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  1. Alexander Patel

    Cletus Banks - DOJ Complaint

    Your Information Your name: Alexander Patel Occupation at the time of the incident (Cop, Medic, CG, or Civilian): Cop Your Timezone: CST Incident Information Name of the person you are Reporting: Cletus Banks Occuipation of the person you are reporting (Private Lawyer, Public Defender, Prosecutor, Judge): Judge Date of the incident: 11:19pm CST Location of the incident: DOC Description of the Incident: There was a hostage taking at the DOC processing rooms in which I was zip tied and another officer was zip tied and then strip searched in the hallway of the processing rooms. Then Judge Cletus Banks came into the hallway of the processing room without a reason that fit the KCSO DOJ Join agreement. He then began to search through the stripped officers gear that was on the ground even saying and I quote "Is that a free tazer?" as shown in the video. After seeing this I told Cletus Banks to put his hands on his head at which time he began to run away from me after telling him to put his hands on his head. He continued to run until he got in front of my vehicle in which he placed his hands on his head and was detained. While in detainment for suspicion of possessing stolen KCSO equipment he was very unprofessional and was refusing to cooperate. This is blatant unprofessionalism and arguable to be illegal for his actions during the reported situation something that no DOJ official should be doing let alone a Judge. Evidence: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/609765991?t=0h29m58s
  2. Alexander Patel

    One Issue - One Solution

    it would just end up being 1 server with max players and the second server would have less then 15
  3. Alexander Patel

    One Issue - One Solution

    Yeah thats what I was saying?
  4. Alexander Patel

    One Issue - One Solution

    Kind of hard to do that when gangs like the Schneiders roll up on a single cop when they have 10+ people.
  5. Alexander Patel

    One Issue - One Solution

    Cops are responding to everything and there are who knows how many gangs who are constantly hunting and targeting cops. You don't have to step in the way of crime, and you're not getting targeted by gangs constantly.
  6. Alexander Patel

    One Issue - One Solution

    It would just lead to a civ walking up every 5 minutes saying they have a bomb and want someone released.
  7. Alexander Patel

    New major crime rule trial [Must read!]

    swat and CID don't get priority
  8. Alexander Patel

    10000 members giveaway!

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