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  1. Tommy Michael

    Semi Major Suggestion

    I like the idea honestly like it gets pretty quiet a lot later at night and early morning for us EU / AUS players so its not a bad idea idk about the 2 at a time rule I think it should stay as 1 common wealth at a time but shouldn't be like a 30 minute timer to do another major but commonwealth atm is just easy money or Id say lower the minimum cops that need to be on to like 8 like winchester instead of the 10 it is now as its 6 for the doors and 10 for the vault.
  2. Tommy Michael

    Move Junk Yard Back or just move it

    Cap points tbh are hardly even worth it they need a buff to they literally give you pennies and it split between whoevers online I think they need to be doubled the amount they give atleast from what they are now and yes i agree it needs to be moved
  3. Tommy Michael

    The Purge

    Just do it before every wipe similar to how ALRP did it back in the day where before the wipe you can have 12 hours of mayhem or 6 hours whatever it was, that way its very rare and doesn't effect anything long term and lets people just frag out and burn a bit of the combat desire so when wipe hits people focus on getting started etc.
  4. Tommy Michael

    Cop slots/numbers vs CIV

    I don't think we need any rules on it, I'd just say police command should tell others to leave if its unfair and not fun like the admins shouldn't have to enforce it should be more of a player interaction and as police command you judge wether what numbers would be suitable for you side.
  5. Tommy Michael

    Cop slots/numbers vs CIV

    Majors definatly are able and some are really easy to do with these ratios like Fed and Common Wealth (because of the limit) and Winchester is okay aslong as you got about 7 ish people but cops just zerg rush and thats kind of what they need to do to win fights but the whole non major gun fight situations like other cops should need to call assistance if they start loosing and not instantly, for example me and my friend was in a car and we get pulled over by 3 cops and its no big deal standard 2 to 3 but then even on a traffic stop where we had stopped, a swat car comes up and parks in front with like 6 guys and another car comes and its like well you cant attempt anything at that point because its death thats when its aids when its just a standard traffic stop regardless if you know they got class 3s or not but majors are meant to be like this and cops zerg rush its how they win against most gangs because cops dont really have that much coordination tbh even with their better gear its just usually how it is.
  6. Tommy Michael

    M27 IAR

    Ik what hes doing hes just being one of those edgy kids and salty over just a suggestion but nothing was implied cops were even OP because at the end of the day its who uses the gun not the weapon its self but im not gonna get toxic and talk shit in here cus I want the gun added and this not to be turned into a shit fest.
  7. Tommy Michael

    No Initiation For Shanks

    Tbh would I would see being in prison as constant initiation they have you in cuffs / locked away not letting you leave otherwise they can use force but I get that’s pretty scuffed in some way but yeah defo +1
  8. Tommy Michael

    M27 IAR

    Why are the cops so butt hurt about a simple suggestion 30 round mags are fine and just seeing a civ only good that cops don’t have would be nice you have plenty to your disposal that we don’t and we don’t cry it’s a good gun it’s similar to the MX LW or whatever that base Arma gun is named and why do I need a reason to add it in exactly it’s just a new gun and changes it up a bit stop being so salty and hesitant because I said civ only and price can be whatever tbh I just want to see something else then the usual Colt M4 or SAM R etc and all our high tier guns are a couple of 100k and it slowly drains your bank and @Zack Green cops are not OP and that gets proven quite frequently so I don’t get the comment
  9. Tommy Michael

    M27 IAR

    I know we have quite a few guns for Rebels but this is one gun I love and have used for years and years but unfortunatly cant get on this server to what I know of and I know cops have their own special weapons and exclusive guns but I was wondering If we could get this rifle implemented for Civs and have it civ only maybe? Its a longe barrel M4 basically most people have used it before I would value it around 100k rifle if it got put into the stores so could you please think about it, it isnt an OP gun but its quite good imo.
  10. Tommy Michael

    Humble Yourselves...

    I mean ngl this has been an issue not only with this community but god knows how many at the start it’s all good but people then lose interest and don’t really care and only help friends out when they want to and others don’t get far unless you know someone that’s how the Arma communities have been run for years and it only gets changed for a certain amount of time it SMT do some thing about it usually however then they get shit for interfering with the police force so like I agree with what your saying completely however it takes a lot to change it and I’ve seen a lot of inactivity in the higher ranks but it seems like that’s some what being taken care of now but it’s a friend circle however not everyone plays it like that
  11. Tommy Michael


    Like it just isn't profitable enough same with Tech Lab most of my gang refuses to do it since Winchester is easy and pays better but isn't that profitable after the split like usually the most you can get is 100k and thats if its just at minimum 5v8 I think they should make it 700k - 750k to balance it out and exterior isnt outside its just the building got turned so its easy for cops to not push and just camp which I don't like as its not fun for either side its just no one teachs the cops how to effictievely push into a major be it fed or winchester or kamdan really they just get picked off 1 by 1
  12. Tommy Michael


    I think personally Winchester after all the changes to it in the interior and exterior to make it more cop friendly and the doubled cool down on the major crime from 30 to 60 min wait the price of how much the virus should be maybe increased from 500k to 700k as it’s an issue when splitting it with a good few people you only get like a single load out if that in a split and I’m talking just a colt commando I think it would be nice to increase the value of Winchester a bit now considering most people fail it and especially for some people who log on at the not so peak times of the day we lack a lot of cops so it tends to be the only major crime we can do. ( I think this is the right place to put this post not sure if I’m honest but yea )
  13. Tommy Michael

    The 1v1 Problem.

  14. In Game Name: Tom Michael Amount of Hours:2.5K Age (17 +): 18 Steam 64ID:76561198154247325 Previous Gangs: DnD Money Balance:80k Level (20 +):20 Why do you want to join The Di'Pinto Crime Syndicate?:Well you are the most active gang on the server and I want people to roll with who arent all just gonna join police and can frag etc and you guys seem really chill I've interacted before with you guys and you are all nice and I really wanna join.
  15. Tommy Michael

    Do Not Disturb Gang Recruitment (Official)

    In game Name:Tom Michael Discord Name (ex. Nick#2452):Tood#9282 Hours in Arma 3:2.5K Region & Timezones: UK GMT / BST Steam 64 ID: 76561198154247325 Age:18 Are you currently Police or EMS:No Why would you want to join DND: I wanna join a gang so Im actually in a proper group with a foundation who I can join in with for robberys and major crimes and doing hostage taking and drug runs and pretty much just get to know more people as its hard as solo since ever one is in a group so i thought it would be a good idea. What skills do you do you have that will be helpful to us: Im a good roleplayer with a lot of modded life expierence and game knowledge, im good at taking control of situation and RPing and PVPing with clear and concise call outs and im pretty chill in all sorts of situations im not a screaming 12 yr old so tend to be pretty good.
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