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Shazam Mukmud

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  1. Shazam Mukmud

    New Trial Major Crime Ruleset

    Also if theres no cap for coast guard there shouldnt be a CIV cap for CG majors, been getting 8v16ed quite often and the payout is not the much compared to other majors with the amount of officers that can be brought
  2. Shazam Mukmud

    New Trial Major Crime Ruleset

    Just done my first national with this new ruleset in place. 8 of us 18 of them, was pretty much unfair as unfair goes. especially since this wasn't one of patrols random pushes they just played smart but scummy. I was external in a house and had 4 people having a conversation on the sky scraper directly behind the major, not contributing. i pushed out of my house and immediately started getting peppered by them. I would rather we come to a compromise where its not 10 but I can understand 6-7+ this would limit the people able to just sit doing nothing waiting for externals to do something when we have no way of getting a shot on them
  3. Shazam Mukmud

    Kamdan Life 2.8 [Map changes, New Cars, New Gang uniforms]

    Sneider lmao what a joke
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