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Alexander Patel

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  1. Alexander Patel


    People have always said that whenever there is a wipe yet they’re always back in a week.
  2. Alexander Patel


    To extend on what I said I think perks shouldn’t be wiped as also for spec ops it is incredibly hard to get levels as we can’t just “do runs” because we have to deal with 80/20 and if I had to do runs just to get xp then I would have to get a shitload of hours every week or risk getting points and kicked out of abi.
  3. Alexander Patel


    yall should try abi if you don't got money, you make a lot of money seizing drugs. but +1 to the 3rd one 100%, def not biased because I made the suggestion
  4. Alexander Patel


    I would be more in support of a wipe of everything except perks because as someone who is a cop main it takes months to work your ways up the levels and I don’t feel like it’ll hurt the experience of 4.5 if people kept levels
  5. Alexander Patel

    Looking for 4.5 testers

    Name: Alexander Patel Time played on 4.0: 600 hours+ Do you have anything in the next two month(s) that will effect you being able to help testing: No Do you understand you will be expected to do hours of tedious tasks: Yes Do you understand you will be required to sign an NDA: (Any long term/trusted ANZUS members will not be required to do this) Yes
  6. Alexander Patel

    State of Alaska v. Michael Wellington [WANTED FUGITIVE]

    Might as well just archive as he is RFCd
  7. Alexander Patel

    Alexander Patel - Role Request

    Your Name: Alexander Patel Role Requested: ABIProof of Role (I.E, Roster, Bar Admission Announcement, ETC): https://gyazo.com/85a206e6c63b07e7fef7ce260faa6c90
  8. Alexander Patel

    Events discussion

    ah that must've been when I took a break from the server.
  9. Alexander Patel

    Events discussion

    ?? We had a purge at the end of 2.0?
  10. Alexander Patel

    Events discussion

    This is what they're supposed to do during the purge. No one wants to sit at front gate doing nothing well everyone is out there purging having fun. It won't be held against you if you leave as that's what we expect you to do, you put in a prisoner and leave.
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