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  1. Paul Radeno

    Support Ticket - Gang Role Change

    It took yall 10 fucking days to look at this shit to tell me this? I don't even care about this shit anymore you can close it.
  2. Paul Radeno

    Support Ticket - Gang Role Change

    Name: Paul Radeno In-Game Name: Paul Radeno Steam 64 ID: 76561198122061485 What is your issue in relation to the Server/TeamSpeak (Describe it in as much detail as you can): Server: Gang Role Change. I made a mistake and choose the gang role of Mafia. We would like it to be changed to Cartel. Thanks. Do you have any photos/videos of this:
  3. Paul Radeno

    KMD Application | Paul Radeno

    Personal Information Name: Paul Radeno Age: 21 Steam 64UID: 76561198122061485 Timezone: NA Central Standard Discord ID: Hi_I'm_Paul#5785 Questions about yourself How many hours a week will you be able to play as an KMD EMS member?: 30 to 40 What is the reason you decided to apply to become a KMD EMS member? (100 words minimum): I think becoming apart of EMS would be a great way to get more roleplay. I generally enjoy having a conversation with people, I think this would be a great fit for me. When it comes down to EMS I have a ton of experience, I've been around to a lot of different servers and gained plenty of knowledge. I'm always looking to improve my roleplay skills. If I do get accepted I will strive to bring a lot of experience/ideas to the department. EMS will always be a top priority on any server because we are always needed. Becoming EMS will better my understanding of the map and place around it. Do you have any previous experience as an EMS member?: I've been on different servers as EMS. What qualities should a good EMS member have according to you? (50 words minimum): Leadership: A Leader always needs no matter where you are in a department or any other type of group, someone will always need to stand up and take the lead of a situation. Teamwork: Working together as a group in order to achieve a goal or project you have going on. Dedication: Always wanting to continue something no matter the outcome. Why do you think you fit the role of an KMD EMS member? (50 words minimum): I fit this role because I have plenty of experience of being an EMS. Once I do something I'm always going to stay dedicated no matter the outcome. I'm always going to stay active when the server needs medics on it. I'm always down to role play with people and talk to them. Do you understand your application can be denied for lack of effort? ( Yes/No ) Yes.
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