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  1. Max Savage

    Frag Montage Girls

    install KovaaK's while ur at it maybe u can get better aim
  2. In game name: Max Savage Amount of hours: 5200+ Age (16 +): 18 Steam 64 UID: 76561198271738295 Previous gangs: DND, Lex Money balance: 150k Level (10+): 40 Why do you want to join Divinity?: Got some boys in the gang (Tom and Ulrik), I fw the people in the gang, yall are fraggers and active. Cool group of individuals that I can chill w and frag out w. I'm on all day until I go to basic (2 1/2 months) unless im working out or w friends.
  3. Max Savage

    Frag Montage Girls

    "since u play anzus" imagine, ive played more servers than you can count
  4. Max Savage

    Frag Montage Girls

    im so dead
  5. Max Savage

    Humble Yourselves...

    understandable situations yeah. but if you're being respectful in most situations where you can rp and never get what you put in you give up.
  6. Max Savage

    Humble Yourselves...

    lmao so many cops with special roles and ranks mistreat rebels and civilians when being arrested. It's gotten to the point I dont even talk when being arrested, its no point to roleplay or try to work out of an arrest when you dont get any effort back, its bring him to doc, process him as fast as you can, dont let them try to talk out of a sentence, send them to jail. It's sad to see peoples egos and poor examples of the cop force in these positions
  7. Max Savage

    Brax report

    what ab my gear?
  8. Max Savage

    Brax report

    25k the bag is 7k and the pistol is ab 15k and I pulled 3k out. I would like comp
  9. Max Savage

    Brax report

    Name: Max Parker Name of player you are reporting: Brax Delgado Date of Incident: 11/2/19 Time of Incident (LA Time): 3:05 EST to LA Rule(s) Broken: (copy paste full rule) 13.3 - Inside of a Safe Zone you may not commit crime, initiate on people, harm people, steal vehicles or do any form of negative action. Description of Incident: i was turning to the shop when brax talked and out of curiosity i asked "are you a girl?" so he shot me Evidence: Have you already been to support about this incident: yes If so what was the result of the support case: n/a
  10. Max Savage

    Do Not Disturb Gang Recruitment (Official)

    In game Name: Max Savage Discord Name (ex. Nick#2452): Bishop#1459 Hours in Arma 3: 4997 Region & Timezones: NA/ EST Steam 64 ID: 76561198271738295 Age: 18 Are you currently Police or EMS: No Why would you want to join DND: Saw some people with skills in the gang, funny group of guys. And I think its a group of people that would wanna make money do majors and frag with me. What skills do you do you have that will be helpful to us: I have alot of experience (4,500 of my hours) on arma life servers, and the rest on koth, so I know the ins and out of fragging and rp.
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