking for 5 official companies

    anyone would be interested in an aviation company?
  5. Roaldo Di Caprio

    One Issue - One Solution

    The issue: people get vdmed alot without knowing vwho it was. Solution: add a script which says you were vdmed by:
  6. Roaldo Di Caprio

    One Issue - One Solution

    Issue: contacts are job sided Solution: make them player sided so you have the save contacts as civ medic etc
  7. Roaldo Di Caprio

    One Issue - One Solution

    The issue: playing while you know vehicles can be blown up any second is boring Solution: remove insurance and let vehicles get back in garages after restart or make it a 1 time payment
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