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Alexander Patel

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  1. Alexander Patel

    Alexander Patel - Milsim App

    Name: Alexander Patel Age: 16 Date of Birth: 12/12/2003 Timezone: NA Why do you want to join the milsim: I miss being in a milsim and I now have the time to be able to be in one. Do you have prior experience in a Milsim: Corporal in a Vietnam milsim a while back, I was also a part of the 1st Marine Division, don't remember rank though Do you have any prior expeirence in real life Military or other services: N/A What would make you an effective operator [40 Words Minimum]: I believe that my prior tactical experience would be something that would make me into an effective operator as I was apart of prior milsims that taught what to and what not to do. Another thing would be my effectiveness as a leader which will assist in any and all situations because being a leader also gives me skills such as patience, able to keep calm in stressful situations, and I also am a good teacher. If accepted, what career route will you choose (Medical Sergeant, Engineer Sergeant, Etc): General Infantry
  2. Alexander Patel

    Call to take the Kings County Bar | General

    Exam submitted
  3. Alexander Patel

    One Issue - One Solution

    it would just end up being 1 server with max players and the second server would have less then 15
  4. Alexander Patel

    One Issue - One Solution

    Yeah thats what I was saying?
  5. Alexander Patel

    One Issue - One Solution

    Kind of hard to do that when gangs like the Schneiders roll up on a single cop when they have 10+ people.
  6. Alexander Patel

    One Issue - One Solution

    Cops are responding to everything and there are who knows how many gangs who are constantly hunting and targeting cops. You don't have to step in the way of crime, and you're not getting targeted by gangs constantly.
  7. Alexander Patel

    One Issue - One Solution

    It would just lead to a civ walking up every 5 minutes saying they have a bomb and want someone released.
  8. Alexander Patel

    New major crime rule trial [Must read!]

    swat and CID don't get priority
  9. Alexander Patel

    10000 members giveaway!

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