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  1. JoLo Delgado

    Ruleplay to roleplay

    I literally have no points for exploiting so I don’t see how that is a thing. And everyone combat logs I just don’t hide the fact that I do it. And I have my reasons why I have done it.
  2. JoLo Delgado

    Ruleplay to roleplay

    Imagine agreeing with me one day then posting this another because it makes more people laugh, shows the type of person you are...
  3. JoLo Delgado

    Ruleplay to roleplay

    thanks for giving me a positive answer. I dont have the time to look through the rules atm and nor do i care anymore i have shit coming up so gaming wont even be possible but i mean when i last played i literally had zero fun playing i was dealing with reports 3 hrs out of my 4 hours of free time at night and they were all closed but its whatever they can leave it and people will keep getting banned and arma will eventually die because the opportunity costs are better not playing then stressing on a virtual world ig.
  4. JoLo Delgado

    Ruleplay to roleplay

    U have played cop on every server I wanna see ur jail rp every night for two hours
  5. JoLo Delgado

    Ruleplay to roleplay

    Sorry for the lack of grammar but I had no time and I’m on phone.
  6. JoLo Delgado

    Ruleplay to roleplay

    I think from all my time playing arma community’s that this server is by far the most ruleplay oriented server. Not saying it’s a complete bad thing im saying it ruins it In my eyes and brings the enjoyment level way down. Ruleplay is where you play based solely off of rules and where the community reports and reports over everything they can onto others. I literally see so many reports and don’t understand why it has to be this way. I wish that we could go back to the time where rule breaks were based off of roleplay and how it affected the roleplay of others instead of something that has no effect being brought to staff and people being punished for. I suggest that the rules be completely rewritten in a way that wraps around the idea of roleplay and less about the idea of trying to punish every little thing, for me I look at the rules and it’s like a dictionary it’s to large and to strict. It should be changed to make the community less toxic and report hungry but also still be able to enforce roleplay.
  7. JoLo Delgado

    Remove Kill Feed in Global Chat

    -1 I like seeing it and I would give up a lil to keep it
  8. JoLo Delgado

    Possible Anzus CQC sever??

    lol no
  9. JoLo Delgado

    Possible Anzus CQC sever??

    Let’s just all be friends I’m sorry for being a meany
  10. JoLo Delgado

    Possible Anzus CQC sever??

    That was the point of my name to be but I went with JoLo instead idk why but It’s Jordan Sullivan
  11. JoLo Delgado

    anzus frags

    Is that suicide boys or whatever?
  12. JoLo Delgado

    Possible Anzus CQC sever??

    I never went off topic until it was brought off topic I literally never started shit but I guess nobody likes to read anything but my name and accuse me.
  13. JoLo Delgado

    Move Main Bank To Middlesborough To *Potentially* Increase FPS

    https://gyazo.com/dd3f548df86ff6f9cd31ef1b712820b5 when for you, you are not peaking but for everyone else you are lagged out and you get one tapped fun fps...
  14. JoLo Delgado

    Possible Anzus CQC sever??

    the came at me and said some shit i never said how is that being toxic and trust me my beef on forums with dustin goes way back because he always saying some shit that i think is stupid.
  15. JoLo Delgado

    Possible Anzus CQC sever??

    Do you not know how to read??? I said if people are willing to pay for it, where in that did I say I would pay I just said if people did so just fuck off back to being a downer and go sit at doc.
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