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  1. Owen Little

    VPN Whitelist Request reconsideration

    Name: Owen Little In-Game Name: Owen Little Steam 64 ID: 76561198131002341 What is your issue in relation to the Server/TeamSpeak (Describe it in as much detail as you can): I requested to receive VPN whitelisting through the ticket system on the discord server yesterday and when I came back to check on it today it was nowhere to be found. I was unable to know what the verdict was so I resubmitted it today letting them know that I was unable to see the verdict and was wondering if someone could tell me what it was. When SA Mikey responded to the ticket he said the first image show below. After I sent my last message in the image he closed the ticket almost instantly. I understand that as a larger server I can be "guaranteed" that my information will be kept safe but there are sometimes situations where that isn't true. I realize this isn't Anzus but even A3PL at one point had information leaked through a disgruntled individual with access. I believe that having a VPN doesn't harm anyone and just continues to protect myself. I've always ran a VPN on every device of mine and having to turn it off to just play on a server doesn't make sense to me. I hope the verdict can be rethought and if it still ends up being denied if someone could give a more in-depth answer as to why it was denied that isn't just a personal opinion that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Do you have any photos/videos of this: https://gyazo.com/24c6f24c488c6c06297c9c875bd587e6
  2. Name: Owen Little Birth Date: 2/21/00 Timezone: PST Steam ID: 76561198131002341 Previous Gangs: n/a Why would you like to join? To meme in the sky with my brothers from other islands.
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