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    Aaron Amos EMS Application

    Name: Aaron Amos Age: 22 Steam 64UID: 76561198146056946 Timezone: GMT Discord ID: #9476 Questions about yourself: How many hours a week will you be able to play as an KMD EMS member: upwards of 14 hours What is the reason you decided to apply to become a KMD EMS member: My reason for deciding to join is that i see lots of medics and see that that they can make so many different roleplay situations and that is what i am on this server for meet some new peeps and have fun and enjoy the roleplay that medics can bring to all situations Do you have any previous experience as an EMS member: i was the battalion chief on evo, the Lt of FTOon VG and the advanced paramedic on ALRP What qualities should a good EMS member have according to you: communication, resilience, respect, patience, driving, flying, adaptable to their surroundings and professional Why do you think you fit the role of an KMD EMS member: i think that i fit the role as because i have had plenty of experience in high and low ranks in more a less all the departments i have dealt with people that are aggressive and some that are not and dealt with all in a professional manner as well as this i also have very good driving skills and pretty good aviation skills i also have great comms and know my 10 codes to make it easier for my fellow medics to understand me and speak clearly also i have respect for everyone and always represent the uniform i am wearing with the utmost professionalism as well as this i am active and always on ts and discord so people are always able to get in touch with em if i am needed on the server Do you understand your application can be denied for lack of effort (yes/no): Yes
  2. In Game Name: Tyrone Turquoise Amount of Hours: 4933 Age (17 +): 22 Steam 64ID: 76561198146056946 Previous Gangs: None Money Balance: $190,633 Level (20 +): 23 Why do you want to join The Di'Pinto Crime Syndicate?: I would like to join as i have met multiple in this gang and they all been sound with me not a single problem with one of them i am also active and willing to help the gang when needed
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